7 Crucial Driving Skills for Beginners – A Complete Guide

If you’re just initiating to learn how to drive a car and have been told that it is inherently not an easy life skill to master then this is truly the case. While learning driving can open a lot of opportunities for you in terms of convenience of commuting, a sense of independence, and autonomy, it demands a lot of responsibility and careful considerations as well. By learning to incorporate some essential skills, you will not only feel less stressful but also ensure maximum safety on the roads for yourself and your surroundings.

Looking for a comprehensive guide that focuses on the driving basics that every beginner should keep in mind? We’ve got you covered with our compilation of 7 crucial driving skills.

1- Familiarize Yourself with Your Vehicle:

Knowledge and skills both matter equally when it comes to driving. Before you practically start driving your car, it is first important to get a complete understanding of your vehicle & it goes beyond merely knowing the engine or transmission type. To begin with, you should be aware of all the necessary information available in the owner’s manual such as knowing where the bonnet is located, what is the adequate tire pressure of your car and which safety features your car is equipped with and how do they work.

2- Adjust Your Seating Position:

Yes, you read that right. Correcting your driving seat position is also a significant skill to acquire as it is more than a matter of comfort. By doing so, you not only obtain requisite control over the vehicle but also ensure maximum visibility of the road ahead & prioritize your safety by minimizing the chances of accidents. Make sure to sit straight with your shoulders leaned back against the seat and knees bent enough to reach the clutch & brake pedals.

3- Be Attentive:

The ability to pay undivided attention to your surroundings while driving cannot be emphasized enough. It is as critical as having comprehensive knowledge of the rules of road & vehicle regulatory skills. To avoid any probable crashes and injury, it is important to be cognizant of physical indications such as traffic signals & hazards. You should also be able to interpret visual cues timely & exercise accurate judgment in response to the situation at hand.

4- Learn to Use Turn Signals:

Closely related to being attentive, the capability to effectively use turn signals is yet another major way of avoiding accidents. These indicators alert the other drivers on the road about the direction the vehicle is going to take and therefore, prepares them to act accordingly and ensure their safety as well as that of others. In addition, it is equally important to turn the signals off once you’ve changed the lanes to avoid confusing other vehicles.

5- Working with Brakes:

Whether your vehicle is equipped with an anti-lock brake system (ABS) or not, determining how to stop it when an emergency strikes is a crucial driving skill that cannot be overlooked. Instead of braking excessively hard, press the brake pedal down firmly so that it reaches its threshold limit. This practice has been regarded as one of the safest and sensible ways to stop a car & you can work on your skills even when you visit car showrooms for test-driving sessions.

6- Practice Defensive Driving:

No matter how thrill-seeking your outlook may be, it is important to ensure your safety and that of your surroundings on the road. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to learn & incorporate defensive driving skills while driving. It means that you need to have the ability to foresee, plan & respond timely and safely to changing traffic conditions on the road in order to avoid possible accidents & remain safe. The whole process of defensive driving involves driving at lower speeds, maintaining focus and control over the vehicle and being alert to road situations.

7- Keep Yourself Calm:

Last but not least, keep yourself calm as much as possible. Driving is a task that not only requires careful attention but also complete peace of mind and therefore, it is important to not let your mood or other drivers’ behavior make you indulge in harmful practices like over-speeding, failing to indicate signals or even involving in road rage. Keep reminding yourself that you are not only responsible for your safety but for others’ safety as well.

In sum, driving can either be a strenuous activity or a fun-filled and exhilarating experience depending on your skillset and approach. To improve your skills & become a better driver, it is imperative for you to keep practicing and learning along with considering the necessary safety measures so that your driving experience remains enjoyable yet secure for yourself, for those who travel with you and the general public around.

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Kamil Riaz Kara is a content contributor at Mainstream Pakistan and associated with digital marketing for the last seven years. Presently working at Digital Eggheads, a digital marketing agency in Karachi.

What Does the Information Printed on Tyres Mean?

Buying new tyres is never an easy process. While you are going to purchase a new set of tyres, you have to consider several things. You need to be familiar with all the specifications and features that are related to your dream tyres.

You can make this task easy with the help of your user manual. Moreover, you can know many things about your Landsail Tyres by Reading with the help of the information that you see on the sidewall of tyres. This information is enough to tell you about the common traits and basic specifications of your tyres.

On every tyre sold in the EU, a standard sticker is attached providing three ranks of the tyre known as fuel efficiency, wet grip, and road noise.

Fuel efficiency: The fuel efficiency of a tyre starts from the green letter A to the red letter G. Green A shows optimum fuel efficiency and red G indicates the lowest level of fuel economy.

  • Similarly, the wet grip of a tyre starts from Green A and goes to the Red G letter.
  • The fuel efficiency of a tyre is related to the tyre’s rolling resistance. The rolling resistance of a tyre is equal to the amount of energy that is needed when the tyre is rolling on the road.
  • Usually, a tyre having low rolling resistance is believed to provide better fuel economy.

Wet grip: The wet grip rating judges the tyre based on its efficiency on wet roads. The wet grip starts from the green letter A which indicates the highest level of efficiency on wet surfaces. Moreover, the wet grip ends with the red letter G which is the lowest category.

Road noise: Noise is generated from a Car Tyres Reading while you drive your car on the road. It is measured in decibels. Tyre manufacturers want to reduce external noise to enhance driving comfort.

Driving with quiet tyres is comfortable for passengers and other road users as well. Besides these labels, a tyre is supposed to have a combination of letters and numbers.

This combination of letters and numbers indicates a tyre’s width, height of the sidewall, diameter, load index, and speed rating.

It is essential to understand this code if you wish to buy the ideal tyres for your car. Once you understand the code, you can compare the provided information with the features of your existing tyres to make a good decision.

Let us understand the printed code on the sidewall with the help of the following example:

  • 190 – This is the width of the tyre in millimeters.
  • 55 – This is the height of the sidewall as a percentage of the tyre’s width.
  • R –shows the radial construction of the tyre.
  • 15 –This number shows the diameter of the rim in inches.
  • 94 –indicates the load rating of the tyre.
  • W –shows the speed rating of the tyre.

The new tyre label

Speed rating and load index

Speed rating and load index are two essential features of tyres. Speed rating means the speed limit that your vehicle should not cross while it is on the road.

Moreover, the load index shows the amount of weight a vehicle may carry. If you go beyond the limit, your vehicle will be called overloaded.

How to buy ideal tyres on the basis of this information

You can buy ideal tyres with the help of information provided on the tyre. To get tyres of your choice, you have to refer to the user manual that has all the specifications about your new tyres.

The job is easier for you since you just need to follow the specification with the help of a reliable tyre dealer.

Buying appropriate tyres will be extremely beneficial for you since the wrong tyres badly affect performance, safety, and driving comfort. We hope you will use this information next time when you will buy your new tyres.


How To Charge Electric Vehicles At Home?

Electric vehicles are a better option for our planet earth because they are free of harmful emissions. Operating electric vehicles is easier than fuel-based vehicles.

Electric vehicles are available with fewer moving components. Therefore, maintenance cost is also reduced if you drive an electric car.

However, charging an electric vehicle is always a matter of concern.

There are a number of options to charge an electric car. You can install your personal charging point at home, at a public EV charging point, or from the mains.

Most drivers find it extremely convenient to charge their cars at their homes.

Therefore, we have made this blog to help you to charge your EVs in the comfortable environment of your home.

How can you charge your electric car at your home?

To charge your electric vehicle at home, you need to install a charging point where you park your car. A 3-pin plug socket with an EVSE supply cable will be convenient for your task.

A high-quality EV charging point will be appropriate for EV charging since it is faster and has certain safety features.

The home chargers have a compact unit that includes a connected charging cable and a socket. This unit is mounted to a wall where you park your vehicle.

You have to note that only a trained and qualified specialist is able to install a home EV charging point at home.

How to install an electric car charging point?

You need the services of a professional to install an EV charging point at your home. The expert should be trained and certified to prove his efficiency.

The professional will come to your home and he will mount the charger point on the wall of a garage or any exterior place where you usually park your car.

You can book the installation of your Electric car charging point with the help of the Internet, a phone call, or a message.

A skilled expert is supposed to guide you to charge your car with the installed charging point. You can ask if you have any questions.

How often can you charge your car with the home EV charging point?

You are free to charge your electric car with the help of your home charger whenever you want.

Nothing is very special in charging your car.

However, you do not need to charge your car every day.

Advantages of home EV charging points

Home EV chargers are faster:

Efficient home charging stations near me are able to charge your vehicle about 1 hour earlier. It is much faster than the time taken by charging from mains which is six hours. The home charging system is quicker than the public EV charging points as well.

Home EV chargers are cheaper:

If you choose a reliable home EV charging system provider, it will surely be an affordable deal for you.

Generally, the cost of charging depends on the model of your vehicle and the electricity tariff.

Home EV chargers are comfortable:

In the comparison with charging your EV at a public charging station, charging the car at home is indeed convenient.

However, many public charging points are available but you have to wait for an uncertain time to charge your car. It is really inconvenient in a parking place.

But, if you have a charging point at home, you need not worry about the power of your car battery.

If you are interested in a reliable, efficient, and fast EV charging solution, you must go for a smart charger like zappi tethered in white. You will find it more convenient and easy if you have an efficient EV charging system at home.

7 Biggest Automobile Companies in the USA

The automotive industry is a crucial element and contributes a certain value to the global economy. In the automotive industry, cars, SUVs, trucks, busses, and many other types of vehicles are produced that not only help in our regular life but also used to transport goods across regions. In this blog, we will discuss some amazing and biggest car manufacturing companies and distributors and graphite manufacturing parts in the USA.

1.       1 Toyota Motor Corp. (TM):

A Japan-based multinational company (Toyota Motor Corp.) was the first and largest company to contribute a share in the USA economy. In the automobile industry, Toyota is setting up quality and reliability at a large scale and that’s why millions of the customers trust them.

Here are a few stats that will elaborate the company worth:

·         Revenue (TTM): $248.6 billion

·         Net Income (TTM): $14.4 billion

·         1-Year Trailing Total Return: 1.8%

·         Exchange: New York Stock Exchange

·         Market Cap: $183.3 billion

·         Vehicle models: Corolla, the Prius, the hybrid electric sedan, Camry, 4Runner, and Tacoma

2.       Volkswagen AG (VWAGY):

Germany-based multinational automotive company (Volkswagen AG (VWAGY)) is famous because of its incredible quality cars, trucks, and light commercial vehicles. The company has been competing with different brands because of its famous vehicle models like Tiguan, Golf, Jetta, Passat, and many others.

The figures below will give you a compact idea about Volkswagen AG:

·         Revenue (TTM): $247.4 billion

·         Exchange: OTC

·         Net Income (TTM): $6.4 billion

·         Market Cap: $95.8 billion

·         1-Year Trailing Total Return: 11.2%

3.       Daimler AG (DMLRY):

Daimler AG is also a Germany-based multinational automobile company, manufacturing vans, off-road vehicles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles like heavy trucks and public buses. They create vehicles under various brand names like Daimler, Western Star, smart, Mercedes-Benz, FUSO, and more.

 You can check the stats below about the company:

·         Revenue (TTM): $174.6 billion

·         Exchange: OTC

·         Net Income (TTM): -$309.3 million

·         1-Year Trailing Total Return: 9.8%

·         Market Cap: $58.7 billion

4.       Ford Motor Co. (F):

This multinational automotive manufacturer is quite reliable and manufactures cars, special SUVs, vans, and heavy trucks. Ford Motor Co. produces various brands of vehicles like Escape, Edge, F-150, Ranger, the Fusion, Mustang, and more others. The company also provides financing and leasing for vehicles.

You can check the stats below to know more about the company:

·         Revenue (TTM): $130.4 billion

·         1-Year Trailing Total Return: -24.5%

·         Market Cap: $27.7 billion

·         Exchange: New York Stock Exchange

·         Net Income (TTM): -$2.1 billion

5. Honda Motor Co. Ltd. (HMC):

Honda is a Japan-based multinational automobile company that produces public transport vehicles including cars, transport trucks, vans, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles. This company also goes with the line of manufacturing auto spare parts of the vehicles they manufacture. They also offer financial and insurance services for the convenience of the targeted customers. Here are the stats that describe this automobile company well:

·         Revenue (TTM): $120.7 billion

·         Exchange: New York Stock Exchange

·         Market Cap: $43.7 billion

·         1-Year Trailing Total Return: 2.4%

·         Net Income (TTM): $1.9 billion

6.       Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMWYY):

Famous and commonly known as BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) is a German-based multinational manufacturer of luxury vehicles. These company brands come as BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce. They also manufacture special automobile accessories and spare parts. They also offer financing, leasing, and other special customers to their customers. Read these amazing stats:

·         Revenue (TTM): $116.7 billion

·         1-Year Trailing Total Return: 12.9%

·         Net Income (TTM): $5.5 billion

·         Exchange: OTC

·         Market Cap: $49.5 billion

7.       General Motors Co. (GM):

GM is a multinational automobile manufacturer that deals in designing and manufacturing high-quality vehicles. This company deals under 4 major brand names which are GMC, Buick, Chevrolet, and Cadillac. GM Co. also offers automotive financing and aids its targeted customers with various automobile services. Check out these amazing stats that best describe this automobile company:

·         1-Year Trailing Total Return: -17.4%

·         Revenue (TTM): $115.8 billion

·         Exchange: New York Stock Exchange

·         Market Cap: $45.7 billion

·         Net Income (TTM): $1.7 billion