Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury is common amongst athletes. Sports like basketball that require you to land on your feet or suddenly halt while running is major contributing factors to ligament injury. Active participation in sport helps you build your motor skills and increase mobility. Science has proven that being a sportsman is good and undeniably increases our lifespan and agility.


For some people, sport is a way of life, and a means to provide for their families. However, ligament injury can set in and retire any athlete to wheelchairs, and it’s normal to get worrisome over your inability to perform with the injury. In some cases, many athletes fear that they might never perform again. It would help if you didn’t have to make it so pompous. We’ve seen people recover from severe cases of ligament injuries. At Petroski Physio, we help athletes with damaged anterior cruciate Ligaments recover the right way. ACL RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY  Philadelphia



Recovering from ACL Surgery


If you don’t already know, then know this: To recover from any damaged ligament, you’d have to undergo surgery that would replace the damaged ligament with a new one. During this surgery, the damaged ligament is removed and replaced with a tendon taken from a part of your body (Autograft) or from a donor (Allograft) that is usually deceased.


It takes a while to get used to the tendons. If you don’t involve the proper physio exercise, you might have to bear the excruciating pains longer than you are meant to. It would be best if you have proper guidance when recovering from an ACL surgery.


If you want the best guidance, Petroski Physio is right for you. At Petroski Physio, we wouldn’t use a traditional routine for you because it works for someone else. From experience, we know that everyone has their limit, and our bodies adapt differently. In essence, every time we have to deal with ACL surgery recovery, we always customize a workout schedule that fits your body.


Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) injuries are another common injury athlete suffers from. Overuse or poor management and mechanism can throw anyone into medial elbow pain and injuries. Interestingly, there is physical therapy for UCL reconstruction that suits as a one size fit. We’ve come up with an ideal guide on best physical therapy for UCL reconstruction see it below:



Best Physical Therapy for UCL reconstruction


Before checking out the best therapy for any UCL reconstruction, let’s get a better grasp of the injury. Right now, the number of athletes that sustain this type of injury is rapidly increasing. Why is the UCL becoming so rampant? Sports activities are getting more competitive than ever; athletes also have to play in tight schedules. Physical therapy exercises AFTER ACL RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY



There are many preventive measures for UCL injuries. However, if these measures are not quickly adopted and before getting affected by these injuries, then the next best thing becomes using physical therapy to effect a UCL reconstruction.


What is the implementation of a UCL injury?


The presence of a small ligament inside the elbow helps the hand stabilize and resists angulation at the elbow joints of the hand. While the ACL affects the knee joint, the UCL affects the elbow. Athletes that do plenty of overhead activities are affected by this ligament damage.


UCL has two major causes. The first cause is repetitive stress of the joint and acute trauma.


How can You Properly treat the UCL?


Don’t just go on a streak journey of self-medication because someone told you so. Consult professional physiotherapy experts. If you live in Philadelphia, then consult us at Petroski Physio. We are ready to help you riff out these ligament problems.


It doesn’t matter if the cause of UCL damage is from repetitive stress or acute trauma; there are three best physical therapy for UCL reconstruction.


  1. Surgical therapy

If the UCL injury already resulted in a full tear of the ligaments, then you’d have to undergo surgery. It’s in your best interest to get your ligament back to full recovery, and only surgery could help you accomplish that.


  1. Non-surgical therapy

There is much ongoing research that focuses on not going under the knife. Disengaging is a task that stresses the ligament has been a proven method that can heal the ligament. Coupled with the following routine, you can catalyze the healing process for your ligament.

        Using inflammation-reducing aids.

        Manual therapy

        Recreational exercises


  1. Expert UCL exercises

After helping so many athletes gets back on their feet, we know for a fact that there are a lot of expert UCL exercises that can be prescribed for patients. So get in touch with us today.  At Petroski physio, we aim to help you get back on track, and with our effective methods, we can achieve it with you!

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