What Things to Do in Leh Ladakh

When you enter Leh Ladakh, you’ll see fluttering prayer flags, craggy roads, and stunning scenery, and you’ll fall in love with the place at first sight. A journey to Leh Ladakh is undoubtedly thrilling, and why not? After all, there are so many activities to choose from at the destination that you may be unsure which one to do first.

Ladakh would allow you to build lifelong memories that are full of enthusiasm and zeal. So, without further ado, here are the top things to do in Leh Ladakh.


The region is famed for its treacherous and difficult treks, and it should be at the top of your list of things to do in Leh Ladakh. You will be awestruck by the flawless beauty as you travel across the harsh terrains. The walking trails in Leh Ladakh range from easy to difficult, so you can pick one that suits your physical abilities and enthusiasm. Make sure you have all of the necessary trekking equipment for a safe and comfortable adventure.

Local Cuisines

When travelling to a different location, you must try the local cuisine. And, when it comes to Leh Ladakh, skipping out on the delectable local cuisine would be a huge mistake. This is the finest thing to do in Leh since you may eat Tsampa, Thenthuk, Thukpa, Khambir, Mokthuk, Skyu, and other Indo-Tibetan dishes here. However, Ladakh cuisine is incomplete without the cooling beverages, so try Butter Tea, also known as Gur Gur Chai; Chhang, a traditional alcoholic drink; Sea Buckthorn Juice; Cholak; Tangdur; and more.

Visit Ancient Monasteries

A visit to the Buddhist monasteries and other holy sites, another top Leh Ladakh activity, can bring calm to your heart. As you tour the monasteries, you’ll come across some that are over 500 years old, serving as a link between the past and the present. Then there are monasteries, which house a diverse array of scriptures and paintings that provide insight into the region’s rich history and Tibetan Buddhist culture. Some monasteries even provide lodging on their grounds. So, wake up to the sound of morning prayers for a revitalizing experience.

Enjoy Sunrise and Sunset

Would you agree with us if we said that nothing in this region compares to the splendor of sunrises and sunsets? If you answered yes, add it to your list of the greatest things to do in Leh Ladakh. The beautiful sun rising and setting behind the uninhabited mountains in time with the turquoise and blue waters of Pangong Lake is definitely a sight to behold. Spend the night camping at Pangong Tso to take in the breath-taking sunrise and sunset views.

Try Yak Cheese

Another thing to do in Leh Ladakh is to try Yak cheese and other products manufactured from the animal. The cheese, also known as Chhurpi, is white in colour and comes in two varieties: hard and soft. Yak cheese, which is high in vitamins and proteins, is a common element in most local recipes. So, before you leave Ladakh, make sure you try the Yak cheese momos, thukpa.

River Rafting

River rafting is an unavoidable part of every journey to the Land of Adventures. You can choose from rapid grades ranging from I to V to experience rafting, which is the best offbeat activity in Ladakh, at your leisure. During Leh Ladakh Holiday Packages from Mumbai, both novices and experienced rafters can enjoy river rafting. The rapid range in Ladakh implies that river rafting may be enjoyed by both beginners and experienced rafters, who will be treated to breath-taking views of distant communities set against a backdrop of bleak mountains. River rafting in Leh, Ladakh, is a must-do adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life.


Camping is, without a question, one of the more unusual things to do in Leh Ladakh. Your camping experience in Leh Ladakh will be unlike any other, whether you choose to camp in the bush or under the stars. You can either pitch your tent or take tour packages where you can experience camping in this magnificent region, whether you’re on a road trip or trekking. In Leh Ladakh, there are a myriad of camp setups that offer magnificent vistas that will steal your heart.

Enjoy Mask Dance

Witnessing the Cham, or Mask Dance, performed by monks dressed brightly and wearing masks on their faces, is one of the top things to do in Leh Ladakh. The one-of-a-kind dance is frequently performed during monastic feasts. After that, Guru Rinpoche’s huge thongdrol is unfurled. You can feel the power and magnetism of Leh Ladakh as you see the dance done with pomp and zeal.

What are Travel Applications and How They Can Help You?

If you thought travel was about relaxing, you are right. It is the perfect way to break the monotony of life and enjoy the break you get from work. However, planning for the trip is extremely exhausting. Though impromptu trips with your guys might not be big on planning as you can stay anywhere as long as you can fulfill all your sightseeing agenda. However, if you are planning a trip with your family, several things need to be checked. These include ticket bookings, hotel accommodation, commuting within the city, shopping, eating, etc. As a result, planning a trip can be a huge task that might consume a lot of time. Fortunately, several travel apps are available that can help you plan the perfect trip without being overburdened.

What Can Travel Apps Help You With?

Planning your vacation can be a time-consuming job. However, with the help of travel apps, you can do everything with ease. Once you have chosen our destination, you can use various apps to help you take care of the details.

1. Choosing Flights

With several apps available, you can easily compare the different flights available to your destination. If your travel dates are fixed, and you wish to use your time judiciously, you can select flights using appropriate filters (date, time, non-stop, cost, etc.)

2. Choosing Hotels

Many sites allow you to compare the amenities available at the various hotels at your destination. While you cannot trust any of them blindly, genuine user reviews and ratings can help make your decision easier. Again, most of these sites allow various filters (star rating, location, type of accommodation, amenities available, charges, reviews, user photographs, etc.)

3. Choosing Restaurants

Several food-related apps on the Play Store come in handy when choosing restaurants and hotels while traveling to a new place, whether within the country or abroad. They specify to you the type of food available at the eatery, the best and most ordered dishes, the cost of a meal for two, etc. You can choose these apps to plan your meal as per your budget.

4. Planning Sightseeing

There are sites and apps available that provide you with a list of the best places to visit and things to do in your chosen destination. Some of them might even help you plan your itinerary. They will provide you with every detail, including the best time to visit, how to reach your destination, what to expect when you reach there, etc.

5. Storing Your Trip Memories

Another excellent travel is the best travel social media that allows you to safely save and share your photographs from your trip. This ensures that you never run out of space while clicking and making memories. In addition, several travel social network apps like Trotter It allow you to even share your experiences with fellow travelers. This helps in building a strong traveling community that benefits from shared experiences.

The internet has helped change the way holidays are planned. With several apps available, it is time to trust the minds behind them and let them reduce the burden of planning so that you can enjoy the perfect holiday!

What Are The Documents Required For A Belgium Schengen Visa Application

Belgium is a popular destination for tourism, business, and study, and if you’re planning to visit this beautiful country, you may need a Schengen visa. The Schengen visa is a document that allows you to travel freely within the Schengen area, which includes Belgium and 25 other European countries. However, applying for a Schengen visa can be a complex process, especially if you need to familiarize yourself with the required documents. This article will discuss the documents you must submit for a Belgium flight and hotel reservation for a Schengen visa. Understanding these requirements will help you to prepare a complete and accurate application, increasing your chances of obtaining a visa.

General Requirements For Belgium Schengen Visa

Before we delve into the documents required for a Belgium Schengen visa application, it’s essential to understand the general requirements for all types of Schengen visas in Belgium.

Valid Passport:

Your passport must be valid for at least three months beyond your intended stay in the Schengen area. It should also have at least two blank pages.

Visa Application Form:

You need to complete a Schengen visa application form, which you can obtain from the Belgian embassy or consulate in your country of residence or online.

Two Recent Passport-Size Photographs:

You must provide two identical color photographs that meet the Schengen visa photograph requirements.

Travel Medical Insurance:

You must provide proof of travel medical insurance covering your stay in the Schengen area. The insurance must have a minimum coverage of €30,000 and should cover medical emergencies, hospitalization, and repatriation.

Flight Reservation And Itinerary:

You must provide a copy of your flight reservation and itinerary, indicating the dates and flight numbers of your arrival and departure from the Schengen area.

Proof Of Accommodation:

You must provide proof of accommodation, such as a hotel reservation or an invitation letter from your host, that covers your stay in the Schengen area.

Proof Of Financial Means:

You must provide Evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your stay in the Schengen area. The amount required varies depending on your stay’s length and destination.

Employment-Related Documents (If Applicable):

 If employed, you must provide documents such as an employment contract, pay stubs, and a letter confirming your leave of absence.

Invitation Letter (If Applicable):

 However, suppose you’re visiting friends or family in Belgium. In that case, you must provide an invitation letter from your host with their contact details, the purpose of your visit, and a guarantee that they will provide for your accommodation and expenses.

Required Documents For Belgium Schengen Visa Application

This section will discuss in detail the documents required for a Belgium Schengen visa application. The required documents may vary depending on the type of visa you’re applying for, but the general requirements discussed in the previous section apply to all visa applications.

Tourist Visa

  •  Moreover, a hotel reservation or a letter of invitation from your host indicates their contact details and accommodation confirmation.
  • Also, a detailed itinerary of your travel plans, including dates, cities, and activities.
  • Bank statements, salary slips, or other financial documents show you have enough funds to cover your expenses during your stay.

Business Visa

  • An invitation letter from the company or organization you will be visiting, indicating the purpose and duration of your visit, and guaranteeing that they will cover your expenses.
  • A letter from your employer confirms your employment, position, and leave of absence.

Study Visa

  •  A letter of acceptance from the educational institution you will attend indicates the course details and duration.
  •  Must provide Evidence that you have paid your tuition fees in full.
  •  Bank statements or other financial documents show you have enough funds to cover your expenses during your stay.

Medical Visa

  • Therefore, a medical certificate from your doctor indicates the medical treatment you will receive and the duration of your stay.
  •   In addition, the Evidence that you have paid for your medical treatment in advance.
  •  Proof of accommodation, such as a hotel reservation or an invitation letter from your host.

Family Visit Visa

  • An invitation letter from your family member or sponsor indicating their contact details, the purpose of your visit, and a guarantee that they will provide you with accommodation and expenses.
  • Evidence of your relationships with your family member, such as a birth or marriage certificate.

Transit Visa

  • A confirmed flight and hotel reservation for visa application or other Evidence of onward travel.
  • A visa or other entry permit for the country you will be traveling to after your transit through the Schengen area.

Moreover, this list is incomplete; additional documents may be required depending on your circumstances. It’s essential to check with the Belgian embassy or consulate in your country of residence for a complete list of required documents before submitting your visa application.

Universal Travel Pass: All You Need to Know about!

Universal Travel Passs

Covid pandemic has thought of numerous limitations and opened up a universe of chances. With formalizing the idea of “telecommuting”, travel had nearly come to a total end with the exception of the crisis. Leisure and work travel had assumed a lower priority.

In any event, for most Mumbaikars, the nearby trains are their lifeline. Of late, in any case, various travel conventions should be followed, connected with obligatory RT PCR tests, showing Covid Vaccination Certificates, and so forth. Notwithstanding the covid limitations, many individuals utilize the trains every day with counterfeit tickets and false passes.

Covid waves, new variations, and unapproved travel drove the Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority to introduce a Universal Travel Pass in relationship with the Indian Railways to check and straightforwardness of nearby travel within Mumbai in trains and metro rails. This pass would be issued uniquely to completely vaccinated travelers. The BMC is confident that the new framework will effortlessly follow individuals traveling in Mumbai metro, monorail, and neighborhood trains.

What Exactly is the Universal Travel Pass?

Universal Travel Pass is an online e-pass that would permit completely vaccinated residents to travel in rural trains. Very much like TRAVEL INSURANCE, this is another method for securing your travel. The pass was originally introduced for just individuals who were working in the clinical, training and utility areas; in any case, presently, individuals who work in registered organizations would likewise be qualified for the pass. 

There are 5 levels of universal passes according to the degree of limitations in the state. Assuming that a state faces the degree of limitations at three, individuals who have Degree-3 passes or more will be permitted to travel, etc. Travel level degree 5 will be permitted to travel with any limitations.

Eligibility Criteria for Universal Travel Pass:

In order to register for Universal Travel Passes, you must meet certain eligibility requirements

  1. Initially, just individuals working in clinical, training, and utility areas could apply for a universal travel pass. Notwithstanding, some State Governments are issuing ID cards to the representatives of registered organizations.
  2. The candidates ought to have finished 14 days of their second portion of COVID-19 vaccination.
  3. The candidates should be over 18 years.
  4. One ought to be consistent with classifications and subclasses in the application strategy.
  5. Candidates should top off every one of the expected subtleties in the application form.

Documents expected to apply for a Universal Travel Pass:

You will need the following documents when applying for the passes

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Citizen ID
  3. Registration authentication
  4. Registered organization
  5. Industrial papers
  6. Registered versatile number

How to Apply for a Universal Travel Pass?

Here are a few methodologies you need to follow while applying for the passes:

  1. As a matter of first importance, you need to go to the authority online entryway that your state government has made, particularly for passes.
  2. Click “Register Your Establishment”,
  3. You will see a page where you will be expected to fill in every one of the subtleties,
  4. Fill in the registration number, establishment classification, kind of establishment and photograph of registration declaration, and so on.
  5. Acknowledge every one of the circumstances and snap on the affirmation.
  6. At the point when you click on “Register”, you will get a message on your registered portable number that will guarantee the finishing of the registration cycle.
  7. For the most part, a link to download the Universal Travel Pass is gotten within 48 hours.
  8. You can save the Pass on your gadget.

Goals for Launching Universal Travel Pass

The goal behind establishing a mechanically empowered procedure for issuing passes is to bring alleviation in traveling for routine laborers. Following are the objectives of the state legislatures:

  1. The UTP will assist with making travel more secure, as just vaccinated individuals would be permitted to travel
  2. The hazard of phony IDs for travel could be made due
  3. The dull covid-19 test can bring a chance of attracting infections, and this risk can stay away from with a universal pass.
  4. Interstate travel will become simpler and bothersome for Universal pass holders, and they’ll have the option to securely travel to other states.
  5. The online framework will further eliminate the requirement for the actual checks.

What is included in your Universal Travel Pass?

Universal passes are substantial out in the open vehicle, air terminals, railroad stations, and transports. The following subtleties are accessible in your pass:

  1. Your photo
  2. Travel classification as in levels 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5
  3. Your age and orientation
  4. Date of both of your vaccination portions
  5. Recipient ID allocated to you
  6. QR Code to filter

Assuming you are an incessant traveler across the world, even within the country, you genuinely must decide on a travel insurance plan, particularly now during the pandemic. The enormous uncertainty with travel scratch-offs will be covered with an exhaustive travel insurance plan; which could cover your misfortunes because of outing wiping out or defer because of affliction, injury or passing of the traveler or the relative, security against any ailment due while traveling, cover for misfortune or theft of your things. Also, check out the best places to visit in India.


In the event that you’re looking forward to traveling openly in and out of the country without showing documents monotonously, you should apply for a Universal Travel Pass. Alongside the UTP, Travel Insurance likewise takes care of issues relating to your travel costs assuming any horrendous occasion comes up while traveling. Assume your work profile includes traveling.

All things considered, you should get your universal passes alongside the right travel insurance strategy as quickly as time permits to decrease your costs in clinical examinations, a misfortune incurred because of flight retractions, missed associations, loss of stuff, flight delays, and so forth. 

Travel Guide to Galway – Ireland’s Cultural Heart

Situated on the west bank of Ireland, Galway is a lively city of cultural events, occasions, and historical attractions. Lynch’s Castle, an archaic & medieval townhouse, and the Church of Ireland St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church (the biggest medieval church in Ireland) are two examples of Galway’s fabulous architecture. Visit the sculpture of Pádraic Ó Conaire, Galway’s famous writer, and become familiar with the city and its people from the interactive exhibits at the Galway City Museum. 

Walk around the city and visit the Eyre Square and Spanish Parade; close by bistros and cafes, that make these zones an ideal spot to watch the world go by. Galway has a rich heritage in performance so make certain to book tickets to see a show at the Nun’s Island Theater, The Bank of Ireland Theater, The Druid Lane Theater, or The Town Hall Theater. For an authentic and loving evening take in a performance at the Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe, Galway’s Irish language theater. 

Reasons why you should go there? 

Travel to Galway to experience the festival capital of Ireland. Participate in the festivals and watch the beautiful and colorful parades pass by. Galway is a friendly city so meet the local people, get talking in the numerous bars and pubs and offer your stories over 16 ounces of peaty Guinness. 

Best time to go? 

Galway is similar to the rest of the country, experiences a gentle and temperate environment. Winds from the North Atlantic current ensure a changeable climate with occasional sudden rainfall. Visitors to Galway are advised to bring a brolly all the time to themselves. The cold weather months are generally the coldest and dullest with some ice. July and August are viewed as the best time to visit with normal temperatures of 17°C, the festival season starts during this period. So that you can enjoy a lot between this time period. So, plan your trip accordingly.

How to get there? 

Galway is served by Galway Airport (GWY) found 6km (around 3 miles) east of the downtown area. Finnair operates domestic flights every day to Dublin, Edinburgh, London Luton, and Manchester; the journey takes not exactly an hour and gives a gateway to worldwide destinations. So, book finnair reservations right now and save up to 40% off on each booking to this exciting destination. 

A seasonal flight to Lorient in France is accessible throughout the late spring months. Travelers can take the local transport bus service into the city or book a taxi from the desk inside the air terminal. 

Attractions you should See 

Galway is an energetic and friendly Irish city flaunting a dynamic vibrant arts community. Travel to the city throughout the late spring for a long time to see the most amazing aspects of the festivals. Galway Arts Festival, Galway Pride, Fleadh Imboilg, and the International Oyster Festival are only a part of the event’s features. Join the groups lining the roads to see the Macnas parade, a brilliant combination of artists, entertainers, performers, and carnival acts. For more peaceful pursuits, cast your line close by the fishermen somewhere around the harbor. And much more you can do in this beautiful city. Just visit and explore it in your own way.

Last words

I hope you really enjoyed while reading the above article and it will encourage you and boost your enthusiasm to visit this city as soon as possible. So, just start planning for your getaway and visit and search for the cheap flight ticket to Galway, Ireland from the nearest airport of your city and grab some amazing and enticing offers and save up to 40% off on every booking. So, book now and surprise your family with a holiday trip and start enjoying while spending quality time over there.

Transportation in Cancun and its airport

Como sabes, Cancún es la capital del turismo mexicano. Un lugar perfecto para pasar unas vacaciones con todo tipo de aventuras y emociones. Si aún no ha tenido la oportunidad de visitar este lugar; Te contaré algunas cosas importantes sobre Cancún en caso de que decidas pasar tus vacaciones en este paradisíaco lugar.

Sí, Cancún es conocido como uno de los lugares turísticos del planeta que atrae a millones de personas casi todos los años por su buen clima y hermosas playas.

Pero hay algo que debes saber y es sobre el transporte de Cancún, especialmente en el transporte hacia o desde el aeropuerto. Cancún es un lugar muy popular y necesitarás los medios adecuados para trasladarte de un lugar a otro.

El aeropuerto de Cancún ha recibido bastantes críticas, pero con la nueva renovación, el aeropuerto de Cancún está mejorando constantemente y ahora tiene muchas comodidades y la reputación de ser uno de los mejores y más organizados de México. Las nuevas renovaciones han hecho que viajar a través de él sea muy fácil. Además, la relación calidad-precio del aeropuerto es notable.

En cuanto al sistema de transporte, Cancún ofrece una forma moderna y fácil de moverse. Hay muchas agencias de viajes que ofrecen excursiones a través de traslados muy asequibles.

Lo anterior aplica si eres alguien como yo viajando desde otro país a Cancún. Primero tienes que saber que Cancún está a 16 km del aeropuerto y llegar de un punto a otro será complicado si no has elegido un servicio de transporte. 

Por lo tanto, te recomiendo que investigues un poco en internet y eches un vistazo a los sitios web de los cientos de empresas que ofrecen servicios de transporte de Cancún a Tulum , Playa del Carmen o cualquier otro punto de la Riviera Maya.


Debes visitar al menos cinco sitios web de las empresas que ofrecen servicios de transporte y verás que todos ofrecen precios bajos bastante similares por sus servicios, por lo que te resultará difícil elegir el mejor.


El mejor consejo que puedo darte es que no leas todos los sitios web de estas empresas, solo busca los comentarios de los clientes sobre cómo están satisfechos con estas empresas y asegúrate de que tengan opciones de reserva online, porque sería muy frustrante si elija una empresa sin opción de reserva online.

Bueno, ahora que conoces estas cosas sobre el transporte del aeropuerto de Cancún , es momento de que te diviertas y elijas la empresa que mejor se adapte a tus necesidades en función del precio, la exposición o incluso el año del auto. 

Recuerda que el objetivo es llegar a tu destino lo más relajado posible para poder aprovechar todos los beneficios que ofrece Cancún o cualquier otro destino de la Riviera Maya con sus hermosas playas de arena blanca y agua turquesa, a sus resorts de clase mundial ideales para lunas de miel. y vacaciones en pareja o en familia.

¡Ahora solo disfruta tu viaje a Riviera Maya!

Top 5 beginner friendly summer treks in India


India is very popular among the trekkers as it gives endless opportunities to explore hidden and uncover the most beautiful destinations one can get on their holidays. So, here is the list of the best 3 treks one can go this summer. However, it was not easy to select the best 3 summer treks as every trek is perfect and beautiful in its own way. But these 3 treks are those which you should not miss, and everyone should go for these treks at least once in their lifetime.

Here are the best 3 beginner-friendly summer treks in India –

1. Ali Bedni Bugyal

Did you ever think or imagine an endless expanse of pristine green meadows all around you? Like you are surrounded by some of the tallest Himalayan peaks! Isn’t it fascinating?

Ali bedni bugyal is a summer trek in Uttarakhand, India. The trek begins from a scenic Himalayan village known as Lohajung. Then trekkers make their way onto Didina (a small place). It’s a long day journey that awaits us, as the trekking route is steep and will require every bit of energy, but after completing the journey, you will realize that your efforts would be as rewarded as you would get to camp out amidst the mountains.

As it is a summer trek, that’s why the best time to go for this adventure (Ali-Bedni Bugyal Trek) would be in summers, in months of April-May-June, when the meadows are in full greenery, and this is the time when beautiful wildflowers grow, and you will see flora & fauna everywhere.

2. Har Ki Dun Trek

Har ki Dun trek is another very famous trek of Uttarakhand, and it’s actually a little different from all other treks. If you go deep to know more about this place, you will find that this place is rich with the historical and cultural significance of the place. It is also said by the locals here that it is the land of Duryodhana from Mahabharat, who remains to be the locally worshipped god here till date. The village, places and the whole route capture a very scenic insight of a different world as compared to what you’ve seen in your daily life.

The locals of this place believe that Har ki Dun valley (village) is the same route that Pandavas took in order to reach Heaven, and therefore, it is popularly known as the ‘Valley of Gods’. Also, when you will be trekking here, you will find there a mountain peak known as Swargarohini, and the subsequent valley is known as the ‘Stairway to Heaven’, which may intrigue you if you’re a Led Zepplin fan. Isn’t it fascinating? I find that too!

This trek is suitable for any beginner as it is not very difficult to accomplish and also for those who prove to be exciting for even an experienced trekker. The Har ki Dun trek difficulty is considered from easy to moderate, and it also provides an excellent overall experience as a speaking being a trekker. The best time to visit Har ki Dun valley trek is during summers (April, May, Mid-June) and also after the monsoon season ends.

This valley is famous for its orchids and rhododendrons, which are unique and specially grown in this region. Flora and fauna mixed with the rich culture and immense historical importance secure its position among top contenders in the list of best treks in Uttrakhand. And one another thing about this trek is that you can opt for this trek with ruinsara tal, which makes this trek more amazing and thrilling. Har ki dun ruinsara tal trek would be the best option any trekker can get because ruinsara tal is very famous for its panoramic views, and the vibes of it will definitely release all your tension & stress. You’ll find peace and serenity here as it is not very crowded, and if you are coming from the city and wanted a break from the hustle-bustle life of yours, then you should definitely go for Har ki dun trek with ruinsara tal.

3. Sar Pass Trek

The second trek on our list is the Sar Pass Trek. It is one of the most popular treks in the months of summer (May and June especially), and you can do it while you’re in Himachal, Pradesh. Sar pass trek starting point is near to Parvati Valley, and it’s a beautiful offbeat valley near Kasol, Himachal Pradesh in India. So, if you are planning to visit Himachal Pradesh anytime soon this summer then you might want to go for an adventure trek as well and sar pass trek will be your best option.

This Trek starts from the Grahan village, which is a beautiful village in Himachal Pradesh, and it is surrounded by exotic Rhododendrons trees all around the village.

An interesting thing you might want to know about the Sar Pass trek is that it’s a mountain ridge rather than being an actual pass. The most scenic site is when you will be trekking there will be a spot come across you, and you’ll see that the mighty Parvati river flows alongside it, which makes the experience even more thrilling.

To enjoy the best and fullest of Sar Pass Trek, you need to choose the months correctly. And in my opinion, the best time to go on this adventure is during April and May. You will find thick snow, and when you reach the highest altitude, you see the weather of Sar Pass is at its best.

Top 10 best resorts in Coorg

Coorg is known as the best place to discover and visit. It is also known for its excellence. Coorg is primarily concerned with guaranteeing the true excellence of the ‘Scotland of India,’ who wants to visit the luxurious resorts.


In Coorg, there are several resorts that encourage you to stay and participate. However, when choosing the right one to stay in, it is important to consider what kind of experience you need. Some resorts are more qualified for couples and others are more familiar. Others are closer to Coorg’s sights than others. So, here are 10 of Coorg’s best luxurious resorts to spend your entire natural stay.

1. The Ibnii Resort


The Ibn is a high-end plantation resort on the Coorg slopes in Madikeri, offering retreat expertise to luxury travelers.


It gives loneliness to the lonely, adventurous, and astounding views of nature lovers. Moreover, in the midst of Coorg’s luxurious perfection, if you wish to eliminate the trouble that your urban planning creates. Then IBNII resort gives you a chance to relax indoors. The untouched nature and the nice environment make for a lovely stay.


Let’s stop in fact. See the pictures and this is great, you’ll agree. Don’t sit here for a good cause.

2. Evolve Back: Orange County Resort


The county of Orange, situated between astonishing surroundings, provides a truly exceptional location in the heart of the Coorg wilderness. The resort has large and stylish buildings, cabins, and bungalows, influenced by the neighborhood, and are beautiful engineering examples. There are several food restaurants that serve sumptuous dishes at this bungalow in Coorg, too.


Orange County is the ideal location for a calm and relaxed stay with a wide variety of rooms. The resort provides business tours and the best classrooms for its visitors.

3. The Windflower Resort


The Windflower Resort is one of the best resorts in Coorg and offers its guests the best in classrooms. The Wind Flower Resort is Coorg’s best place to stay, surrounded by plenty of nature and lovely hills, from the annoying town rise. The glossy environment here restores the soul and body.


The first thing you can discover is that there are sunbeams in your wide narrow window. Get the finest expresso from Coorg to a damp bowl and treat your eyes to an awesome green, covered in a delicate nebula.


This enjoyable resort is complemented by a huge bath of infinity woven around transcendent teak trees and rosewood trees. What you would probably like is a rough road jeep, hot oil rubbers, gravitational cycling, and hydrotherapy. Windflower Coorg never really comes to an end with calm, friendly and astonishing.

4. Ambatty Greens Resort


The wonderful Ambatty Greens resort lies in the middle of Coorg’s dynamite perfection. Ambatty Greens, the fragile and changing paths, is an end in itself. The resort has 24 well-appointed guest rooms with great views over the environment. Each room neglects the 18 opening fairways that make this resort a special night in Coorg and provides a wonderful view of the morning sun rising from the skyline.


The rooms are comfortable and spacious, full of daytime pleasure. The open-air restaurant faces the golf course, which is perfect for a delicious dinner.


A large banquet corridor and two lobbies enable Ambatty to develop new ideas. An 18 story green with an enormous bath and a pool bed. Visitors can hop or just laze in the midst of luxuriant green valleys, espresso estates, Teak woods, and stunning mountains. Company Ambatty mixes joy.

5. Amanvana Resort


The Amanvana resort should be in harmony with nature magnificently. The resort Amanvana is an aspect of nature that you need to look for an open stay in Coorg with a courtyard, front and furnished space with banana fiber and shade floors.


Warm teeth and lovely environments have an immense quiet impact on the brain and body. For those of you who want to detox from town life, the Amanvana Resort is the ideal recovery.

6. Tata Coffee – Plantation Trails


If you really relax in the setting, your stay will be more enjoyable. One such spot in Coorg is Coffe Trails. Enjoy Plantation Trails’ credible lifestyle. Take your favorite bean to cup bean drink, when sampling coffee with a fresh blend. Tata Coffee produces a patrimony of coffee in these magnificent estates, and the Tata Coffee holiday homes are arranged at the heart of the large districts.

7. Old Kent Resort


In the rich and prosperous coffee plant of Old Kent Estates, you will return to the time of British legacies. The cabin comprises a spacious British garden, an area known for its home, and a restored forest that reminds us of its past and patrimony and which guarantees that our guests are kept in Coorg’s quiet corners.


The resort provides all modern amenities. It includes a swimming pool, a fun lounge, free Wi-Fi internet, large private bathrooms, an LCD TV, and in-room parking.

8. Taj Madikeri Resort & Spa, Coorg


Go into the heart of a 180-section rainforest and get drunk on a complex route in a calm place.


Absorb the freshness of the distinguishing spring and the canopied trees, which in the Taj, are among the most common delicacies of the resort. An enormous, spacious space definitely would mingle the faculties and the personnel is inviting and shy. Every hotel and corner of this magnificent resort can be visited by 63 spacious bungalows, suites, estates, and rooms.

9. Porcupine Castle Resort


The Porcupine Castle resort Coorg is home to a 300-sector coffee ground. Porcupine Castle is a wonderful resort in Coorg that provides peaceful and heavenly environments for tired personalities and bodies. The restaurant is dynamite and has a 360° look. Ideal for nature admirers, lunches, families, and, yes, the fatigued official. In a disconnected and modulate social world, you can thus admire your personality and perfection.


The Porcupine mansion has 15 chalets, a treehouse, a garden, a fun space, and a conference room. The resort also supports activities including natural trekking, home jeep, planting, boating, and ultra-light flying.

10. Club Mahindra Resort


Club Mahindra stands out for industry, among other resorts in Coorg. It has luxury comfort and different services. It offers its guests. The Mahindra Club has 220 apartments, a gym, a lobby, and a bar to give its guests every extravagance.


The rooms are rich, elegant, and modern. All of them are fitted. Luxurious one-room condos on swanky lofts are noticeable to visitors. The resort has a spa, a gym, and a beautiful recreational area.


The resort also has a luxurious spa known as the Svaastha Spa, which offers many renaissance treatments.

Things to Do in Narkanda | Best Places to Visit Near Narkanda

Narkanda, a popular tourist spot in Himachal Pradesh is beautiful. The stunning view from the top of the Himalayas’ snow-covered mountains and the green forests of its foothills is breathtaking. It is located at 2708m above sea level on the Hindustan-Tibet Road.

What can You do in Narkanda?


Narkanda’s ski history dates back to 1980. The picturesque hill station has attracted many ski enthusiasts ever since.

Here, HPTDC organizes elementary alpine skiing classes during peak winters. There are many options for equipment and other essentials. It is home to some of the most skilled skiers in the country. Thus this makes it an extremely popular destination for beginners.

Trek to Hatu Peak

Hatu is a great place for adventure seekers and spiritual seekers. Hatu Peak is famous for its 7km hike. You will trek through a forest with conifers high up, such as blue pine, deodar, and fir, along the trail. Oak, rhododendron, and walnut trees will be visible. Make a stop near Gujjar Kotha to see the little pond on your way up the peak.

Hatu’s main attraction is a small, stove-like figure that is believed to be used by the Pandavas during their exile to cook food. Either you return to Narkanda the same day, or you can camp at the summit and enjoy a star-filled night.

Hatu Mata Temple

The Hatu Mata Temple, perched on the Hatu Peak’s long ridge, is one of the most venerated and most visited temples in Himachal Pradesh. The temple is dedicated to King Ravana’s widow Mandodari and holds great religious significance for locals. You will be rewarded with stunning views of lush alpine forests and tranquil vibes if you visit this place. To the north, there is a shelter that offers 360-degree views over the snow-capped Himalayan mountains.

Mahamaya Temple

The Mahamaya temple, which is dedicated to Goddess Kali, can be found in Kacheri, just a bit ahead of Narkanda. It was built by the kings of Sundarnagar. The temple’s Himachali architecture and aesthetics will leave you speechless. After you have sought blessings from God, go to a quiet place where you can meditate and contemplate.

Perfect time to go

Winter is the best season to see Narkanda’s most beautiful scenes. Good snowfall is received by the hilly hamlet between December and January. It can snow even in February. Narkanda is a popular spot for snowboarding and skiing. You can also experience the thrill of skiing and snowboarding from January to March.

Thanedar is a must-see if you plan to travel in the summer. Thanedar, home to beautiful apple orchards is best visited between June and September. These months are when Narkanda and the surrounding areas experience a bumper harvest of apples.

Visit Narkanda’s lush valleys in spring between April and May to see them. Summer vacations can also be planned in May and June. Monsoons are not recommended as the region is prone to landslides and traffic jams can cause real problems. If you are looking for a more relaxed vacation, August and September are the best months to visit Narkanda.

The Ultimate Guide to the 10 best Christmas Party places in Delhi

Goa may be the party capital of India, and Mumbai may have a reputation for being an insomniac, but when it comes to pubbing and partying, Delhi can hardly be left far behind. Being the capital city of India, Delhi is home to hundreds of hotels and resorts including facilities from some of the world’s finest luxury hospitality brands that offer an unparalleled partying experience to the party-loving people of Delhi as well as the world. From chic to fancy and loud to classy, Delhi’s nightlife has a diversity that is hard to be found anywhere else in India. And talking about the nightlife, Delhi’s party scene is always abuzz with live performances and international events throughout the year so much so that the event calendar of an average party-goer in Delhi is almost always full. However, among all other parties and events, Christmas parties hold a special place in every party lover’s heart. With a chilly winter and a festive Yuletide spirit in the air, Christmas parties in Delhi with multi-colored confetti, red Santa caps, and pullovers are a craze no one should miss out on. 

Now, if you are already excited after reading all of these, and want to know where these places are, here is a list of 10 such pubs and nightclubs in Delhi, where Santa literally descends and showers the fun-seekers with gifts, goodies, and mouth-watering food along with gallons of liquor. So, if partying hard is all you have in your mind this Christmas, then check this list out before you set out.

The best pubs and nightclubs for Christmas parties in Delhi

Kitty Su

When it comes to partying, Kitty Su always sets trends that others follow. Being part of one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Delhi, The Lalit, Kitty Su maintains a standard that becomes the benchmark for others. The sophistication and class associated with this place, the stunning décor and electrifying ambience and round-the-year performances by the trendiest of artists from around the world make this place one of the hottest party destinations in Delhi. Visited by celebrities and other high-profile people, Kitty Su is the right place to be in for a rocking Christmas party.

Address: The Lalit, Opposite Modern School, Barakhamba Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi -110001


Privee, the luxury nightclub from Shangri La Eros Hotel at Janpath, Connaught Place is one of the hottest places to be in when it comes to Christmas parties in Delhi. With several International DJs setting the dance floor on fire with their tricky twirls, the Christmas Eve parties at Privee are events you should never miss out on. It also introduces gala Christmas Eve dinner plus stay packages for couples every year which is a massive hit among young couples in Delhi and is a must-try for every hot couple out there. 

Address: Shangri-La Eros Hotel, 19, Ashoka Rd, Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi -110001

Club Bw

Are you looking for some naughty Christmas parties in Delhi where you can let yourself loose like hundreds of others with drinks, music, food and fun? Then don’t look anywhere else, because Santa really gets naughty here at Club BW, the upscale and high-profile nightclub at Hotel Suryaa. It is one of those few party places in Delhi which bustles with high energy all around the year. So, grab your passes early if you want to shake your hips to some crazy tunes and have fun with a boozed-out Santa. 

Address: Grnd. Flr., Hotel Suryaa, MMA Jauhar Marg, New Delhi – 110065

Playboy Club

One of the grandest and most elegant nightclubs in Delhi, Playboy Club from Hotel Samrat, should be your obvious choice if you are looking for a gala Christmas party in Delhi. Known for its flashy Christmas carnivals that include performances by some of the best DJs from around the world and the grand sumptuous Christmas feast that follows, this place is a pure indulgence that pleases all your party-loving senses. Grab your guest passes early because members are given first preference here. 

Address: Hotel Samrat, 50-B, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021

Esquire Club

Another gem of a nightclub from Hotel Samrat, The Esquire Club, is the perfect Christmas party destination for those who love to have food, drinks, and fun at a classy place with an electrifying ambiance. Known for its exotic collection of drinks like Cognac, Champagnes, and some great-tasting premium French wines, this place also offers a lavish buffet spread on Christmas Eve that is so very hard to resist. And the best thing about this place is that it is affordable. 

Address: Hotel Samrat, 50-B, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021


When it comes to partying in Delhi, Hotel Samrat has plenty to offer to its residents. From the top-notch Playboy Club to the more affordable The Esquire, Hotel Samrat has a nightclub to cater to each customer category. And the third one on the list is Key. This gorgeous nightclub is known for its dazzling Christmas parties with live music performances from famous National as well as International artists. It has its own signature dishes and some heady blends of signature cocktails. So, check out its program schedule before you choose this year’s final Christmas party destination. 

Address:  Hotel Samrat, 50-B, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021

38 Barracks

One of the most happening nightclubs in Connaught Place, Delhi, 38 Barracks, is a place like no other. With an interior that resembles a military barrack through its color scheme, furnishing, and décor, this place is a perfect destination for those who love great food, live music, and a nice and cool ambiance for a party. It has daily live music performances at its premises, the tickets for which can be booked online. It is also known for its joyful Christmas parties with live performances by famous DJs and grand Christmas Eve dinners. However, the prices are relatively on the higher side. 

Address:  M-38, Opposite Shanker Market, Connaught Circle, Block M, Connaught Place, New Delhi -110001

Imperfecto Ruin Pub

As the name, theme, and décor of this place suggest, go to the Ruin Pub at Ansal Plaza this Christmas, only if you have plans to ruin yourself by partying till sunrise or till your last drop of energy. The bizarre interior of this place along with its leg-quaking live DJ, mouth-watering finger food, and quirky cocktail combinations make it one of those few pubs in Delhi that promise to make your Christmas party an experience to remember. 

Address: A201, 233, Block-B, Ansal Plaza Mall, Hudco Place, Khel Gaon Marg, Andrews Ganj, New Delhi – 110049

Summerhouse Café

One of the most iconic Italian cafes in South Delhi, The Summerhouse Café is an ideal place to be for a fun-filled and memorable Christmas party. Shrouded in nostalgia, this age-old café is one of the best cocktail party venues in Delhi that remains packed throughout the year with the most decent party-going crowd you would find in Delhi. Live music performances by famous National and International bands and artists are quite common here and so are the Christmas Eve and the Christmas night parties. So, join the Christmas party here if you like great food and drinks at an affordable price, some nice live music, and dance, and most importantly a decent crowd to party with.

Address: 1st Aurobindo Place Market, Shri Aurobindo Marg, Hauz Khas, New Delhi – 110016 

Liv Bar

Much like its name and décor, the Liv Bar at Aerocity is sure to make you live life king-size. Interestingly, their tagline goes like this, “you only live life once.” With finger-licking starters, a great collection of drinks, and a quality crowd, the Liv Bar truly lives up to your expectations. Head to this place on Christmas, and you will find one of the best Christmas parties in Delhi with electrifying live music and an amazing ambiance. 

Address: R3, Lower Ground Floor, Worldmark 1, Delhi Aerocity, New Delhi – 110037