Who is Norman Julius “Boomer” Esiason?

norman julius esiason

Norman Julius “Boomer” Esiason

Norman Julius “Boomer” Esiason is a sports analyst and former American football quarterback who played in the National Football League for 14 seasons, primarily with the Cincinnati Bengals. He was selected by the Bengals in the second round of the 1984 NFL Draft, where he spent 10 non-consecutive seasons.

In 1988, he led the Bengals to Super Bowl XXIII, where they lost to the San Francisco 49ers. He was named MVP of the game after passing for four touchdowns and rushing for another. In his post-NFL career, Esiason has appeared on multiple broadcasts for CBS Radio and Westwood One and is currently a commentator for NFL Network. He also co-hosts a weekday afternoon sports radio show with Mike Francesa in New York City on WFAN-AM (660) and WFAN-FM (101.9).

Early Life

Boomer Esiason was born in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up in East Islip on Long Island. His mother, Carol (née Marchese), is a breast cancer survivor. He has a brother, David. Esiason was raised in a devout Roman Catholic family. Esiason attended East Islip High School, where he was a letterman in football, basketball, and baseball. In football, he was an All-League honoree as both a quarterback and defensive back.

College career

Esiason attended the University of Maryland, College Park, and played for the Maryland Terrapins football team from 1981 to 1984 as a quarterback under head coach Bobby Ross. He finished his college career with 710 completions for 9,695 yards (both school records) and 73 touchdowns (tied school record). His 73 touchdowns rank second in school history behind Keith Van Horne’s 75. He was named to the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) All-Academic team in 1982 and 1983, and the All-ACC team in 1983. In his senior year, he was voted the team’s most valuable player, and in December 1984 was named by The Sporting News as one of college football’s 100 “Superstars.”

Professional career

Esiason was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals with the 288th pick in the 1985 NFL Draft but never played for them. Instead, he signed with the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League (USFL). Esiason had a strong arm but lacked mobility and his accuracy was erratic. He threw a touchdown pass to Henry Ellard with 36 seconds left to play in the 1984 Sun Bowl, but his last-second Hail Mary pass to Charles Alexander fell incomplete with one second remaining in the 1983 Sugar Bowl. Norman Julius Boomer Esiason Net worth is estimated to be over $20 million.

How many Super Bowls did Norman Julius Boomer Esiason win?

Esiason was the USFL’s leading passer in 1985 and 1986. In 1985, he threw for 4,282 yards and 41 touchdowns (the latter still a league record). In the 1985 playoffs, he threw for 590 yards and nine touchdowns in a two-game total-points series against the Orlando Renegades. He was named the USFL’s Most Valuable Player both years. The Generals won the league championship both years.

Esiason signed with the Bengals prior to the 1986 season but remained in New Jersey until after that year’s USFL season ended. He led Cincinnati to Super Bowl XXIII following the 1988 NFL season, where they were beaten by John Elway and his Denver Broncos, who were led by NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP quarterback, John Elway. Esiason was selected to play in the Pro Bowl after that season.

How many Super Bowls did Boomer Esiason win with the Bengals?

Esiason played for Cincinnati for eight seasons, from 1986 to 1993. He was a second-team All-Pro selection three times (1988, 1990, and 1992), and a first-team All-Pro selection in 1991. He was named to five consecutive Pro Bowls (1990–1994) during his time with the Bengals. In 1993, he threw for over 3,700 yards and led the league with 27 touchdown passes. In 1994, he set a career-high by passing for 4,339 yards, but the Bengals lost in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

Esiason was traded to the New York Jets in 1994. He led the team to back-to-back appearances in the AFC Championship Game in his first two years with New York. In 1997, he threw for 3,466 yards and 23 touchdowns and earned a Pro Bowl selection and a first-team All-Pro selection. He also set career highs with 355 completions and 521 attempts that season.

Zodiac signs that Make the Best Friends, As per Astrology

Zodiac signs

Friends are precious. They are the only family that you may choose. But it is not easy to find friends who are true and loyal. Especially in this materialistic world, when people betray and speak at your back, finding true friends is really rare. Many of us struggle to meet people and develop healthy and good connections. Possibly, the shy nature, cynical mindset, and various other reasons make it hard for you to believe in people. Are you among those? Do you want to know which person you can rely upon and make as your best friend?

Fortunately, astrology can help you find good friends. In this post, we have gathered the list of astrology signs that can be your best friends for life. So, talk to online astrologers or else read further to know who is the most reliable and true friend among all the zodiac signs.

7 Zodiac Signs Who Makes The Best Friends As per Astrology

Astrology has secrets of having a healthy and blissful life. Explore this quick astrology guide and find what are those zodiac signs that are considered best and true as per zodiac signs.

1. Aries

People born under this sign are extremely energetic, vivacious, and amiable. They are loyal to their friends and can do anything to protect them. Ruled by the fire element, these natives can go beyond any limit to show their love to their partners. They are incredibly passionate and have great skills to cheer anybody up. As per zodiac sign compatibility, Aries zodiac natives are very optimistic and kind. They are always ready to help and can allow you to see good things even in the darkest of times.

  • Zodiac Signs that makes best friends with Aries: Gemini and Sagittarius

2. Gemini

Bestowed with the gift of gab, Geminis can attract anyone with their great oratory skills. They can talk on any topic and have great ability to discuss anything under the sun. With the charming quality and extremely easy going nature, Gemini natives can easily make friends. They never allow themselves to get bored and encourage their friends to live up to each moment. Also, Geminis have a good sense of humor and have a talent of making everyone laugh and enjoy. They tend to share happy moments with their loved ones and have a great understanding to relieve them during their problems.

  • Zodiac Signs that makes best friends with Gemini: Aries and Leo

3. Leo

Fun, warm and enthusiastic, this is how a Leo is described. They are full of energy and know how to live each moment of their lives. When it comes to friendship, Leo people believe in making a strong and long lasting bond. They protect their friends and can do anything to make them happy and comfortable. Moreover, Leo natives are very friendly by nature and make friends easily. They make them laugh and also encourage them to achieve higher goals. Also, they guide them to lead a better life and help them to work hard and play harder.

  • Zodiac Signs that makes best friends with Leo: Gemini and Libra

4. Virgo

Virgos are perfectionists and so that is their friendship. They make great friends and have a great relationship with everyone. Even if they are shy by nature, their intelligence, modesty, and sensitivity makes them perfect zodiac signs to be friends with. Also, the Virgos are most loyal among all the zodiac signs. They stay with their friends in every high and low without thinking about the possible consequences. Also, the Virgo natives are good secret keepers. They do not back bite but support their friends to accomplish all their goals.

  • Zodiac Signs that makes best friends with Virgo: Taurus and Capricorn

5. Capricorn

Capricorns are intelligent, humorous and loyal. They make friends easily and have a very generous nature. As friends, Capricorn natives try to help their friends in every need. They do not betray them and always have their back. For Capricorn natives, their friends are like family. They can take any risks to defend their friends in every situation. As per zodiac personality, Capricorn natives have the ability to make their friends happy in the hard times. If their friends seem sad, Capricorn natives plan a full day of fun activities to make them feel relieved and happy.

  • Zodiac Signs that makes best friends with Capricorn: Virgo and Scorpio

6. Scorpio

Scorpios are not just powerful but are also very lovable and loyal. They are extremely emotionally sensitive and have a heart of gold. As per zodiac sign astrology, Scorpios never betray anyone. They stick to their loved ones and make a relationship that is strong and everlasting. If they feel that their friends are in trouble or betrayed by someone, they can go any limit to take revenge. Even if they get betrayed, they hold grudges and stay resentful to the people who have hurt them. Moreover, when it comes to true friendship, Scorpios are the best. They call you out when their friends are wrong and support them when they are true and righteous.

  • Zodiac Signs that makes best friends with Scorpio: Aries and Pisces

7. Aquarius

Aquarius are the humanitarians of the zodiac. They are intellectual, smart, and open minded. They love freedom and support others to achieve their goals. As a friend, an Aquarius is unique and very trustworthy. They encourage their friends and help them with their problems. Also, the Aquarius natives are very optimistic and kind. They keep their friends happy and make them see good and bright things. Moreover, Aquarius offers motivation and fresh energy to people. They inspire them to be good people and bring out their best qualities.

  • Zodiac Signs that makes best friends with Aquarius: Libra and Gemini

So, this was all about the zodiac signs who make the best and true friends in the world. If you are also looking for a true friendship, then this list may probably help.

Florist Secret To Collect Quality Flowers From The Field

Fresh blossoms are the most preferred choice of everyone during special occasions due to their heavenly beauty and sweet fragrance. They are one of the gorgeous gifts of God for humanity. The delicate flowers teach us many life lessons that will make our everyday life much easier and simpler than was not possible otherwise. These are usually powered to take away all your mood swings instantly, naturally and safely with their very presence. Not only this, the brightly coloured buds constantly motivate you to take better care of your health. They look their best at any space within your home or workplace, in addition to revealing your high taste in the brightest light. They are usually available in a wide range of customization options to choose from to perfectly match your specific need within budget. Precisely customized floral arrangements can be easily used for both decoration and purpose without any hassle. With the everincreasing prices of quality blossoms, millions of people from various parts of the world are thinking of picking their fresh flowers directly from the form but often get puzzled about how to handle such a project. If you are one of them, do not miss the golden opportunity to go through this writeup, as it has some very useful tips that would surely yield great results for you.

Remember To Cut The Stems Before Placing The Flowers In Water:

It is awesome that you have bought your favourite to meet your specific needs, but you also need to take optimum care of them. The basic care in the form of cutting off the stems must already be done in case you have made your purchase from a professional florist. However, it is still better to follow the process again to be very sure on your part. Make a point to cut the stems at an angle after every few days to promote a free flow of water upward. Moreover, remember to replace the water once or rather twice a week. Clean the container well each time with mild warm water and soap to ensure no bacterial build up inside it, and add a new lot of flower food if you have any. Give preference to purchase flower bouquets online that are often sourced from a reliable place.

Have a close look at the quality of the flowers before finally making your mind up to them. There are many ways out for this, but the most workable one among them is to correctly ascertain the tightness of the area just under the petals. If the buds are looking pale and faded, then there are fewer chances that they would be fresh.

If you are using a group of blossoms, then cut the stems at the same place to make sure they are of the same height. Do not forget to use the recommended tools for this purpose.

Eliminate The Leaves Or Foliages Underwater Area:

Did you know that leaves or foliages lying under the water level often form an excellent ground for the growth of various kinds of bacteria that may eat upon the quality of your blossoms? Yes, you have heard it rightSo, next time you find any such thing, eliminate it immediately without any delay. Pay special attention to inspect pests while picking your favourite flowers and ensure they last long without showing any sign of wilting away.

Early morning hours are often regarded to be the most suitable time for collecting buds that appeal to your heart the most as they are in their freshest form during this period of the day. This would not be a big problem for people who are in the habit of getting up early. Most blossoms usually tend to start losing their freshness once the hot rays from the sun start to fall on them.

Remove The Drying Buds:

Do not neglect to remove the drying buds to increase the lifespan of your most preferred blossoms. These may be affected by pests that may transform into healthy buds and have them sick as well. You have the option of taking some help from your close friends or family members while working on such a project. Send flowers to Kolkata for filling the day of your special ones with optimum joy and enthusiasm during the upcoming festive season.

The beauty and fragrance of a half bloomed blossom would surely stay in the minds of those close to your heart for years to come.


Hope you will get to know about ways to pick premiumquality buds directly from the field after going through the discussion mentioned above.

How To Say Thank You In The Most Adorable Way?

Eliciting our emotions in the best possible way remains a puzzle for many of us. Call it awkwardness, shyness, anxiety, fear, etc. – but all of this hinders people from seeing your true emotions, especially when it comes to thanking others.

How to say thank you to someone special seems like a huge task for some and others might not eve where to start from. If you are one of them then today is your day to learn how to say thank you in the easiest yet adorable way.

Are your ready to become a pro in saying thank you?

Let’s dive in!

1.       Cards

Cards are the evergreen way to say thank you. If you are bad at expressing your feelings of gratitude to someone verbally then pen down a few lines of thank you in a beautiful customized card and then just hand it over to them! I’m sure you’ll witness a smile on their face when you hand them over this thank you card.

2.       Hugs

Sometimes, you really don’t need to say or write anything – you need to show your feelings by actions. And no other action than a warm hug would excel at expressing feelings of gratitude. Hugs are the baby steps amidst learning how to say thank you and sorry as well!

3.       Flowers & Chocolates

Everyone adores these two beautiful things and thus if you wish to offer something to someone in order to say thank you then flowers and chocolates are the safest and all time preferred options to ponder.

4.       Book Tickets

Booking tickets is an intriguing and surprising option to say thank you. You could book tickets that person’s favorite movie, drama, concert, etc. and then offer the ticket directly to them. Maybe both of you could go together too!

5.       Letters

Letters are an old yet highly effective to learn to how to say thank you. Just pour in all your honest feelings of gratitude and love into this one piece of paper and send it to the person. This is much better than a usual text or social media message.

6.       Help In Return

If you wish to really impress the person you want to say thank you to then helping them is the best way to do that. You could help them in their daily work, to clean the house, to make breakfast, to drop them by your car for work, etc. Find the most optimum way that suits both of you.

7.       Favorite Food

If the person you wish to show your gratitude is a foodie then offering them their favorite dish is the best way to say them thank you. Either you yourself could cook something delicious or simply order from their favorite restaurant!

Okay so that was it from my basket of ideas and I really anticipate that they might have suggested you how to say thank you in the easiest way. Also, the last pro tip is that whichever method you utilize to say thank you to someone, just let it come from your heart. Let your feelings get reflected in your eyes and words; that’s what makes a thank you really special!

All the best!



Personalized gifts for family & pets

Digital Pet Portraits in Renaissance style

Do you want to get a Custom Renaissance Pet Portrait of your beloved pet, then look no further. Paintthephoto offers high quality digital portrait of your pet in renaissance & modern style . They have around 60 uniform styles for custom pet portrait. The turnaround time is around 2 days with unlimited revisions. A high quality jpg & pdf output file is provided for digital download. This file you can print at your home or at any print shop. They are also offering print option on stretched canvas. You can also select different size for print on canvas. A stretched canvas means that canvas is stretched on back of the wooden frame. It is ready to be hanged on the wall. It is also called gallery wrapped style. Go ahead & get your pet a lovely uniform from renaissance era.

Family Portrait Painting

When it comes to portrait painting, family portrait painting is the popular one. There are plenty of photos in the family album but there is one photo which is loved by everyone. Traditionally one will upload that photo on facebook & share it with their family members. They might also get a printout of it on canvas. What if this photo can be hand-painted? It would be a great work of art. It would be of sentimental value for everyone.  It can be made in pencil, charcoal, acrylic & oil medium.  It can be shipped in rolled form, gallery wrapped & framed.  One can opt for pencil or charcoal sketch if they have affinity for black & white colors. It is old school but still a popular form of painting. Pencil sketch gives you grey & smooth look, whereas charcoal sketch gives you dark & flaky look. If you want to go for color painting then acrylic is the modern form of painting & it gives bright & vivid effect. It is fast to make & preferred choice of modern artist.  Oil painting is traditional form of painting & gives smooth & fine effect. It is time consuming to make oil painting but still loved by many for its effect.

Give your Guests Custom Wedding Favors

The giving out of wedding favors is a traditional custom practiced across the world. These small and inexpensive gifts are intended as a thank you gesture from the bride and groom to their guests for joining them on their special day. They make special reminders and keepsakes of your day for the recipients so they are worth putting some thought into.

Some may feel that wedding favors are unnecessary expenses on an already tight budget, but when you consider that they were first given way back in the 13th century, you will understand that most of your guests, if not all, will expect to receive one. And whilst your choice of favors does not need to be anything extravagant, they should coordinate with your wedding style or theme and be in some way a reflection of your own personalities and tastes. For these reasons alone you need to choose carefully and wisely.

These days there are a variety of options available when it comes to favors. Many couples now choose custom wedding favors in a bid to obtain unique and personal gifts for their guests. Personalization is available on a wide range of favor items and packaging which is inexpensive and goes a long way to making to your favors unique.

Other types of custom favor include those which are specifically designed and made for your wedding. A good example of this is custom cookies which can be baked in a range of flavors, cut in a wide range of shapes to match a theme, and iced according to the wedding colors. These too can also be personalized. Labels and bags for edible wedding favors are also another way of creating custom favors as they can be custom designed with graphics and personalization to match your wedding stationery or wedding theme. Most favor retailers offer a custom design and personalization service on many of their products and at a cost that will not break the bank. Customized flowers can also be a good option to look for Wedding Favors. If you don’t want to go out and want the flowers to come home, you can order flowers online.

Another way of achieving custom favors is to make your own. DIY favors are the ultimate way of achieving unique and personal favors to give out at your wedding. You could make anything from your own cookies or cupcakes to chocolates, soaps and candles, scented sachets and even grow flower seedlings from seed. A simple idea which many couples use is presenting their guests with a recipe card which they have designed and printed themselves and which shows how to make a family favorite recipe. Many couples also like to include a small kitchen implement such as a wooden spoon, cookie cutter or whisk with their recipe.

The favors you choose for your wedding will depend largely upon your budget and what you want to give. Ideas for wedding favors range from very simple and inexpensive to more elaborate and expensive. What makes them special for your guests is the way in which you present them and the amount of thought they perceive you have given to them.

These are some of the ideas for custom wedding favors. These ideas are new as well as pocket-friendly. So don’t cut back on Wedding favors. And for last-minute flower delivery you can choose New Flower Point’s Online Flower Delivery in Jaipur.

Heart-warming Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Dear Ones

Throughout the 365 days, you find yourself in a scenario where you need to tickle the hearts of your dear ones with your gifting gesture. And it is quite obvious that you may not always be able to think about the perfect one.

So, here are some gift ideas that will never let you fail, irrespective of the occasion or your relationship with the recipient.

Teddy Bears

Teddy bears have always been the prime suspect for the people to make their gifting gesture a memorable one. You might think that teddy bears make the perfect gift for girls, but that’s not true. Yes, girls do love to have soft toys, but teddy bears can make anyone smile if chosen with the utmost care. You can buy a teddy bear as small in size as it can fit your palm and as big in size that it won’t even fit on your bed.

Personalized Mugs

Well, we are sure that more than fifty percent of you guys have received a personalised mug as a gift. The personalised mugs are the best and heart-warming gifts as they provide a feeling of personal touch and express that the gifter had made efforts. Without a doubt, personalised mugs are also useful, and the receiver feels so happy while his/her favorite beverage in the mug he/she has received. Mugs can be personalised with pictures or the name or both. People also gift mugs printed with fun and quirky taglines as per their relationship with the person they want to surprise.

Indoor Plants

Healthy living is what people are pushing themselves for. And with your gifting gesture, you can help someone dear in getting one step closer to healthy living. Include indoor plants in gifting gestures. Pollution levels are increasing day by day, and people living in metropolitan cities have a higher risk of not having enough fresh air to breathe. You can choose from a wide variety of plants such as air-purifying plants, succulents plants, bonsai trees, flowering plants, medicinal plants, and more. If you want to make the plant special to the occasion you will be presenting; you can get the plant vase printed with graphics related to that occasion.

Jar Cakes

You can never fail to tickle someone’s heart after treating the person to something sweet and delicious. And that’s what jar cakes will help you to do. You can pick from different flavors and some bakeries that also provide jar cakes topped with personalised fondant sheets. On occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and some school or office achievements, jar cakes make a sweet and heart-warming gift option in such scenarios.

Flower Arrangement

With our gifting gestures, we tend to create magic that can stuff the recipient’s heart with utmost happiness. And flowers are the magic creation of nature which has always been our help in some or another way. Surprising your dear ones with a beautiful and lovely flower arrangement is such a great thought. There are so many different options in flower arrangement that you can choose from, such as flower bouquets, flower boxes, flowers in glass vases, flowers in a glass bowl, flowers in a basket, arrangement of flowers and chocolates, and many more. Search for the best Mumbai flower shop or whichever city you live in so that you can make your dear one smile with fresh and best quality flowers.

Basket of Food Items

Surprising someone with lots of different food items is a sure shot way to win hearts. You may also have heard a phrase that a way to the person’s heart starts from the stomach. If you know about the likes and dislikes of the person you want to surprise, it’s a bonus for you. But if you don’t, you can add spicy snacks, some sweet food such as candies and chocolates, juicy, healthy, and seasonal fruits in the basket. Get the basket gift wrapped and bring a smile to your dear one’s face.

T-Shirt & Shoes Combo

Well, it can be a shirt or shoe combo according to the recipient’s liking and age. People do gift t-shirts and shoes to their beloved ones, but they don’t see both the items as a combo gift. And yes, do not go for the simple t-shirts if you want to gift them to your sister or brother or friend. Try some quirky t-shirts, and there are many brands providing unique prints for t-shirts. Where the shoes are concerned, make sure to pick a comfortable and stylish pair.

Cake & Flowers Combo

Another combo for your gifting gesture! And cake & flowers have been the people’s favorite for quite a long time. Always make sure to pick a cake in the recipient’s favorite flavor and if you don’t know about his/her preference, then go with flavors chocolate or vanilla flavor. It will be better for you to find a gift portal that provides Mumbai flower delivery and cake delivery.

Now, you can’t fail in surprising and winning hearts!


Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Amaze Your Mom

Mother is the most loving person you’ll ever come across in your life. From your toddler days to your experienced days, she has done everything in her possibility to support you. She is the one who took care of everything for you when you couldn’t even do it yourself. She is that person who continues to support you when the whole world is against you. She is equivalent to any real-life superhero and is indeed a blessing in everyone’s life.

Devoting an entire day to these hardworking mothers, we all know about Mother’s day. It is a day celebrated globally to support the strong mothers of the world. It’s been celebrated through decades and will be devoted for much longer in the future. As we know, making your mother happy is not a difficult task. But pleasing her in a unique way is indeed a tricky task nowadays. Therefore, why not try doing that this Mother’s day with unique mothers day gifts?

No one knows your mother better than you. Everything including her likes, dislikes, preferences are clear to you. Therefore, it becomes very simple for you to choose unique mother’s day gifts online. Truthfully speaking no gift can match her endless love for you. But with these, you can at least showcase your love in a beautiful way. These unique mothers day gifts will be creating lovely memories for her for a long time.

Therefore, to make this day more charming, we have compiled some ideas for you. You can simply go with these mother’s day gifts online to cheer up her smiling face.

Flowers and Desserts

Flowers are a universal gift that almost everyone loves. It’s difficult to imagine someone who doesn’t love flowers aside from any allergic issues. Even though flowers have a limited lifetime, you can simply buy the best flowers for mother’s day. Whether you decorate it with a bouquet or in a pot, anyway done with love is indeed memorable.

Furthermore, you can stack up the flowers with a delicious treat for your mother. Whether its cultural desserts or personalized cakes, having this pack for her will definitely make her day.

Pendant and Jewelry

If your mother loves to keep herself updated with the trendiest fashion and jewelry designs, then you can gift her a traditional set of jewelry. Of course, when looking for mother’s day gifts online, you should tread with care with this one. Whether you go with precious stones, basic pendants, necklaces, rings or any other piece of jewelry, women love pieces of jewelry. You can either go with a minimalistic style of these wearables or more glittering and fancy ones. Furthermore, you can also go with known brands to maximize the outcome even more.


Finding unique mothers day gifts is all about merging your creativity and style together. Another great choice to include within this list is indeed gifting her unique wristwatches. Of course, it is entirely up to you whether you go with a brand or not, but make sure to select something that suits her. Watches showcase a person’s style whenever they wear it, therefore it should match her style. It is something that she’ll be wearing casually and that would keep her reminding of you. You can always merge this with jewelry for a creative outcome.

Stylish Sarees

Furthermore, if you have a fashion-loving mother, then why not buy hand woven saree online for her? Sarees are considered a classic gift for mother’s day in cultural as well as modern areas. When selecting mother’s day gifts online, this is something that you’ll come across a lot. Not only will this give her more to add to her wardrobe but will also keep her reminded of you whenever she wears it. Going with a stylish saree for your mother on this day will show how creative can you be with your gifts. Something so simple yet so lasting for a long period.

Perfumes and Cosmetics

Almost every woman on this planet has their preferences for a specified fragrance or cosmetic. Like many women, your mother might also love having a personalized scent for her. When looking for even more unique mothers day gifts, this is an ideal choice for any mother. You have several brands that sell these perfumes occasionally for mother’s day while others sell regularly. We only advise you to choose wisely with perfumes since sometimes these can provide a negative outcome if rushed. If you want to create lasting memories then go with perfumes.

Finding unique mothers day gifts online won’t be a problem for you anymore since we have enlisted some of the best and unique gifts you can give to your mother. Let us know in the comments sections, what you did to amaze your mom this mother’s day.

What do Men Want in a Woman? Here’s The Truth!

The average woman spends a lot of time pondering over the question “what do men want in a woman?”It’s just natural because men (and in fact, society) have spent a lot of time and effort trying to hide the truth about what men really want.

It’s not an intentional conspiracy (but it sure seems like it!). It’s actually natural for men and women to be confused about each other because, on the surface, men and women have many similarities. It’s on a psychological level that the differences begin to become extreme.

So, what do men want in a woman? Before we answer that question, let’s take a quick look at some of the myths. This is important because, in many ways, these myths are the reason that so many women have problems truly understanding men.

Myth: Men are Only Really Interested in One Thing

This one is a popular myth in our society, one that even my girlfriend believes! This one can come in many flavors and varieties, but they’re all wrong. And this one’s important because a misunderstanding like this one shows that you’re out of touch with a man and his sexuality. So long as you pay attention to distractions such as this myth, you will never learn the answer to “what do men want in a woman?”

To clarify, I’m not saying that men aren’t highly fixated on the physical aspect of a relationship. There are exceptions, but men are largely obsessed with the more sexual parts of a relationship, and you probably already know this.

The myth here is not that “men love sex”, but that sex is the ONLY thing that men care about!

Want statistical proof? I’m going to give that to you. This is a little sad, so brace yourself.

Consistent studies have shown that more men commit suicide after a breakup than women.

I know, it’s dark, but it’s a nice illustration of my point here: if men didn’t care about or form deep emotional bonds, would they really go to this length to escape their heartache? A pair of nice-looking legs or vivacious curves are surely not enough to drive a man to such lengths all on their own.

So, why then do men focus on the “single life” and sex so much when they’re not in a relationship? What do men want in a woman?

Men really do want to be loved by a special woman, much in the same way that a woman wants to be loved, cherished, and treasured by a special man. But here’s the catch: most men just don’t fully believe that this woman is out there for them. Women are trained and brought up with romantic notions and fairy tales, so their search for “that special man” occupies their conscious mind on a consistent basis.

On the other hand, a man is “trained” to objectify women. Cool men and role models are seen playing the life of a bachelor for as long as possible, charming and impressing women everywhere they go. So that’s what men focus on achieving. But that doesn’t mean that at their core, they don’t have this vulnerable side that’s just SCREAMING for a woman to invade and break down his walls and give him that sense of validation and love that he secretly craves!

What do men want in a woman? They want a woman that stands out from the crowd and becomes THE woman in their love story. In that sense, I suppose we’re the same. A man is perfectly content being a bachelor until he finds that woman. A man will save all of his love and energy for that special woman that he will fall completely in love with.

An attractive, successful, and available person with whom you are compatible, only comes frequently. When he comes around, will you be the kind of woman who only comes around once in a lifetime?

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5 Impressive Gift Ideas for the Special One in Your Life

Getting a surprise gift from your special one is the most memorable thing for you. So, on any special occasion like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Christmas, Diwali, New Year, etc. surprise your boyfriend /girlfriend with these spectacular and impressive gifts. Your special one is the most precious person in your life, and hence you need to make some efforts to make them happy. Many opportunities come in your life when you can surprise and make your better half happy. So, do not miss them because these small things bring you closer to each other and also make you realize the importance of having them in your life. It is not necessary that you have to give gifts only on special occasions or festivals.

There are many other occasions when you have no reason for gifting, but still, you make an effort to make your sweetheart feel special. For example, give them a bouquet of red roses any day or a personalized birthday cake to tell them that they are lucky to have them. Receiving a bouquet on any random day will make her day very special and memorable. Choosing the right gift for your special one is not an easy task, so we are here to help you in selecting the perfect gift for them through this article. 

Gift hampers 

If you are thinking about what to give your lover, then gifting a gift hamper to them is the best option. You can add a collection of small things that they require in their daily life. They will surely appreciate this idea. When it comes to gifting something to your special one, then you should opt for something that is attractive and also delights their hearts. An extraordinary gift for your lover shows how much you love and admire them from the bottom of your heart. There are many online gift portals available that provide you with a variety of gifts. 

Personalized gifts 

Personalized gifts make the occasion of your lover memorable because they are customized, especially for a person on demand. These gifts need some effort and a lot of thought to be put in them to customize them. Choosing personalized photo frames, coffee mugs, cushions, etc. is the best option. You can adore the unforgettable pictures of your lover, a collage of their old photos which you collect from their laptops, albums, and phone, and write some beautiful quotes on it that will touch their hearts. 

Radiant Flowers  

There is no comparison of flowers when it comes to expressing your love and romantic feelings towards your loved one. The beauty and fragrance of flowers can steal everyone’s heart and also uplift the mood in a few seconds. You can give roses, lilies, orchids, carnations, birds of paradise, etc. in the beautiful arrangements. Some of the amazing flower arrangements are bouquets, centerpieces, basket arrangements, etc. Flowers can be given on any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, etc. Your lover will be fascinated by the beauty of flowers, and it also will make their day. 

Delectable Cake 

Every occasion or festival is incomplete without this delicious and yummy dessert. There are plenty of cakes available online, like cream cake, chocolate cake, fondant cake, cheesecake, tier cake, etc. They have different flavors like vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, etc. You can order cake online according to your lover’s choice and make them happy. 

Aromatic Perfumes 

Gifting perfumes to your special ones is a classy way to make them feel loved. The soothing fragrance of perfumes adds to their personality and makes heads turn wherever they go. Check out from the various brands of perfumes like Hugo Boss, Jaguar, United Dreams, etc. and choose the best one for your lover. 

Above mentioned gift ideas would surely win the heart of your loved one. You can opt for one of these and delight them.