A Guide that will help you plan your move to Canada

  1. Documents and Paperwork required for the big move  


Immigrating to Canada is a big decision and along with it comes the important paperwork too.  You should carefully keep these documents practical and within your reach, prior to your planning to immigrate to Canada. You need to have these documents beforehand because after moving the difficulties to obtain these documents will increase.   


The documents required consist of a Birth certificate, passport, marriage or divorce paperwork, educational certificates that includes college diplomas and school leaving documents, and some additional papers.   


If you have got children or siblings who are still in school, you must acquire their current school records (this helps your child to get into the right grade while transferring schools).  


  1. Health Insurance   


This is very crucial if you wish to travel to Canada. Canada is known to have a free health care system. But it is only accessible to the citizens of Canada. You will need travel health insurance that will cover you for any medical emergency in the initial weeks after you arrive in Canada.   


Having health coverage is important as health emergencies could turn out to be extremely expensive. You must look through the trusted organizations that help you cover these costs at a reasonable price. You can seek help online and find out the quote to compare to various websites too.  


  1. You and your family health record:  


These include vaccination records and certificates, radiographs, dental prescriptions, and other medical records you arrive in Canada. Vaccination records for children are necessary while enrolling in a Canadian School.  


Driver’s License duplicate copy- You will be permitted to drive in Canada instantly after landing with a driver’s license issued by your country too. If you are thinking of buying a car in Canada that will grant you an excessive discount too. You should have a good driving record in your home country. We will also suggest you bring along your document of insurance history with you.  



  1. The Power of Attorney:  


The power of attorney should be given to someone who is a close relative of you and your family. You might need assistance with legal work and banking matters while coming to Canada. All Canadian banks operate differently than the country from where you belong. To understand the functioning of the legal paperwork and documents this person could be your guide to everything else too in Canada.  


  1. Proof of Funds  


You must present proof of funds depending upon the bank you have your account in. You must be ready with it beforehand since it will take more than a couple of months to be organized with all the related documents.  


It is s given rule that when you arrive in Canada with more than C$ 10,000 (or the same amount of any other currency) per individual in your family or even as a solo traveler, you must announce the amount on your arrival in Canada. There is a Monetary Instrument Report that needs to be filled and a Cross-Border Currency Form.   


If you do not do so, as a penalty, all the amount above $10,000 will be confiscated from you. The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) holds the authority to do so. If not that, then you will be asked to pay a penalty fee as a fine for encroaching this law by the federal government of Canada.  


  1. Apparel and clothing  


Canada has extreme winters. If you have decided to move to a country like Canada you must be aware of the climate that it has. Canada overall has very pleasant weather but there are certain provinces and territories where the cold is frosting and unpredictable.   


You must have all the essentials needed in this kind of weather in your wardrobe. Always affirm that you check the temperature of the city or the province you will be living in in Canada. A warm pair of gloves, hat, snowshoes/ boots, thermals, a jacket could go a long way to keep you warm in the biting winter of the country. Your wardrobe essentials also depend upon your time of arrival. Whether it’s summer or winter you should be ready to be dressed accordingly.    


  1. Documents needed  


When you arrive in Canada these are documents that are necessary:  


Travel Visa and Passport  

Proof of sufficient monetary funds to stay and support your family and yourself in Canada  

Canadian PR visa  

COPR (Confirmation of Permanent Residence) by the federal government of Canada  


Along with this, there are other documents too that need attention if you want to immigrate to Canada. Moving to a new country is never easy but with proper planning and scheduling, you might have the process a little less exhausting.   

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