6 Causes of Hair Loss & How to Treat specially in Mumbai


Having good and healthy hair is bliss for every individual in this era. Almost every woman has agreed on the part of having good and healthy hair reflects their personality and it helps in building their self-image. Losing some hair strands while combing is very natural, but when you start noticing your hair is falling everywhere then that’s a serious problem to think of.  For many women, bad hair day can bring their day down and build a lack of confidence in them. 

Dull, dry, and damaged hair are the main causes of hair fall which turns out to be problematic. Knowing the correct tips to overcome the hair fall can be a huge savior, on the other hand, one should know the root cause of hair fall which can help in eliminating the hair problems. Causing of hair fall can be of many common reasons. Below mentioned are some answers to What Causes Hair Fall?

  1. Using the wrong product 

Many of us are mistaken when it comes to using correct hair products by understanding our correct hair types and structure.  Applying shampoos that include sulfate and paraben is a root cause of damaged hair. Rather using a shampoo that will help you have less hair fall is a solution to your problem. If you are prone to dandruff then avoid using conditioner as using anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner is a bad composition altogether. Use a mild shampoo with no sulfate and paraben. You can always opt for some DIY method to stop hair fall.

2. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes in a woman are a very natural cause that leads to many indifferent body functioning and hair fall problems as well. Hormonal changes occur during pregnancy, menstrual cycle, menopause, childbirth. It can affect the growth cycle of hair and lead to extreme hair fall. There are many phases in a woman’s life where she ends up losing hair, especially during the time of childbirth. However, taking good care of your hair can reverse back the phase of your life.


3. Stress

Emotional stress is very common in almost every woman nowadays. Emotional stress can be more power full than physical stress sometimes. There can be many reasons when a woman goes under emotional stress, for example, pregnancy, divorce, work pressure, family issues, and many more. Stress can make your hair follicles weaker which can lead to hair fall. Yoga, meditation, workout, light exercises are some of the effective remedies to overcome this phase and help in reducing hair fall.

4. Excessive Hair Styling

Nowadays markets have come up with many hair styling products due to which no one likes to stick with one hairstyle every time they go out. To look smart and beautiful, we use a lot of heat styling hair products which is doom for your hair. Excessive styling like bleaching up your hair or straightening, curling, crimping leads to breakage.

5. Nutrition Deficiency

 Our hairs are made up of protein, vitamins, and many other nutrients. These nutrients can only boost up if we follow a good and healthy diet. Intake of green vegetables and fruits can be a good start to pump up your hair which will balance out all the nutrients your hair requires.

6. Pollution

 Dust and fuel particles from the air can affect the scalp and deter hair proteins. Air pollution is one of the causes of premature hair loss and greying of hair. 

All the above-mentioned causes are controllable if you start taking care of your hair. But sometimes we failed to do so and search for an easier option to go with, I.e a dermatologist. To take proper guidance and medications for our hair we run to clinics.

Here is few best dermatologist in Mumbai you can refer to  :

  • Dr. Abhishek Raesh Chauhan

  • Dr.Sumit Agarwal 

  • Dr.Malay Mehta

  • Dr.Sumit Pareshwar

  • Dr.D.G Saple

  • Dr. Mohd as if 

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We hope that all the above preventive measures were helpful. Proper treatment and maintenance of hair can prevent hair breakage. It is very important to consult your doctor before going with any of the hair treatments. Make sure you understand your root cause of hair, do not confuse yourself with shedding hair with hair loss. You have to be patient while going through this process as it is a time taking process.


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