7 Trending B2B Business Ideas in 2021


Are you thinking of starting a B2B business online but unsure what you should choose? There are a lot of business options out there. It depends on you whether you want to provide services to customers or promote products. For instance, you can offer marketing and consulting services. Or you can start a B2B e-retail store like Walmart. In the end, whatever option you choose, it would be profitable, considering that B2B eCommerce might surpass $20.9 trillion by 2027.

Here is the seven business ideas to answer your “How to start an eCommerce business in 2021?” question.

  1. Online Bookkeeping

As an accountant/bookkeeper, if you’re thinking about starting an eCommerce business, you can provide online accounting services to businesses and clients. All you would need is simple accounting software and appointment setting tools. The advantage is you can work at the time that suits you. Also, your initial investment would be low.

Once it scales up, you can even provide outsourcing services to businesses in different regions. 

  1. Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

As the demand for online shopping and same-day delivery increases, having a fulfillment business can be profitable. In fact, it would matter more in 2021 and ahead. 

With fulfillment services, you can handle everything from order purchasing to delivery, helping eCommerce businesses. Initially, you can target small businesses that are looking to outsource their shipping and packaging. Gradually, you can expand your services to different regions, targeting big giants.

You will have to invest in the start. However, the potential of the business is high.

  1. IT Services

Businesses often need help with their computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, networks, printers, etc. So, while starting a B2B business, you can opt for this area. You can provide hardware and/or software services to businesses. Many businesses even provide software-as-a-service and hardware-as-a-service. You might consider these options too. 

  1. Content/Digital/Affiliate Marketing

If you’re good at SEO and or content, you can start your marketing consultancy and help businesses build their brand. You can provide them with content services, SEO, link building, PPC management, affiliate marketing, and more. Depending on your expertise, you can provide niche-specific services like content writing or only SEO (technical, local, franchise).

If you have a budget, you can bring in a team of experts and provide all of the digital marketing services. You can also be a one-person marketing consultant and manager providing all of it. 

  1. Graphic Design

A frontend is the new face of businesses. It helps businesses engage with customers and enhance the user experience. So, they often look for artists to provide them with the best of designs.

If you know graphic designing, you can start your own business, providing businesses with logo designs, marketing pictures and videos, designs for t-shirts and promotional products, banners and posters, brochures, flyers, etc. You can even advise companies on their website designs and other visuals that help them make a brand. 

  1. Social Media Consultant

Many brands are already leveraging social media for promoting their products and services. Others are looking for experts who can help them reach a wider audience. And therefore, social media marketing can be a lucrative option for you. You can help businesses with marketing – plan their strategies, run sponsored ads, analyze the results, etc. Or you can coach them on what, when, and how to post/interact with the customers. You can teach them about consistency or other engagement methods.

However, to be successful, you first need to have an in-depth knowledge of the sites, algorithms, marketing trends, customer behavior, and industry-specific knowledge. So, while entering this area, understand brand awareness and learn all the nits-bits of marketing.   

  1. Printing Services

The global printing industry might surpass $821 billion by 2022. If this doesn’t convince you, maybe knowing the industries you could provide printing services would. 

The printing business is on-demand. From wedding invitations to business cards, postcards, rack cards, and information handouts, you can offer it all. Besides, if you have expertise in publishing layout and design, it could be a fruitful B2B venture. You can also partner with retailers and provide printing services for different products. Printed flyers, brochures, catalogs are the other services that you can offer. 

In addition to these, you can even opt for language translation, business consulting, online B2B store, selling OEM parts, business incubator, security services, or others.  

Final Words:

Implement the above-mentioned ideas. Or you can also explore researching services, employment recruitment services, event management, legal services, etc. 

You can turn any of these ideas into your business. But, in the end, make sure that your question is, “How to Start an ECommerce Business?”

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