Can you work on a B 1 visa?


This visa allows business people to stay in the United States for a period of up to one year. Subsequently, it is possible to extend this visa, by a period of time not exceeding six months.


In order to qualify, the applicant must, in particular, demonstrate that:


· He has Canadian citizenship;

· Have all written information on hand regarding the terms and conditions of their business trip;

· That his remuneration will be made by an entity outside the United States;

· That its principal place of business and place where profits will be recorded are outside the United States.

In addition, while in the United States, the applicant must not be found guilty of a criminal offense, of a violent nature, and the taxable sentence of which may be more than one year. In this case, the visa is revoked.


The spouse, as well as the children of an applicant, can also be admitted to the United States and thus followed the latter.



List of Visiting Business People Eligible For a B-1 Visa


The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) allows visiting business people to stay in the United States for a short period of time in order to engage in any of the following business activities.


Research and Design

· Researchers in technical, scientific, and statistical fields carrying out research on their own behalf or on behalf of a company located in Canada.


Cultivation, Manufacturing, And Production


· The owner of a harvester supervising a team of harvesters that have been admitted under applicable law.

· Purchasing and production managers who carry out commercial activities on behalf of a company located in Canada.




· Market researchers and analysts who perform research or analysis on their own behalf or on behalf of a company located in Canada. Trade show and publicity staff attending a convention.




· Representatives and agents who take orders or negotiate contracts for products or services on behalf of a business located in Canada, but without delivering the products or providing the services.

· Buyers acting on behalf of a business located in Canada.




·  Vehicle operators that transport goods or passengers to the United States or that load and transport goods or passengers from the United States to Canada, without unloading in the United States. The provision of or solicitation of purely domestic service, in competition with US operators, is not permitted.

· Customs brokers who provide consulting services to facilitate the import or export of goods.


After-Sales Services


Installers, repairers, maintenance workers, and supervisors with specialized skills essential to the performance of a seller’s contractual obligations, who perform services or train workers for this purpose, in fulfillment of a warranty or any other service contract related to the sale of commercial or industrial machinery or equipment, including software purchased from a company located outside of the United States during the term of the warranty or service contract. For more information, see the publication Cross-Border Business Movements Under NAFTA.

General Services

Professionals who carry out a commercial activity in one of the professions covered by NAFTA, but who do not receive any salary or other remuneration from a US source, except for expense allowances and other reimbursements of expenses incidental to the stay temporarily.

· Management and supervisory personnel who carry out a commercial activity on behalf of a company located in Canada.

· Personnel in the financial services industry (insurance agents, bank employees, or investment brokers) who carry out commercial activities on behalf of a company located in Canada.

· Public relations and advertising personnel who consult with associates, or who attend or participate in conventions.

· Tourism sector personnel (travel agents, tour guides, or tour operators) who attend or participate in conventions or who are in charge of a tour that has started in Canada.

· Bus operators entering the United States.

· Translators or interpreters who practice their profession as employees of a company located in Canada.


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