Deep Vacuuming to promote Infection Control


Covid-19 is the most severe outbreak that was proposed by a newly discovered coronavirus. The infection can spread with both mild and moderate symptoms. Besides, the disease has been recently declared in a state of a pandemic. Pandemic is often declared when the situation is worsening around the world with rising death tolls, lockdown events, and enormous outbreaks. Moreover, patients diagnosed with Covid-19 are mostly deceased by cardiac arrests and heart attacks. Coronavirus decreases patient immunity by 30%, therefore, increases the mortality rate by 50%. 


Coronavirus is transmitted by air droplets that are formed when a person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. These droplets have high density when in the air quickly fall on flat surfaces and stay at the same place for up to 8 hours. An individual can be infected by Covid-19 if he /she is within proximity of the infected person. Besides, one can also get infected with Covid-19 disease if he/she touches the surfaces that are in contact with similar droplets. To avoid such risk, everyone must sanitize their hands every 2 hours to eliminate the risk of infection. As a precaution, it is recommended for an infected person to remain quarantined for at least 15 days and until recovery.


How Covid-19 Impacted Society?


About 75% of people who are infected with Covid-19 infection, recover naturally without any medical treatment. The other 25 % includes severely infected patients who recover after proper health treatment accompanying the ones who could not survive the intensity of the infection end up being in the mortality group. The covid-19 death toll includes patients who suffered from respiratory failure, multiorgan failure, acute respiratory distress syndrome, sepsis and injury of the heart, liver, or kidneys.


Keeping the household sanitized clean can help Covid-19 health risks. Let’s take a look at how vacuum cleaners help avoid Covid-19 virus infections.


Scared of Covid-19 Virus? Make sure you buy the right vacuum cleaner.


Below, mentioned are some of the major vacuum cleaner features that contribute to infection control and energy efficiency.


  • High Suction Power 

Most people consider only the ampere and watt capacity of the vacuum cleaner before purchasing. Although, these are good indicators to recognize the energy efficiency of vacuum cleaners, but not a piece of proper information to analyze the vacuum suction power. Suction power always differs in a variety of units by retailers. Pressure is measured in Pascals. Pascals is the difference between the atmospheric pressure outside the vacuum cleaner and pressure inside the vacuum cleaner. As said, the more suction power, the more effective cleaning it will be. For effective carpet cleaning and edge cleaning, you cannot compromise with the suction power. For deep cleaning, your vacuum must have high suction power so that it collects all the dust particles from your dirty carpet. High suction power is directly proportional to deep cleaning. This statement indicates the removal of underlying bacteria and microbes from the flooring. The presence of bacteria in the house makes the household more prone to virus infections.


  • HEPA filtration

HEPA filtration is a must in a vacuum cleaner to protect your household from diseases and infections. HEPA is known for collecting microscopic allergens and bacteria from your floors. Although, all vacuum cleaners are known to collect dust particles without spreading them back into the atmosphere. Besides, vacuum cleaners that use HEPA filtration are a must for asthma patients to prevent further illness. Also, due to increased pandemics, any household needs to purchase vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration only to avoid Covid-19 risk.


  • Bagless Vacuum

The bagless vacuum might be easy to carry, but they are not energy efficient. Besides, bagged vacuums are known to be the most energy-efficient models. The only problem with a bagged vacuum is that as soon as the bag starts filling the cleaning quality decreases. Purchasing a bagless vacuum cleaner will be more convenient. The filling of bagged vacuum cleaners increases their weight by 20%. Therefore, increasing weight causes difficulty in handling. If you have damaged Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Spares, then visit our online store.


  • Easy Cleaning

Cordless vacuum cleaners provoke easy cleaning as they are handy and less weighted. One can hold the cordless vacuum cleaner with a single hand in any direction for detailed cleaning. The cordless vacuum cleaners can stay up to a few hours before battery draining. Moreover, these cleaners are most effective for cleaning cars and spider webs. If you want a cleaner that promotes the most effective cleaning, pick wired vacuum cleaners. These cleaners might be heavy but super effective in edge cleaning and extracting every dust particle from the household reducing the rate of Infections by 30%.


  • Weight

Weight is one of the most essential factors to consider while buying a vacuum cleaner. Being a wired and weighty vacuum cleaner, you must look whether it has wheels or not. If the vacuum is weighty but does not have any wheels that will eventually make you tired of pulling the vacuum cleaner. This entire pulling and cleaning process will degrade the cleaning efficiency and potential human energy. If choosing a cordless cleaner, make sure it weighs less. Most cordless cleaners require only one hand for cleaning. To prevent your arm from straining, make sure your cleaner weighs less.


  • Noise and Power Consumption

Before purchasing a cordless or wired vacuum cleaner make sure it doesn’t make a pinning noise. Noisy vacuum cleaners can disturb trigger hearing issues. Also, check for the power consumption capacity. The higher the power consumption, the more you can save on your monthly electricity bill.

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