11 Ways to Decorate Your Car the Cool Way


You can make your lovely car even more attractive by using some cool accessories and tricks. There are a lot of car accessories for decoration available which will transform the look of your car and may give an overhaul to the stock look. Let’s delve into it.


Car decor

Car decoration is also known as car decor in short. You may have heard another similar term called car decals. Car decals are pasting stickers on the car body or the rear glass. Some people who don’t like the bare paint of the car, add stickers to the car to give it a fuller look.


Now, car decorations can be both exterior and interior. Exterior decorations may include chrome garnishings and interior decors include cabin mats. Exterior decor accessories are limited so let’s start with interior accessories.


Let us seek the 11 ways to decorate your car in a cool way:



In this list of dashboard decoration accessories, we are listing all India-made products. So, all the ones who want to support the country’s manufacturing will be happy to use them. The First 4 products will be for dashboards, followed by other products.


  1. Decorative pitbull

No, I’m not talking about the American rapper Pitbull but the dog breed pit bull. Not a real one but a decorative figure. This p[particular decorative accessory is used in huge numbers by drivers in Punjab. Almost 70-80% of car owners use this there.


It has a golden chain with a vacuum to stick to the windshield and keep the dog figure on the dashboard. It comes in two variants- one where the dog is holding a wine bottle in its mouth and in another one it is holding a cigar. Of course, these are simulators and not real.


Let me give you a quick look at how to install it. You have to fix it on the dashboard otherwise when you drive, it will keep moving. You can use a double-sided tape of 3M on the feet of the dog to keep it secure or use a glue gun on its feet. You can glue it on a dashboard mat to avoid marks on the dashboard.


  1. Car hanging accessories

These are tied to the rearview mirror which is the mirror present above the dashboard. There are many options for this accessory. You can get a dreamcatcher, emblem of Gods or even quotes and obviously cute little cats.


  1. Shaking heads

These are little toys or emoji-shaped figures which have a spring neck and so, while you drive, its head keeps shaking and entertaining you. You can also call it wobble head.

This can be installed using a double-sided tape which is already fixed on the bottom of the accessory for most.


  1. Solar energy rotating car perfume

This is a cool gadget as it makes motion without using power from your car. This is a solar energy car perfume. In the daytime, it will receive sunlight which is a form of solar energy and the top starts rotating which is aesthetic and when it rotates, it also releases perfume. During a hard day, a sweet smell can melt your worries and relax you.


  1. Cabin mattress

Car cabin mats don’t only give a different look as they come in various attractive colors and designs but also serve a protective function to not let anything damage the real car interior. You can buy soft cabin mattresses which will give you comfort if you decide to ride barefoot. It will be good for your passengers at least.


There is a special type of mattress available called the sound deadening mats which will absorb the sound of the car i.e. engine noise or road tire noise. These mats also keep the car interior temperature cool as it provides insulation at the bottom.


  1. Steering wheel covers

You can add steering wheel covers which will look cool as it is not something that comes factory fitted. You can install a Bohemian cover or a bling sticker at the circumference of the steering wheel.


These covers give you a comfortable grip on the steering wheel so that they don’t slip. Try to install a colored pattern to look fashionable and a leather texture gives good feel when you hold it.


  1. LED lightings

Your car may not have ambient lights like expensive Mercedes cars but don’t worry, you can still enjoy the ambiance by installing aftermarket LED lights. With LED lighting, your drive with your special one will feel more romantic as these may act like candlelights. The blue color is preferred among users as they are soothing.


LED light strips come in different colors and they are easy to install as they come with double-sided tapes.


  1. Seat covers

You can add bold colors to your seat by adding a seat cover to your seats. A faux fur seat cover is immensely comfortable and you will never want to take them off as the fur is just so soft to touch. You should definitely try it once.


  1. Neck pillow and cushion

Do you want to transform your regular car seats into spa massage seats? You can do so. A neck pillow can be tied to the seat which will look comfy and at the same time will give comfort.


At the same time, your seat will look like a massage chair with vibrating cushions. These cushions work on a car socket of 12V and the vibration will relax you in long rides. It is kept just on the car seat.


  1. Armrest

Many cars don’t come with armrests. You can install it later from an aftermarket store and it gives a fashionable comfy look and also won’t let your hand go numb. You can rest your arm there.


  1. Foot pedal kit

These are like covers for the clutch, brake, and accelerator pedals. These come in various designs and colors to decorate your car and save the pedals from wearing.



These were the 11 most decorative items for your car. With these installed, your car will become your second home and look luxurious. We also have some unique accessories for cars which no store mechanic will suggest to you. Check them out now!!!

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