5 Healthful Nuts You Can Eat



If you are barring allergy, then eating nuts is best for you. Underneath the hard shell, there is a bunch of healthy fiber, fats, and protein. They are one of the best sources to get plant-based proteins. Even these nutrient battles against different kinds of chronic disease, inflammations, boost memory and improve liver health.


Moreover, some nuts also have inflammation-fighting antioxidants, omega-3s, minerals, and vitamins. So, it is best if you eat a variety of nuts to increase the benefits of different nuts.


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Walnuts not only look like the brain but help to improve mental health. According to the studies, the depression rate among people is increasing, eating walnuts regularly helps to reduce it. You can take this nut into yogurt with unsweetened coconut flakes and fresh berries.



Almonds are packed with vital nutrients such as Vitamin E, zinc, and essential antioxidants. They are the best snack for individuals who want a healthy diet and a perfect substitute for pretzels and potato chips. They are effective for the weight loss journey by reducing hunger.



Peanuts are legumes, not tree nuts. Several researchers say peanuts contain fiber-fat protein that helped to control blood sugar. They contain natural compounds that block cholesterol to absorbed into the blood. Among other nuts, peanuts are high in protein in plant sterols.


Kola nuts

Kola nuts are the cultural staple usually in western countries. This nut helps to stimulant the central nervous system. It even helps to treat fatigue, infections, skin diseases, ulcer, hunger pains, intestinal disease, etc. Now, kola nut importing countries find that the demand for this nut is increasing.



These green nuts help you to keep lean. The reason is, they are lower in calories and high in fiber. You can take 8 walnut halves with 25 pistachios. They are the perfect combination to improve mental health, skin, eyes, and heart.

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