10 On-Page SEO Tools For Beginners

Site modification is one of the methods utilized to broaden the business to a locale by giving an upper-role circumstance in the Search Engine Results Page or (SERP) just as Bing, Google, and Yahoo, you may broaden others as charitably. Examination engine optimization has three significant procedures to enhance site stance in SERP named Specialized Search Engine Optimization, On-Page Search Engine Optimization, and of page Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Overseeing SEO streamlining can be difficult, extremely if you’re barely starting. Luckily, chasing the decent SEO apparatuses is reasonable, we’ve collected them all on this chase. We called additional 30 SEO consultants to find what the nicest SEO programming exists and what catchword attending equipment is fascinating to the SEO consultants. You don’t have to make an effort on every one of the devices, you completely require to sort out which one is decent for your company.

Website optimization equipment recoups you from dismal catchword research and evidence examination. With this equipment, you’re willing to anticipate what’s helping and what fractions of your procedure could benefit from some alteration. The decent SEO equipment furthermore gives announcements on how you approximate adversaries and where the decent opportunities lie. Also, they authorize you to measure investigation enactment countries, zones, or dialects.

It enhances. In a lawsuit you’re supervising an additional than one location, SEO devices can boost you by assessing the site’s exposition on the road. Several industry prophets with various locations wind up spotting a bunch of evidence in accounting sheets and evaluating it externally. In any trial, that being yearned gives overwhelming responses and puts forward the threat of the announcements being blundered. Luckily, you can utilize the due SEO program to recoup lengthy distances of endeavor and establish detailed announcements at an option.

Intended to understand the following proficiency related to SEO and digital commerce?

Labored SEO

This is a preceding effort that we accomplish at the province and facilitating category. Appreciate inaugurating HTTPS for your room, expanding region enlistment duration, location in public stacking period, robots.txt alteration, reasonable tradition 404 blunder page, and so forward.

ON Page Search Device Optimization

It credits all the stuff that we accomplish privately to our location like ownership, characterization, quantity, resemblance, catchword filling, internal relation, and so on. In extensive use, the on-page method suggests organizing or establishing your location to be a website investigation equipment well removed.

Off-Page Search Device Optimization

Off-page SEO would enable your site important on the network, so you could give tremendous perceiving quality. With all the on-page methods, we could get permeability in internet investigation equipment. Nonetheless, off-page SEO techniques will enhance your location stance in SERP.

At whatever juncture I extended for an estate modification program for my employment, I sum up laboring head astute and fastest when I retain the exact tools accessible to me. Amazingly, the importance of reasonable equipment can earn – and the more period it seizes to finalize benefit without a conformational method.

Sharp forward to the website-related advertisement. How would you help more smartly and sharper with SEO?

It starts up with giving birth to valid equipment.

I’ve collected important examinations of the decent available SEO tools available— equipment with a broad mixture of employments and coating limited fundamental regulations. This equipment ort, and reasonable to-use. I believe you discover a pair (or twenty) you could easily manipulate today.

Top 10 off-page Search Device Optimization protocols for 2021

1. Assembling up Shareworthy appliance,

The dramatic material is invariably the KING in location method modification. Giving rise to astonishing and shareable material is a stunning technique to generate increasingly additional widespread backlinks to personal locations or blogs. Research perennially and protect your material in every trial modern and reenergized.

2. Helper’s Outreach

Out of the opportunity that you retain have earned any manner of material that is share-worthy, don’t halt for an additional minute to relate with the motivators in your business. Instruct them to survey your blog and invitation interface rears from their write-up channel. Assure you obtain the relationships from completely relevant properties.

3. Provided as Guest AuthSeveral administration employment and enthusiastic online magazines are empty for traveler mails from various producers. Organize a dramatic research article and call them with the material for traveler offices. Strive not to the end on the number of relationships yet relatively halfway just around integrity relations. Besides, don’t proceed to broadcast on several circumstances on identical tourist blog web pages.

4. Online Media system

A substantial Off-page Search Engine Optimization procedure is an online agency’s obligation. In the circumstance that you desire to earn your industry, location, or blog nicely understood, pull in with someones on various web-related agent phases. Online agencies’ existence will enable you to develop your industry and similarly boost you with buying backlinks.

5. Book significant Sites of community

A social book commemorating locations is possibly the descent phases to progress your location. At the juncture when you book to record your location sheet or blog admission on mainstream sociable book captioning areas, you develop the elevated business to your location sheet or blog.

6. Conversation Submission

Participate in investigation meetings that are specified with your location and industry and give rise to a federation with that regional district. Explanation to cords, and peoples’ investigations, and request your notions and recommendation. Employ “Do-Follow” conversations.

7. Blog Directory statement

Index donation is frequently changing to establish integrity back connections. Grab a binding directory and assign a legal category. It compels some enterprises to communicate tremendous consequences, yet these consequences strut unfriendly over an additionally extensive interval.

8. Summary deposition

Relate your essays in an elevated PR essay lodging inventory. You can otherwise request relationships to your location. Assure your material is outstanding and of improved degree. Inadequate integrity material and fabric that has additional catchword filling may fetch rejection. Grab the straight category and lend reasonable ownership to your material.

9. Rapid fire ( Question/Answer meeting)

Possibly the greatly excellent paths you can buy high commerce is from problem and solution sites. Enlist elevated PR problem and explanation objectives and Quest for questions observed with your industry, blog, or location and request obvious answers to these examinations. Provide a connection to your location which will enable in sending you a tremendous notion of perceiving.

10. Video deposition

On the off opportunity that you desire to give rise to your recordings popular, chair to mainstream video lodging locations. Lend valid ownership, characterization, captions, and quotation joined. It is one single of the additional mainstream reaches to earn integrity back connections on the floors that all video lodging areas have enormous PR.

Extraordinary proposal

Requested for anonymity to everybody with a location, Google investigation Console enables you to filter and compose about your site’s integrity in Google SERP. You must completely substantiate your area by calculating a statute to your area or getting on through Google Analytics and you can illustrate your site diagram for decreeing. In resentment of the evidence that you desire not to frighten with a Search control certificate to accomplish in Google’s schedule articles, you can deal with what buys documented and how your location is dealt with this certificate. As an SEO investigating equipment, Search Control can boost you by discerning how Google and its customers discern your location and authorize you to enhance for decent enactment in Google schedule articles. It’s extremely important for modern areas as it allows website proprietors to revise sheets for investigation arrangements.

  • Best ideas to Google My Business
  • Have a valid characterization with 250 identities.
  • Assure your importance is available in the major paragraph alongside your borough word.
  • Constant updates the offices or exposition or articles or requests.
  • Begin again to stare at your audits and pardon them in a break second.
  • Transport profound illustrations under legal categories.

Note: Google PageRank is not, at this juncture a legal integrity characteristic for any sheet, thereafter you can dominate that portion or additional referenced PA, DA may differ a tad with the recent evidence. We will formulate additional certificates just as off-page SEO techniques, diagrams, and policies with additional knowledge.

The decent SEO appliances on this rundown are wealthy. They provide you occasions that would somehow or the other take a lot of time to generate. All stuff contemplated, you must position in the endeavor to obtain the effects you require. That suggests providing a subject that is SEO boosted, revamping all your paragraph definitions, and putting up with what you’ve progressed from these SEO methods, and adapting. In prosecution you’re on a comprehensive spending strategy, an enormous quantity of these appliances have unrestricted climaxes or preliminaries you could disarray with. Offer them a chance. Do it. Uncover what you require to expand to classify bigger in SERPs. Moreover, interpreting the appliance’s impressions to climb your improvement. Your happiness plunges on you. Give rise to that second step. 

Compiling a rundown of available SEO devices can be severe homework. There is a century out there! I planned to give the clams that we’ve learned significance here at Buffer, also the clams you could alter by borrowing the screen inside the expanse of moments to bring about some flattery fractions of proficiency.

IF You understand we possess some meaningful standpoints, don’t stammer to reach us about anything related to the modification!

5 Ways to Reduce Your Websites Bounce Rate

Are you looking to reduce your website’s bounce rate?

If you are finding that your website visitors are leaving your website when they get there you have an issue you need to fix!

Bounce rate is a metric based on the number of visitors to a site that leaves off the only viewing one page.

Bounce rate isn’t a perfect metric for judging the quality of your content. But if you do see changes here or near or great a gradual downward trend over a course of days weeks or months, it might indicate an issue with your content.

There’s no such thing as an industry standard for bounce rate or a good bounce rate.

 Bounce rates will vary based on the industry that your site’s in, the structure of your site and the type of content on the page itself regardless if you are looking to improve your bounce rate.

Here are some tips to reduce your websites bounce rate

1.  PageSpeed

How many times have you been looking at a website on your phone, maybe on public transport and you’ve never got it away from the page because it’s taking too long to load PageSpeed? Can be a real limiting factor for lots of sites. If you want to assess your page speed use Google’s page speed insights tool or GTmetrix.

There are lots of other PageSpeed tools out there but these two tend to offer the most detail. Both of these tools will offer you clues as to how you can improve your page speed.

 If you can’t implement any of the actions that GTmetrix or PageSpeed insights suggest then there are other workarounds, for example, accelerated mobile pages or AMP pages.

These are separate versions of the pages on your site that are hosted on Google servers, so they load really quickly.

Another workaround might be hosting some of your images on a CDN or content delivery network. Hosting large files like images on a content delivery network can mean the pages overall load a lot quicker

2. Limit ads

Limit ads and over-lays intrusive ads and overlays can be really off-putting for users. Let’s say you land on a page and straightaway an interstitial pops up. There’s nothing more annoying when you’re reading a blog poster, an article, or looking at a sales page, and the content is concealed. But ads interstitials or pop-ups. Many people use pop-ups like subscribe now buttons to increase newsletter signups. This is fine but if you find your bounce rate has declined since you implemented something like this, you might want to look at the layout of those pop-ups or when they trigger, or the size number.

3. Internal Site Search

Use internal Site Search. Let’s say a user lands on a page on your website and it’s not exactly the content that they were looking for. Having a clear internal Site Search function can mean that users stay on your site and quickly find what they want, rather than navigating away back to Google or even worse back to another different website.

 4. Use a clear call

Use a clear call to action. Sometimes when a user visits a page they’re very clear about the action they want to perform. Whether that’s making a purchase filling in a contact form or subscribing to a newsletter. If this is the case, make the call to action really clear for your users. This might mean having a large colorful eye-catching button, that area above the fold.

5. Your Content

Format your content in a user-friendly way. If a user navigates to a page and is faced with a large block of plain text that can be really off-putting. If you have a popular article or blog post on your site, that gets lots of traffic and it’s formatted in this way, then why not consider breaking this up using paragraphs short sentences, and italic and bold text. This makes the content much more engaging and means it’s more likely for the user to carry on and engage with the entire page rather than bouncing away.

6 Amazing Tips – How to become an SEO expert

Steps to become an SEO expert

  1. Understand how the search engine works


Before you think about SEO, the first step is to familiarize yourself with how search engines work. For many people, they may be already known about it, but it is always good to start with the basic concepts and then go to complicated theories.


Search engine have mainly three processes: –


  1. Crawling– This is how the search engine discovers the content of the web.

  2. Indexing- How they add or organize their content in their index.

  3. Ranking– How they decide which websites to show in the results and also in what order for a given search query.


As an SEO expert, you will know how to optimize a website for each stage so that search engines can read, index, and understand the content on the website without any problem.


  1. Know about the basic concept of search engine marketing (SEM)


You should first understand digital marketing and the role of SEO in digital marketing campaigns. You should keep clear in mind that what you expect from SEO and what other tools you can use with the SEO to increase your online presence. Top SEO company, providing you with SEO services. SEO has one of the two components of SEM. The difference between in two is SEO traffic is free and SEM traffic is paid.  


With SEO your first aim is to get on the top of the organic results by publishing the content that matches the user intent and search engine signals to help them with indexing and ranking.


  1. Understand the true meaning of SEO


SEO is not all about keywords and links it is much more than that. The true purpose of SEO is to provide users with a great experience and give them exactly what they want. Your aim is not just getting traffic from a search engine, but it is about turning the traffic into recurring visitors and customers.


Types of SEO


  1. On-page SEO


In on-page SEO you have to do with the elements found on the page of the website. Such things as images, videos, headings, content. It should be optimized in that way so that search engine can easily understand their context.


Some of the important elements of SEO are: –


  1. Page title optimization

  2. Meta description optimization

  3. Content optimization

  4. Make proper use of headings i.e H1, H2, H3 till H6

  5. Internal and External Links


  1. Off-page SEO


In Off-page SEO we have to do with the activities which are outside the boundaries of the website. By following SEO techniques, your website has more chances to get on top of the results. Such things as backlinking from other related websites and promoting your website on the internet are the factors that help search engines during the ranking process.

  1. Choose the right SEO training


When you learn SEO you will realize one thing. There is too much information on the internet for SEO and many things to learn and you will end up creating a mess. social media marketing allows us for immediate interactions and customer feedback. If you decide to learn by yourself without any help you will end up with so many articles to read. 


Now-a-day things are different people want to learn SEO very fast and you can do that by following a reputable course without having to spend a lot of time searching on the internet and reading articles.


  1. Stay informed by SEO changes


SEO is not static, all the rules and algorithms of SEO change all the time. Google alone making 250 changes in their ranking algorithms every year. A good SEO expert knows about all these changes and in that way runs SEO campaigns accordingly. 


The best way to being informed is to follow a couple of SEO news websites that provide you with the all changes in the SEO algorithms when they happen and not after it is being too late to do anything about it. 


  1. Choose the right SEO tool


The truth is that you cannot do SEO alone. There is so much information to process and making decisions and if you want to try to do everything manually, then you are wasting your precious time to spend analyzing the numbers instead of working on the tasks that will give you a better result.  It is also true that SEO costs but in the future, they will give you more money than the monthly fee you pay on good SEO tools.



Easy Steps To Learn SEO For Free

Want to wrap your head around SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but being intimidated by technical terms and complex concepts? This friendly article tells you about everything, you need to start ranking in Google.

Here are 5 Easy Steps To Learn SEO For Free

1. Start a blog

The key to learning SEO is practice. Reading all the books published so far helped you learn how to manage SEO in real life. But you may not want to practice on your e-commerce site first. A blog or other practice site can help you tune your SEO skills without risking the performance of your eCommerce site.

Research keywords to target those phrases in your pages and practice Reach others interested in the same thing and practice networking and earning links. Over time, you can also develop a new revenue source built from the ground up with SEO.

2. Understand SEO’s goal

Businesses have various SEO marketing goals, but each company shares a desire to boost revenue – and examines the general purpose of SEO. Improving your site with Search Engine Optimization allows you to rank at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs), sparking revenue-inducing traffic.

You have to know the inner workings of search engines before you are completely immersed. Google and other leading search engines have “spiders” or “bots” that crawl the Internet to search, index, and rank. When someone enters a search, search engines provide a list of websites with relevant content.

Search engines require you to find your site so that your business should be ranked first. You can ask Google to bring your URLs with their URL inspection tool through their Bing Webmaster Tools.

3. Know about the difference between on-page and off-page SEO

SEO happens in two places i.e. on-page and off-page. What happens on-page, you can change direction while learning SEO, while what is off-page depends on other sites. Not surprisingly, on-page SEO is an easy subject to cover and understand. You manage many parts of your pages to please visitors and search engine bots.

On-page SEO involves formatting (such as H1 and H2 tags), keyword usage, navigation, URLs, meta descriptions and image descriptions, or full text. But it gets far ahead of some of the factors, which takes great care.

For off-page SEO, you have to rely on the opinions of others about your online content. Certain links to your site, mentions about your brand, and social media marketing all give to your off-page presence.

4. Make sure your content is simple to read

It is generally believed in the SEO industry that user signals affect rankings. Do your best to optimize things like your title and image tag – but keep in mind that user experience is also necessary. If your content is tough to read and digest, then readers (and with good reason) are about to leave.

Start using the <h1>, <h2> and <h3> tags in your webpages. Think of these as a hierarchy for your content, with <h1> being the most important (and used only once per post), and <h2> being a subheading. <h3> <h2> and a similar subheading.

5. Start Link Building

In the collection of 200+ ranking parts for Google, links continue one of the top three. Links to other websites on your website refer to search engines for how reliable and helpful your site is to users on the web.

However, when it comes to questionable link-creating tactics, search engines can be extremely strict. White-hat link building means improving the acclaim of other industry executives, credible reviewers, and the general public. You can create an advantageous reputation by strengthening your network and increasing brand awareness.

Natural links can also come from guest blogging and request links to existing mentions. Engaging in social media is an effective way to encourage people to read, share and discuss your site. This proactive strategy often leads to link building when customers discuss your business with others.

6. Join an SEO course or SEO training

SEO is easy to learn when you have proven the steps. The most reliable way is to find the right SEO course and commence learning. SEO courses are designed in a way that will teach you from basics to advance, but it will only help when you implement learning. You will find some affordable online courses.

Where To Start With SEO?

If you wish to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then you will get the most benefit from the SEO guide.

SEO Training in Chandigarh is designed to describe all the major aspects of SEO, from searching for words and phrases (keywords) that can generate qualified traffic to your website, making your site search engine friendly, link building, and you’re able to market the unique value of the site.

The world of search engine optimization is complex and ever-changing, but you can easily understand the basics, and even a small amount of SEO knowledge can make a big change. This SEO education is also widely available, which includes such guides!

Combine this information with some practice and you are on your way to becoming an expert SEO.

Is Digital Marketing worth your Investment?

Is it safe to invest in digital marketing? What is it to advertise my products to that? Is India big as a market on digital platforms?

These are some common questions that small or big businesses think about. Digital Marketing is a key to your entry into the digital world. It looks risky but which market is not? Every big startup has taken a risk to get into the future of the New generation. In here some of your questions will be answered, where how, and why will be taken care of. So don’t skip give time, in the end, it is also an investment.

What is the meaning of Digital?

Digital marketing consists of various tools and kits to provide you with a big audience that might like your product or service. Business in an offline market needs a salesman who takes your product door to door. In digital marketing, it’s the same thing but with a wider audience where your salesman covers more than 50 times your physical salesman does. Digital marketing includes many tools and service which help you to advertise and get a digital presence to your business.

In simple words, digital marketing takes your business to different online platforms and market your goods and service to generate more and more sales. as a leading Digital Marketing Company in Vadodara, we make your Business twofold your growth.

Why get an online presence?

In today’s generation technology is the new market, and the internet is the reason it is. I will explain to you how. Many of you want to get a new mobile or a new headset or a new car or something different a new refrigerator. And what is the key to knowing about it is ‘The Internet’. What features you want your new phone to have, should update well, a good camera to click and post, or nice speakers. This technology is connected to the internet. Even a new-gen refrigerator is connected to the internet to sell you stuff.

Speaking statistically about only India, ‘India had nearly 700 million internet users across the country. This figure was projected to grow to over 974 million users by 2025’ this information is followed by the

974 Million internet users in India by 2025

This information will catch every small or big business. Yes on average every person is on the internet through any medium of social media or search engines. This number is the best possible motivation that any business person could get to bring their business on the online platforms. It’s a saying ‘ If you see an opportunity grab it you won’t get another chance’

Why now?

The number you just saw only contains the potential users, not the customers you can get. And as the awareness spread in the market your competitors invest more and more into it. Well, might know many of your competitors are already on the digital platform. The more competition the harder it gets to attract your potential customers.

Now all the possibility is up to the right strategies and excursion to the marketing plan. And if you are still confused you will soon see your customers coming down and it might get a bit hard to execute your sales in the digital market. You can also hire a Digital Marketing Company for doing all that stuff for your Business.


Know the Future To Earn the Future 


250+ Free Article Submission Sites List for 2021

Article submission sites are used by bloggers and business owners to promote their businesses. Also, it is used to increase traffic, backlinks, and awareness.

It not only promotes your articles by placing them on the article site but also tells a huge audience about marketing on various social media platforms.

If you promote high-quality content on these platforms, your business can connect well with the audience.

And the main advantage of these submission sites is that you do not need any paid advertising to promote your services and business.

What is Article Submission?

If you want to do well in SEO, then article submission is a great off-page SEO technique that helps you get those effective SEO results.

Many SEO executives do not implement this off-page SEO technique, but if you keep the backlink profile of your blog in the ratio then it helps you a lot in ranking.

Because even today some quantity of article submission backlinks can rank your blog or website
Applying this technique not only helps you in backlinks, but you get to see many more advances at the same time.

With the help of this article, you will know other benefits of these article submission sites. Along with some benefits, you will see the list of high DA sites of article submission.

Benefits of Article submission

According to, there are various advantages of article submission sites but here we will discuss some most important benefits of these sites.

1. Boost your business Authority

In most article submission sites, you get to attach a summary of your business or blog, in the author bio section which is just under the blog post (Article).

This creator bio part constitutes a means to optimize your report with powerful keywords and promotional information for your company and assistance.

If your visitors come in full quantity to read your article, then you and your blog are likely to get maximum engagement.

So promoting your services and blog on an article submission site becomes a good option.
Now let’s discuss the 2nd benefit of posting articles on these sites.

2. Helps in lead generation

By submitting your blog to this site, you can easily generate leads. If you like a website yet want your brand to attract eyeballs to the web, submitting articles is probably the best way.

However, if you want a website, but you cannot create a website then you can go with WordPress and Blogger to create your own website and after that, you can promote your website on these submission platforms.

3. Free marketing of your blog on the Internet

If you want to promote your blog and website free then these sites can help you to make backlinks through the link juice of that article can help you to get ranking and you can also get a high no of visitors through that link if your post gets viral on that platform.

Platforms like Quora and medium can bring thousands of free visitors to your website if you publish a post on these platforms with consistency.

4. Boost blog traffic for free.

By including some high-volume phrases and the link of your website you can generate sizable traffic to your website. These sites can boost your traffic to peak, these sites can help you to get your initial traffic if you have a new blog.

5. Best for Promoting Affiliate links on these sites

On some of the sites listed below, you can promote your affiliate links directly and it is a very good thing that you get high authority sites to promote your affiliate links.

With affiliate marketing, you can do a good earning today, so let me tell you that by reviewing any of your affiliate products on these sites, you can get good traffic for your affiliate link.

Hope you understand how you can take advantage of these sites to become successful in this industry.

Now take a look at our list.

Free Article Submission Sites List for 2021

Here is the list of best Article submission sites where you can make backlinks, you can promote your brand to a large audience, and generate leads.

1.  96 81
2. 93 77
3. 93 75
4. 9299
5. 91 70
6. 90 64
7. 89 62
8. 88 67
9. 88 73
10. 83 56
11. 76 65
12. 76 59
13. 75 61
14. 63 50
15. 63 49
16. 62 64
17. 62 58
18. 62 53
19. 60 58
20. 60 31
21. 59 43
22. 55 36
23. 55 58
24. 55 56
25. 54 38
26. 53 53
27. 53 59
28. 53 36
29. 52 61
30. 51 45
31. 51 46
32. 50 52
33. 50 52
34. 49 46
35. 49 54
36. 48 59
37. 48 53
38. 46 47
39. 46 56
40. 46 60
41. 46 47
42. 46 40
43. 45 54
44. 44 38
45. 44 53
46. ​​ 44 50
47. 43 49
48. 43 29
49. 42 50
50. 42 34
51. 41 50
52. 41 47
53. 41 48
54. 41 51
55. 41 35
56. 40 46
57. 40 48
58. 39 34
59. 38 46
60. 37 43
61. 37 54
62. 37 46
63. 37 44
64. 37 37
65. 37 42
66. 37 21
67. 36 49
68. 36 46
69. 36 55
70. 36 47
71. 36 52
72. 36 52
73. 35 47
74. 35 43
75. 35 43
76. 35 33
77. 34 40
78. 34 52
79. 34 43
80. 34 47
81. 34 48
82. 34 52
83. 33 46
84. 33 47
85. 33 49
86. 33 53
87. 32 36
88. 32 42
89. 32 46
90. 32 24
91. 32 46
92. 32 45
93. 32 48
94. 32 28
95. 32 51
96. 31 47
97. 31 35
98. 31 53
99. 31 46
100. 31 33
101. 30 51
102. 30 54
103. 30 45
104. 30 43
105. 29 25
106. 29 49
107. 29 38
108. 27 39
109. 27 47
110. 27 41
111. 27 42
112. 27 44
113. 27 51
114. 26 42
115. 26 40
116. 26 48
117. 26 48
118. 26 50
119. 25 40
120. 25 36
121. 25 39
122. 25 40
123. 25 41
124. 25 33
125. 25 32
126. 24 34
127. 24 41
128. 24 45
129. 24 49
130. 24 41
131. 24 48
132. 23 37
133. 23 41
134. 23 34
135. 23 31
136. 23 44
137. 23 33
138. 23 30
139. 23 47
140. 23 27
141. 23 38
142. 23 29
143. 22 15
144. 22 38
145. 22 36
146. 22 37
147. 22 41
148. 22 40
149. 21 39
150. 21 37
151. 21 47
152. 21 34
153. 21 47
154. 21 48
155. 21 43
156. 21 37
157. 21 43
158. 21 47
159. 20 41
160. 20 36
161. 20 37
162. 20 49
163. 20 26
164. 19 39
165. 19 39
166. 19 40
167. 19 31
168. 19 48
169. 19 32
170. 19 48
171. 19 30
172. 19 37
173. 19 34
174. 18 48
175. 18 42
176. 18 30
177. 17 40
178. 17 38
179. 17 39
180. 17 38
181. 17 35
182. 17 40
183. 17 32
184. 17 41
185. 17 47
186. 17 46
187. 17 47
188. 17 40
189. 17 41
190. 17 36
191. 17 35
192. 17 28
193. 17 47
194. 16 38
195. 16 40
196. 16 46
197. 16 42
198. 16 31
199. 16 22
200. 16 30
201. 16 39
202. 15 39
203. 15 31
204. 15 34
205. 15 33
206. 15 46
207. 15 29
208. 15 35
209. 15 40
210. 15 21
211. 14 38
212. 14 28
213. 14 29
214. 14 47
215. 14 26
216. 14 47
217. 13 38
218. 13 38
219. 13 35
220. 13 21
221. 12 30
222. 12 29
223. 12 20
224. 11 38
225. 11 30
226. 11 31
227. 11 39
228. 11 36
229. 11 21
230. 11 35
231. 11 26
232. 10 28
233. 9 14
234. 928
235. 8 46
236. 8 25
237. 8 24
238. 8 13
239. 7 15
240. 7 15
241. 7 12
242. 6 19
243. 6 24
244. 6 5
245. 4 3
246. 3 23
247. 1 43
248. 0 1
249. 0 1
250. 913

5 Best SEO Tools for Complete Beginners

If you are a beginner SEO executive and looking to rank your website higher in search engines then this article is for you. 

In this article, we will be discussing:

  • What tools SEO experts can use for site audits

  • How to select the right tool for SEO

  • Are free tools better or paid tools?

Let’s get started learning about SEO tools and see how they can help you in your SEO related tasks.

What Tools SEO Experts Can Use for Site Audits?

SEO experts can use multiple tools available in the market. The best ones are:

  1. Ahrefs

The Ahrefs tool offers complete site audit features. It has its own DR or Domain Rating system that allows users to easily see the domain potential. The more DR a website has, the higher it can rank it’s pages in search engines.


  1. SEMRush

Similarly, SEMRush offers a complete suite for ranking websites. For starters, SEMRush has a site audit tool, a link audit tool, a keyword ranking and domain audit features. Users can easily rank their websites on SEMRush if and as they want. They don’t have to look for any other tool if they have a SEMRush tool available.


  1. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is another great site audit tool available for beginners. The best part is that it is completely free until 500 URLs. It can search and audit 500 urls for free and after that you will have to buy the paid version of the software. Screaming Frog is a desktop application for digital marketers and you can use it to audit any websites available online.


  1. Google Search Console

Next we have a search console available. Search Console also called GSC tool offers multiple features for a website to rank in search engines. It is by Google so site admins can easily see the progress of their website on search engines. If the website is fluctuating in rankings, that will also be visible on the GSC console. GSC also offers improvement tips to the users so that they can easily check and optimize their pages. It is a comprehensive tool for Google search engines only and doesn’t tell about rankings on Bing and other search engines.


  1. WooRank or SEO Quake

For all those who are looking for a free site audit tool, they can use WooRank. It is a free tool for website optimizations and technical SEO audit. It won’t be granular though. If you are looking for a gap analysis report and basic technical SEO changes on your site and don’t have access to Screaming frog, then you can use WooRank SEO tool. Most SEO marketing agencies also use WooRank and SEO Quake to get an idea of their potential client’s websites. 

Similarly, you can also use the SEO Quake tool as it offers similar features. But SEO Quake is an extension and can be installed on both Chrome and Edge browsers.


These tools are enough for any SEO expert to start with because they offer everything you would need. 


How to select the right tool for SEO?

You can easily select an SEO tool that offers the best value for the money. Although it is recommended that you only choose an SEO tool that is free if you are just starting out. You can also select SEMRush or Ahrefs if you are looking for a complete package. Both tools are available for $199 per month.


Are free tools better or paid tools?

It depends on what type of SEO tool you want. For beginners, free SEO tools are enough. They are free and users can learn a lot even if they make mistakes.

However, for advanced users, choosing a premium tool is the best way to go about it.

Most premium tools are also available as shared tools and you can easily use them in shared capacity to rank your websites higher in search engines.


That is it! You can now rank your websites easily with the right search engines. Just follow the tips provided in this article to rank your websites in search engines. If you are still unsure how to go about it, then you can leave a comment below or reach out to us through the contact us page.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Muhammad Sharjeel Ashraf. He is a Digital Marketing Expert at and is always working on interesting projects. He also teaches SEO, Lead Generation, and Performance marketing on the side. Get in touch with him at LinkedIn.

6 Amazing Tips for Blog Writing that Attracts Readers

Content is an important aspect of creating an online presence. So one of the best practices is to writing blog articles. By publishing new posts regularly, you will create a fresh source of content and make more opportunities for your site to rank in search engines. 

But the problem is… most people don’t even know how to write content that people read and share with their friends and on social media. 

The good thing is…

Writing engaging content isn’t that hard as it seems. In fact, by practising you can write amazing content fast and effortlessly.  Here are some great blog writing tips that you can follow today to create your first viral post.

Some amazing blog writing tips

Select your topic

Before you think about how to start blog writing, you should do deep research on what people want to read. The helpful resource is the readers and customers. What they asked to write and what they want to read.

Do some brainstorm a list of topics on which topic you should write.

Once you handful topics in your list, validate them and check their popularity with a free tool like Google trend. It will help you determine if writing content on that topic is worth it or not. Let’s say you want to write how to delete old tweets on Twitter. You can check the trend of this topic to know if people are still interested in this topic.

Create an outline 

Write the list of points you want to write in the article and then sum-up them in the common themes and put them in a logical progression to create an outline. Remember that if you create an outline don’t stick to it. You can change some points while you are start writing. 

The best way to do that is to check out the top ten results that appearing on the first page of Google for your target keyword. Now see how they have outlined their content structure to outrank them.


Understand Search Engine Optimization

Blog writing is the best way to drive traffic to your website through different search engines. Each article is a chance to improve for keywords that you wouldn’t ordinarily have the option to advance for on a static page on your site. 


With them, you should pay attention to keywords also. Keywords are an important part to rank a blog, use those keywords which are trending. You can take a free SEMRush trial for keyword search help. 


The search engine likes the content which provides value to the readers. Make sure to write on the topic which people want to read and your article provides them with a helpful resource. 


There is no point to write content that no one reads or rank. Because your ultimate goal should be making money online that can be only possible when you will rank for your target keyword.


Create content skimmable

When you write the content, make sure to break them into parts with text and subtitles. Online readers like to skim the articles rather than word for word. The paragraphs should be written not more than in 5 sentences, so you should write the content in bullet points which makes it easier for the viewers to read. 


If you are using WordPress then download the Yoast SEO plugin to get a readability score for each blog post you write. 


Add images

The human brain measures visual content much quicker than text-based content. That is the reason adding enrapturing pictures can help support your engagement.


There are huge loads of amazing free resources for discovering great royalty-free pictures such as Pixabay, Freepik, etc.


Be that as it may, truly, you’d most likely be in an ideal situation taking your photographs or making your pictures. Stock photographs are incredible when you’re when there’s no other option (and we unquestionably use them now and again!)


Add Call to action

In the soul of holding back something special for later, here’s our last tip for writing a blog entry that changes over: add a reasonable call-to-action.


Regardless of whether it’s to request that your readers leave a remark, share your blog entry, follow you via online media, or buy your item, ensure you clearly state what you’d like them to do. 


A decent source of inspiration is something that is effectively recognizable and sticks out. As a rule, for your blog entries, the source of inspiration will inquire as to whether they enjoyed what they read.

Let’s finish this post with the motive to write your next amazing blog post.

Best Micro Niche for Blogging 2021

Blogging is quite common these days and people write about anything that they like. It is very important to choose the right niche when you start blogging. Only then, your blog will become successful in what you are doing. 

If the topic is not very interesting or not required by the public, then the traffic to your blog will be very less. 

Many of you might still be thinking of starting a blog in 2021. But you might be confused about choosing a blogging niche. Well, this guide is sure to help you in deciding the perfect niche for your blog.

What are Niches?

In general words, niches are a precise segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. But a blog niche is a specific topic a blogger writes about. 



Every blogger will have different ideas in choosing the topics for a blog. It can be related to travel, food, fashion, toys, technology, gardening, and a lot more.

What are Micro Niches?

Micro Niche is blogging is the sub-topics used in the content. It will be related to the main topic and it is vital to focus on the Best Micro Niche for Blogging to increase the number of readers.


Whatever the main niche is, the sub-topics must be something that complements the niche blog. People always visit blog sites that have instructive content about a particular product or service. 

All are busy with their lives and they do not want to spend reading lengthy content by spending a lot of time. Some of the examples of micro-niches include diet for weight loss, DSLR Lens, budget-friendly hotels, etc.

What are Macro Niches?

If the blogger has decided to write on general topics related to anything and everything, then that is known as Macro Niches. The readers can find blogs about everything in such blogs.

Benefits/Advantages of Micro Niche

As said earlier, Micro Niche is a sub-topic of the main theme. For eg: If a blogger is writing about android phones, then it is a niche topic. 


Whereas if the writing is about a specific android phone like One Plus 8 or Samsung Galaxy A6 plus, then that is a micro-niche. Below you can find some of the benefits of picking a micro niche for the blog.

It takes less time to start a micro niche blog as the topic will be about a specific product or a service. Hence, you can easily write the details by gathering the information quickly. Thus, the content will be short, and can publish it on the blog very fast.

Competition is comparatively less in the micro-niche blog since a majority of the people go for niche blogs.

When compared to a niche blog, chances of ranking high in the search results are more for a micro niche blog. It is because the micro-niche blogs are not congested. The content will be short and precise.

Micro niche blogs will get more conversions as people looking for relevant topics will only visit blog sites that have educational and short content rather than content that is dragged like an essay of two or three pages.

It is very easy to market the micro-niche blog since this blog stands out from the crowd

Every small business needs momentum to start off and continue to grow. With the help of a micro-niche blog, it is easy to gain the traction required


How to Identify Micro Niches?

Once you finish reading the above content, you will know what a niche and micro-niche are. The first thing you should know before starting a micro-niche blog is the area of expertise.

Without knowing the niche in which you are working it is not possible to identify the micro-niches. Now let us discover how you can identify micro niches.


Many people who start a new business always look for niches online. One can easily check for keywords that can enhance a product or service. 



To check for keywords, there are many tools like Google Trends that allow you to see the most trending topics. 

Likewise, you can also research to identify the niches through social media sites. With such platforms, you can easily comprehend what people are talking the most about.

When it comes to identifying the micro-niches, it is better to look for ideas in the real world. Just think about your likes and try to find various topics related to them. 

Get in touch with your friends and family and ask them about what they look for in a blog about a particular product or service.

How to Choose Micro Niches?

To have perfect micro-niches, think about what you really know and what you do the best. Besides, you should also think about what topics you have the knowledge about. 

Understand the potential and identify how you can share your knowledge using products and services. When you have a clear idea of what you are planning to talk about, a better relationship can be created between the reader, future clients, and yourself. 



Also, find the Low Competition Niche for Blog that can help you in many ways.

Having said that, it is not important to choose micro niches based only on your interest and knowledge. 

You can always move a step ahead and see beyond your limits. The next thing is to understand the competitor out there. Know the size of the market you are planning to get into and look for micro-niches within that frame. 

To choose the best micro-niche you should do the following:

Try and find a profitable area

Hunt for the search volume

Evaluate the competition

Work with a sub-niche that has little competition

How to Start Working with Micro Niche?

If you are a novice in this field, the finest way is to choose only one micro-niche for a targeted audience. In addition, it is easy to generate sales when you have a clear understanding of who that person is and what he/she is searching for. 


Try to create strategies to attract customers.

Bonus- Micro Niches to start a Blog

Below you can find some of the Best Micro Ideas that you can choose to start a blog. These are just a few examples that you can look into. But you can always think more and identify more micro niches that interest you. One piece of advice I would like to make is, always to write a blog after a detailed study about the topics. 


If you are already aware of a particular topic, then go ahead and share your thoughts with the public through blogging.


Baby Care

Baby care is always a flawless micro-niche as all the mommies and daddies search for baby care tips and ideas. 



To understand various things related to how well they can look after their babies, parents always check online for various blogs and articles related to it. There will be a never-ending demand for such sub-niches. 


If you have kids, you will have more concepts, experiences, and advice to share with other parents who are in need of some help.


Baby Toys

Toys for babies are a prosperous industry and the need for baby toys increases day by day. Try to write about unique baby toys that are eco-friendly and useful to babies. 



You can also focus on writing about various learning toys that can enhance the baby’s hand-eye coordination, concentration, IQ, social and emotional intelligence, etc. 

Furthermore, you can also create a blog for baby toys according to the uses like teething toys, stacking toys, shapes and color, plush toys, and many more.


Professional Courses Online

There are many people who want to learn some professional courses, but are not able to go for classes due to many reasons. Especially since the pandemic situation arose, many students are also looking for professional courses which they can learn online. 



Focusing on writing such a micro niche can increase the number of clients in that specific group.

Coupon Code

Shopping is always fun and exciting. But, when it comes to coupon codes and best deals, nobody would want to miss that. You can focus on writing about various coupon codes for various products and services to let people know that these are available. 



I bet, you will get so many readers actively engaging in your micro-niche blog.


Hope you have understood about the Best Micro Niche for Blogging 2021 and other niches as well. Since you have a clear idea now, it will not be a difficult task to focus on increasing the number of clients to your business by choosing the various niches. 

If your main aim is to earn money through blogging, then you must choose a Best Unlimited Web hosting company. The main reason to select hosting is to escalate the searchability of the site. 

Once you have completed your first blog, you will start to understand all the techniques and ideas required to write a successful blog. It is never too late to start, so if you are looking forward to commencing a blog, it is the right time. 

How Search and Online Marketing Agency Impacts your Brand

Step by step instructions for Search and Online Reputation Management affects your brand


Showing up on the main page of a Google search can be the contrast between your company’s success or disappointment.


The brilliant entrepreneurs and savvy managers of eCommerce shops realize that free traffic through web crawlers is worth its weight in gold to a business.


Research shows that positioning first on Google produces more than 40%, all things considered, to sites. Posting on the main page of search items in over 90%, all things considered. Currently, this is significant in an automated economy!


Moreover, a Google search can produce a negative or positive impression about a brand, depending on the content and connections that appear in the search results. Online reputation management is therefore also an important action.


For a long time, SEO agency and online marketing agency have been seen as two equal administrations. Recently, Google has changed the way it plays out its hunt. These updates to the internet searcher calculations were called “Panda” and the latest changes were referred to as “Penguin”.

So with these progressions where does the fate of these two administrations lie?

Search Engine Optimization

When SEO began, it was not difficult to do. There were assured good result strategies and approaches like the attached made incredible results.


Watchword thickness 

Meta tags 



There were locales that went up for the moment by getting joins from problematic sources. Spamming an important slogan on the page was a reasonable issue. Individuals posted articles on blog organizations, with each theme as inconsistent as chalk and cheddar!


Producing poor quality, the thin fabric was an easy choice for a large number of individuals trying to achieve in the short term! This degradation can go on forever!

Anything that is manipulated over time is likely to wear out. So do these practices!


Google wants high-quality content 

Google’s Panda update was aimed at giving customers more applicable and qualitative content. This update was implemented in the US in February 2011, with several revisions and updates over the following 16 months. Panda 3.8 was delivered at the end of June 2012. While website owners were trying to cope with the Panda update all the time (about 11.8% of all searches were affected by the main update).

Google recently implemented the Penguin update (about 3.1% of all searches were affected). This update was aimed at keeping a mind

Planning a link 

Final anchor text linking 

Blog organizations 

Copy content 

Here’s an extraordinary infographic that looks at Google’s Panda and Penguin updates and what they mean for your brand’s perceptibility to the Google web crawler.