Are Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors Same?


Wealth management is a financial service and is considered one of the best private banking services. Many financial institutions like Mashreq bank offer online wealth management through wealth managers.


In case you are one of those who think wealth managers and financial advisors are the same then this blog is a must-read.


Wealth Manager V. Financial Advisor


Financial advisors and wealth managers have no strict description, There is also a great deal of variation between the two functions and the services offered by each.


That said, it is normally at the consumer asset level if a distinction is to be made. As the name means, owners of private resources are typically more affordable customers. 


For example, a financial consultancy may have clients with AED 100.000 to AED5 million in assets, whereas a private property consultant may deal with clients with AED20 million only upwards.


Wherever you switch from financial to asset planning there is no well-specified threshold, but some experts believe it probably lies between AED5 million and AED10 million. 


Other companies will place every customer in private wealth management with more than 1 million AED.


Since a client of AED20 million has different requirements and choices than a client with AED1 million, the position of the private wealth director and financial advisor could be different.


A financial planner will examine the financial situation of a client and develop a tailored strategy for achieving their short-term and long-term financial objectives. 


They help customers analyze their objectives and execute systematic lens techniques. A written plan could conclude with the position of a financial adviser and suggest the next steps. 


On the other hand, private investment managers also participate in the actual handling of the assets.


Wealth Manager V. Financial Advisor: Success

Becoming an effective private wealth manager needs a different skill set than a successful financial planner, given the difference between his two positions. 


All practitioners must prove their capabilities to assist consumers with their desires for wealth preparation, but the private wealth counselor must also prove their capability to guide other specialists in the process of wealth planning. 


This includes specialized team management skills and not just customer relationship management. Managers with wealth will require more experience in fund management. A suitable risk-adjusted return is critical to them.


Because financial advisors often do not personally oversee the finances of their clients, their expertise may lie elsewhere, for example, to consider the objectives of their clients and to use to develop a strategy to help clients meet those targets. 


Both options for achieving these targets are important and as many factors as possible are taken into consideration. If a financial advisor or a private investment manager, the central task is the same: they enable customers to reach the financial future they want.

A financial planner and a private investment manager are just separate in their extent of participation in the process.

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