Today deceiving has become common in all walks of life as it is thought to be the easiest way to earn money. But as quickly the amount comes in fraud, the faster the money goes into the drain. Even the cleaning profession is used to do fraud, and the honest commercial cleaning services in Atlanta get trapped in the trickery used by the frauds.

Signs Commercial Cleaning Services in Atlanta Are Doing Fraud?

An important question that clients often ask is how to determine that a commercial cleaning business is doing fraud. There are some signs that clients have to look into. You will come across a few of these signs after hiring the cleaners, but others will be there during the initial hiring process.

They Disappear After Receiving Fee

The basic fraud that everyone does is taking the complete payment in advance and afterwards not attending your calls or calling you back. When you visit their physical office, you will find that it has been abandoned.

Companies Delay in Providing services

Some companies have genuine reasons for delaying providing the services like they have a shortage of staff and cleaning supplies because everyone is hiring cleaning services. But the companies doing fraud will always give you the same explanation for the delay in services.

Not Giving the Decided Cleaning Services

If you have decided to have your commercial space cleaned using robots and alcohol-based products, the cleaners have not fulfilled the promise. Sometimes it might happen because of a misunderstanding, but if it becomes consistent, this could indicate that the company is fraudulent.

Extra Cost Demanded

It has been mentioned in the contract that no extra amount will be charged for services. Even in the case of an accident as the company is insured. If a cleaning business is demanding more money even after receiving the full payment, immediately leave such companies’ services.

Inconsistency in Quality of Service

If your commercial space looks dirty even though the cleaners have just finished and this has happened quite more often, then it means that either the staff is not trained or old products, tools, and techniques have been used.

Tips by Commercial Cleaning Companies in Atlanta to Avoid Fraud

Genuine commercial cleaners like Jan Pro Atlanta will never become a part of something that will affect their business. In addition to this, they will help their clients on points to keep away from the fraud companies.

Audit of Company Background

The main thing to be checked is whether an employee has a past criminal history. This inspection has to be done for the freelancer cleaners hired as well.

Cleaning Businesses are Licensed and Insured

To know whether the company is insured or not is vital because the damages done to the cleaning machinery will be covered by the insurance company and not the clients who hired the services. Knowledge of license is important because it signifies that the cleaning business is legit.

Knowledge of Services you Require

All commercial cleaners provide mainly three types of cleaning services: daily, monthly, and deep cleaning done once or twice a year. Confirm with the commercial cleaners if they will provide all three services.

Confirm the Products Used

Today, scientists have recommended using alcohol-based products because they have been known to be effective against Coronavirus and its variants. Confirm if the company is using the recommended products.

Reading Reviews and Comments

Reviews and comments are important to consider as they tell a lot about the cleaning company, services they provide, products, tools, and techniques they use. Businesses hiring commercial cleaners should also contact the previous clients to confirm if the comments and reviews are genuine.

How Much Experience the Company Has?

The clients have to consider the experience in two terms; one is the overall years of the company in the cleaning trade, and the second is the experience of an individual employee of the commercial cleaning services in Atlanta.

Businesses can avoid contacting fraud companies only after considering these signs and tips.

Below are three questions that will further help understand the concept of commercial cleaners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a cleaner do in 2 hours?

The completion of the number of tasks in two hours depends on the commercial space area, the number of cleaners hired, and what things to clean.

What should I look for when hiring a commercial cleaning business?

The company’s experience and its employees, what latest techniques, tools, and products are used, the price for the services, and if they will follow safety precautions.

How much do you pay for commercial cleaning?

The cost determination depends on the area of the commercial area, the number of cleaning employees required, tools, cleaning products, and techniques used, and the time the cleaners will arrive.