We all have understood the importance of good health in these tough times of pandemic, having a healthy body is very important nowadays. Now there is plenty of information available on how to stay fit and healthy, so I won’t be talking about those things instead I will be telling you about astrology and Online Astrologer Consultation.
To start with I would like to first tell you about the connection between astrology and your health. Basically what an Astrologer does is that he studies your “Birth chart” and then according to the positions of stars and planets in your houses tells you predictions and gives you advice related to your health, marriage, business and other important things related to your life.
Astrology works on the concept that what’s happening above will also happen down, which simply means that astrology follows the positions of stars and planets in our space and then according to their positions, it gives an idea about what will happen on earth. It’s an ancient and trusted science.
Now I would like to tell you about the organs which are associated with your zodiac signs-
● Scorpio- Related with genital organs and excretory system.
● Sagittarius- Associated with liver, hips and thighs joints.
● Capricorn- Associated with skeletal system and knees.
● Pisces- Related to foot and lymphatic system.
● Aries- Associated with the head, face and brain.
● Taurus- Associated with throat, voice and neck.
● Gemini- Related to arms, shoulders and lungs.
● Cancer- Associated to Breasts and the stomach.
● Leo- Related to heart, spine and chest.
● Virgo- Associated with the digestive system.
● Libra- Associated with skin, moles and kidneys.
● Aquarius- Related to ankles and circulatory system.
All these zodiac signs are associated with various organs of our body as you can see now for knowing the health conditions of a person. The positioning of these zodiac signs in various astrological houses and different planetary positions decide the health condition of a person as per their horoscope.
The different houses of astrology are used to deduce the gravity of the problem, cure and causative factor, usually the food which suits the person according to their birth chart is used as a cure.
To deduce the health condition of an individual, it is necessary to check the different signs placed in different houses, also the strength and weakness of each house should be kept in mind to find out an accurate solution for a problem.
You can get many helpful solutions for your problems if you go to a genuine astrologer, but finding a genuine person in such times can be a difficult task itself, so I would recommend you for using the the best online astrology consultation provider with genuine astrologers who will provide you with the best advices and predictions.

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