Britain’s first legal slot site

Although online slot sites are welcomed by Britain today, that has not always been the case – play Slotzo slots.

Gambling in the UK

Gambling in the UK is not the same as gambling in other countries for players, this is because online gaming is not heavily restricted to those who are over a certain age. Players who are eighteen or over will be given a lot of freedom when it comes to gambling in the UK, as long as they are responsible they will be allowed to play however they wish. Restrictions in the UK gambling industry are mainly directed to developers and casinos. These institutions have to stick to very strict rules that are set out by the regulatory bodies that operate throughout the UK. These regulatory bodies have powers that can be very detrimental to those who disobey their rules, they can have their licenses revoked!

 While online gambling has never been truly illegal, it has had to be controlled by the UK government. This is to make sure that UK gambling remains fair for players and providers, as well as limiting the possibility of addiction. The following are some landmark events that led to Britain’s first legal slot site.

  •     The gambling act was passed in 2005. This act was created by the government in order to combat the rise of online gambling. If this act was not passed, there was a danger that online gambling could become unregulated, something which would make it incredibly harmful to players. This act ensured that the UK gambling scene would remain controlled by regulatory bodies.
  •     The gambling commission was formed in the wake of this act, this regulatory body controls all of the UK gambling scene. If a site wants to provide players with games to gamble with, they will have to meet the criteria set out by the gambling commission. If the site fails to do so, their license will be rejected and they will be fined.

Other countries 

Comparatively, Britain is very lenient when it comes to gambling. Other countries are much stricter. There are even some nations which have banned online gambling completely! The following are just a few of the differences in online slot gaming that other nations follow.

  •     America – The USA has always had a strange relationship with gambling despite being home to the gambling capital of the world Las Vegas. Perhaps the biggest difference that American online slot site visitors face when compared to Britain is that their players have to be aged over 21! This is an extra three years difference!
  •     Australia – Slot machines are called pokies in Australia but that is not the biggest difference that players face when they are looking to use an online slot site. You may not believe it but the truth is that players have to use a site that is not based in Australia, otherwise it is illegal!

Final Thoughts

The Gambling Act helped establish the Gambling Commission, this turn of events helped to create Britain’s first legal slot sites.

Can I pay for slots using my phone bill?

While there are many methods that players use to pay for on line slots, some players have never considered using their phone bill to do it. 

What are pay by bill slot games

There are many methods that players can use to pay for their online slot games, with the most popular being a bank transfer. However, a payment method that is on the rise is the pay by phone bill method. Although it sounds complicated, this payment method is very simple and incredibly convenient for players. Essentially, the player will be given the chance to deposit money into their account through their phone bill, with a daily limit being placed on the amount of cash they can spend. The player will then pay for these deposits when their phone bill is paid for at the end of the month, it is that simple! Players should be aware that not every phone will be compatible with this payment method so they should make sure their phone runs this payment method before agreeing to anything. 


With so many different payment options, it is hard for one to stand above the others. However, pay by mobile has become increasingly popular with players. This is mainly due to the amazing benefits that are associated with using this payment method. 

  •     Efficiency – One thing that players will notice when they use this payment method is the amount of efficiency. It is a very quick process, they don’t have to enter their card details or wait for them to be accepted by the site, instead, the payment will come through the phone bill.
  •     Safety – A by-product of not using your card details is increased safety. Not only will players not have to worry about their details being stolen by hackers or thieves but they also don’t have to worry about entering their personal details, increasing safety overall. There is also a deposit limit set on this payment method, ensuring that players will gamble safely.

What to watch out for 

Using the pay by mobile payment method is ideal for players, it is safe and effective. However, if you decide to use another, less safe method, there are several things that you should keep an eye out for to make sure you are not in danger of getting your details stolen. 

  1. Site quality – One thing that can be an indication of how much you are in danger is the quality of a site. If it is a less well-known site, there is a chance that you might find your details stolen or hacked. The bigger, more popular sites will often afford much better online security, although they are not always perfect.
  2. Anybody asking oddly personal details – If you come across anybody, whether it be a player or someone you are talking to at the online casinos sites,  who is asking for personal details you would not normally give, please watch out as they may be a hacker or thief.