A Clean Package for the Salon Services At Home


Each master has his own tricks and these do not always pursue the goal of making your hair more beautiful and healthy. Some will try to make their work the best thing that ever happened to your hair, but sometimes things don’t turn out as expected.

The Best Trip

A trip to the hairdresser and deciding on a change of look is not such an easy thing. That is why we tell you some secrets that you should know before undergoing a transformation.

·         Show the hairdresser, not only what you want to see over your head, but also what you don’t. We are used to taking a photo about the cut or the color that we would like but it is also a good practice to carry some reference about what we do not want to clear all kinds of doubts.

·         The hairdresser must know the history of your hair. It is important that the person who will take care of your hair knows the treatments that you have had previously in order to give a more accurate diagnosis in the future. Choose the salon services at home in this case.

·         Choosing a haircut, take into account the structure of your hair. When choosing a haircut, take into account not only the type of your face but also the structure of the hair. For example, fluffy hair keeps its shape poorly. Therefore, those with this type of hair should do without geometric cuts.

Volume instantly, anywhere!

If you are at home, turn upside down and give your hair a dose of air with the dryer. Raise your head and be amazed by the volume of your hair. Eventually, you can apply this same technique using the hand dryers found in public restrooms, although it is not the most advisable.

Not all hair can be thinned

Fine, fluffy and curly hair should not be cut with thinning shears. Curly hair is porous, so its quality deteriorates when it is thinned out: it becomes even fluffier and the ends become weak and brittle.

Beyond these secrets, it is important that you always check with a professional and they will know what the best treatment is to see and have shiny hair.

Yes, the price of services in such networks is usually high and, let’s face it, there is a way to find professionals of similar (or higher) quality whose price is more accessible. However, if you can’t find it or take too long to find it, large chains of salons are a good choice in times of despair.

The market time also says a lot about Hairdressers with their own salon. After all, staying in a highly competitive market for years requires quality services.

Certificates and Specializations

Hairdressers have some expertise in certain areas, Colorimetric, Cortes, Hair Straighteners, Curly Hair, Hair Blond, etc. Often such specializations are spelled out in the name of the salon or in banners displayed at the establishment. Other times not. But we don’t need to make an inquiry in order to “find out” what the professional’s specialization is. Just watch. We lay people know the difference that quality products make in our locks.

What to say then about the products used by the hairdresser?

Brands are renowned for the quality of their results. Observe and ask about the products and brands adopted in the show. Do not fall into the conversation “the professional matters more than the product”. This is true in parts. What’s the use of knowing how to do it if you don’t have the ideal material? In addition, you go to the salon proposing to pay for, at least, services performed with materials of excellent quality.

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