5 Horrible Things That Happen To Your Skin When You Don’t Moisturize It


Moisturizing is a crucial part of an ideal skincare regimen. Regular use of a good moisturizer keeps the dry and dehydrated skin at bay. Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing it rightly will balance the oils and save you from skin woes like acne. If you don’t moisturize, you are sure to suffer from any of the ill effects given below.

Ill-Effects Of Not Moisturizing The Skin

There are certain scary things that can happen to your skin when you don’t moisturize it. These are:

You Get Dry & Dull Skin

During wintertime, skin tends to lose its moisture as soon as it comes in contact with dry air. As a result, it becomes dry and flaky. Even if it’s summer, regular cleansing can strip the natural oils of the skin and dehydrate them. This is why skin experts recommend moisturizing the face and body with the super smelly body lotion for dry skin. If you have sensitive skin, consider the supersmelly moisturizer for sensitive skin that’s gentle on the skin.

Wrinkles Will Develop On Your Skin

If you aren’t moisturizing your skin efficiently, you will easily develop wrinkles. Moreover, these wrinkles will deepen over time. Dermatologists state that leaving out moisturizer from skincare routine dries out the skin and eventually lead to collagen breakdown. This accelerates the aging process and results in the formation of wrinkles. To keep wrinkles at bay and delay aging, use the super-smelly body lotion for dry skin. For the face, use cream or lotion according to your skin type. For instance – people with sensitive skin should use the best moisturizer for sensitive skin that can hydrate the skin from within without damaging the sensitive skin tissues.

Your Skin Will Itch Constantly

Everybody is aware of the tightness their skin feels after they cleanse their face or take a shower. Well, this tightness is simply because their skin is dry and lacks moisture. If you don’t want this feeling to last all day, moisturize with the super smelly body lotion for dry skin right after getting out of the shower. If you have sensitive skin that feels tightening, we recommend using the super smelly moisturizer for sensitive skin.

Existing Wrinkles Will Become More Prominent

No doubt you will develop wrinkles if you don’t moisturize your skin routinely. What’s worse is that the existing wrinkles will also become more noticeable. To make your current lines fade to some extent and keep future lines at bay, plump up your precious skin with some cream or lotion. It’s good to grab the best body lotion for dry skin that has hyaluronic acid. Sensitive skin beauties can simply opt for the best moisturizer for sensitive skin that’s oil-free, free of chemicals, and moisturizing enough to keep skin hydrated all day long.

Your Makeup Will Look Bad 

Women who do makeup very well know the importance of skin moisturizing before makeup application. Dry or cracked skin can create several problems for those who love doing makeup. For instance – if you have under-eye wrinkles, creases will appear as soon as your concealer dries. To get rid of problems associated with dry skin that come in the way of makeup application, you need to moisturize your face before base makeup. Moisturize with a good moisturizer and wait for a few minutes before moving to the foundation. If you are applying makeup on your legs, consider the super smelly body lotion for dry skin before beautifying your legs.

Other Problems You Can Face

  • If you have acne, your condition can worsen if your skin is dry. Choose the supersmelly moisturizer for sensitive skin to avoid greasiness while keeping skin hydrated at the same time. 
  • You can get a sunburn if you don’t use a moisturizer with good SPF. Moisturize with the best body lotion for dry skin that has SPF 30 or more. If you are buying sunscreen, look for the same SPF.
  • If you are taking skin medication, you have to keep your skin moisturized all day. This is because this medication has chemicals that can dry out your skin and eventually delay healing. In such cases, using the best moisturizer for sensitive skin is a wise idea.
  • Lack of moisturizing can change your complexion as soon as the season changes. Keep it unchanged by using the moisturizer that suits your skin. People with delicate skin should look for the super-smelly moisturizer for sensitive skin. If it’s wintertime, grab a bottle of the super-smelly body lotion for dry skin and use it regularly.

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