Does having your prostate removed shorten your life? Is it better to have the prostate removed or radiation?


According to the National Institute of Health, approximately 14% of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point of their life. The most common cancer in men is prostate cancer followed by lung cancer. It occurs in 14% of men and some of them have died from the disease. It is surely a chronic disease but nothing like it cannot be managed. The best prostate cancer doctor in India suggests – radical prostatectomy as the surgical removal of the prostate gland and associated tissues.

Well, you’ll be glad to know that removal of the prostate DOES NOT shorten your life. It rather improves the life expectancy in men suffering from prostate cancer


According to published reports, it is observed that men with radical prostatectomy have gained an average of 2.9 years of life expectancy. Although regular follow up after the removal of the prostate in men is necessary. 


To confirm the statistics, let’s take into account the research that was conducted among 695 men diagnosed with localized prostate cancer under the age of 75 had a 10-year life expectancy and no other cancers that could limit their lifespan. PSA levels in all of the men were less than 50 ng/ml.


Is it safer to have the prostate removed or to have the prostate radiation therapy?


Prostate cancer has historically been treated with radiation therapy. After five years of radiation therapy, one-fourth of the men had a recurrence of cancer. Radiation therapy has certain complications. Men’s bowel problems are the most common. Likewise, surgery- radical prostatectomy also causes certain side effects such as erection issues and leakage of urine. Although surgery has greatly increased a man’s chance of survival when radiation therapy fails.  

It is observed that 88.6% of men were still alive for 10 years while 72.7% of men were alive for 20 years. The prostate gland and surrounding tissues are removed during a radical prostatectomy to prevent the cancer from spreading. This procedure is a complex medical procedure as the tissues are scarred during radiation therapy, thus making it challenging for the surgeons to locate and remove the tissues that need to be cut. 

An oncologist specialist may remove the prostate and surrounding tissues through open surgery or a robotic minimally invasive technique for localized prostate cancer surgery.

Although studies suggest that this surgery can bring a ray of hope and peace of mind among cancer patients. 

Having said this, it is completely your call what treatment option best suits you. Your doctor will also recommend the best treatment based on your health condition and preference. Understanding the two treatments will help you to discuss your options with your oncologist. 

As both radiation and surgery will have some complications. If you want to get rid of cancer by removing your prostate gland, you’ll have to go through surgery. The thought of getting rid of cancer makes a person feel better.

Still confused about what will be the right choice for you? Let us help you here. We have listed some parameters to outweigh which option is rather better for you. 


  • Understand each treatment option:


Prostate cancer treatment in India understands choosing between radiation treatment and surgery to remove the prostate can be daunting. These two treatment choices are only for patients suffering from localised prostate cancer. Both treatment options work well as the chance of spreading the cancer is low. Both treatment options have certain side effects such as bowel, erection or bladder problems. For some individuals getting rid of the cancer provides much relief. 


If you want to cure your cancer without having to undergo surgery, you should consider radiation therapy. Radiation may help avoid erection issues and certain men choose to keep their sexual function as long as possible.


Each treatment has its own pros and cons. The treatment option can differ person to person, depending on health condition and personal preference on how you feel about the treatment. You may discuss it personally with the best prostate cancer doctor in India and also take live experiences from patients who have undergone both kinds of treatment. 


  • Now that you’re aware about both the treatment options, compare the results such as what is involved in both treatments, what are the benefits of each and list the side effects associated with it. 


  • Lastly, the decision will depend on your personal choice so make a wise decision. 


Surgery can help increase life expectancy in men with prostate cancer if radiation therapy fails. The treatment option you choose is completely your personal choice. Both treatment options can help lower the chance of cancer. The Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya is considered the only best hospital for robotic radical prostatectomy. The cost is unknown. The cost of radiation therapy for prostate cancer in India is estimated to $8500 which is lower than any nation in the world. 

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