Aadhaar (UIDAI): Everything You Need To Know About It


Aadhar card has become a part of our daily lives and hence everyone needs to have full information about this document. This is a card that is accepted all over the nation and is the strongest identity proof. 


Aadhar is basically a 12-digit figure which is unique for everyone. It is issued by UIDAI which looks at your identification conditions before issuing the card. All the residents of India are eligible for getting the Aadhar card. You don’t have to be of a specific age or gender to get this card from the government. 


Eligibility Criteria


Anyone who is a resident of India is eligible for getting an Aadhar card. You can be a minor as well as a newborn. However, remember that the Aadhar card is meant for adults and the Baal Aadhar card is meant for children who are below five years of age. 


Even NRIs or foreigners who are staying in India for more than 12 months pass the eligibility criteria to get an Aadhar card. 


Documentation Process

The process of applying for an Aadhar card does not require a lot of documents. You will need your Pan card and birth certificate as your identity proof documents, and you will need your passport, ration card, and voter identity card as your address proof. 


Enrollment Procedure

If you are applying for an Aadhar card you need to follow the steps mentioned below.


  • Visit the UIDAI website which is the official website for Aadhar card enrollment

  • Fill the form with proper details

  • Submit all the documents that are needed carefully

  • Provide your fingerprint and iris scan which count as your biometrics

  • Submit the acknowledgement slip

  • You have successfully applied for your Aadhar card and this entire process is free of cost


If you are applying for an Aadhar card for a newborn baby or a child who is below 5 years of age, you will have to apply for a Baal Aadhar card. The procedure for the same is mentioned below.


  • Go to the UIDAI centre nearest to you and take the birth certificate of the child with you.

  • One of the parents will have to submit their Aadhar card number since the Baal Aadhar card will be linked to the parent’s Aadhar card.

  • Fill in the application carefully and give the number that you want the Baal Aadhar card to be linked with.

  • You will not need any biometrics for this, all you need is a photo of the child which will be taken at the UIDAI centre only.

  • You will then have to collect the acknowledgement slip.

  • You will then receive an SMS on the registered mobile number for verification. Once all this is done, the Baal Aadhar card will be dispatched to your address.


What to do if you lose your Aadhar card?


There can be times when you lose your Aadhar card and since it is the most important identity proof, you will want a duplicate copy. Here is what you can do if you end up losing your Aadhar card.


You can quickly go to the UIDAI website and select the download card option. Choose the correct option and fill in the basic details like name, registered phone number, and email address. You will then have to fill the security code the way it is displayed on the screen and click on the “get OPT” option. You will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number which you will then have to enter. You will then get your Aadhar enrollment number and you will again have to go to the website, fill this number along with your full name, pin code, and security text. Once all this is done, you will receive an OTP on your registered number, enter this OTP, now select the “validate and generate” option. Your Aadhar card will be downloaded in the form of a pdf. You can then take out a print of it.

You can also go to the nearest UIDAI centre or call on the toll-free number to get help in such a case. After minor verification and form filling, you will receive a duplicate copy of your Aadhar card.


Importance of Aadhar Card

This is the most important piece of document for you. Here are some ways in which the Aadhar card is useful.


  • Identity Proof: This is the most valid government-issued identity proof which is accepted anywhere. Not only this, it acts as address proof and age proof during the application of government services too.

  • Subsidies: With the help of an Aadhar card, the government has all the information about the resident. Hence, all you have to do is show the Aadhar card and avail of the subsidies offered by the government. This way the misuse of funds is managed effectively.

  • Easy Services: You can easily open a bank account, apply for passports, and do many such jobs easily since your Aadhar card can be easily linked everywhere.

These are just some benefits of the Aadhar card. There are many more like the ease of provident funds, IT returns, digital life certificate, Jan Dhan Yojana, and many more.

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