ETA Certificate is not for every wireless product


ETA certificate is a permit to import wireless products in India. Unlike the business licenses that give certification product, ETA approval is meant for the frequencies on which the product work. However, understanding the nuances of which frequencies are allowed and which aren’t is difficult for a layperson to understand. Consequently, it’s easy for a layperson to get in touch with the wrong type of consultant.

And a wrong type of consultant is one at all. All he is looking for is a quick buck and not help you. One of the central realities that these “consultants” exploit is the lack of need for an ETA license for every wireless.

If you’re not aware of whether your product needs certification, there is a chance that you will get in touch with this consultant. Thus, we have written this blog to prepare you, so you don’t waste your time with such “service providers.”

What is the ETA certificate for Import?

The Wireless Planning Commission, under the guidance of the Department of Telecommunication, has created guidelines that decide which frequency spectrum the wireless products should work in. Based on it, there are three frequency bands:

1.       The licensed bands: Frequency bands that are licensed for specific products. These products can range from radios to products of national security importance.

2.       The delicensed bands: Frequency bands that were licensed to particular products. However, that license has since been removed, and now the band is free to be used by anyone.

3.       The unlicensed bands: It’s also called the harmless frequency bands. They fall so below the spectrum that they can’t harm anyone. Thus, it’s a free-real estate for most wireless products.

ETA certificate in India and likely anywhere else is issued only for products that work under licensed and delicensed bands. It’s to ensure that the frequencies don’t collide with each other.

As mentioned above, you don’t need ETA certification if your product works within the unlicensed bands.

Cases where you don’t need WPC ETA certification

Following is the process of ETA approval:

1.       You first get the radio frequency test of your product.

2.       You apply to get the approval

3.       If the product works within the frequency the test report says, you get equipment type approval.

Things to remember when applying for approval as above:

1.       The product must be imported

2.       The product must be working at a frequency that WPC hasn’t approved yet.

To know about the second part, conduct an ETA certificate search.

Based on the above, there are two cases for which you won’t need to go through the procedure to obtain approval.

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1.       If the product is manufactured in India: If the product is manufactured in India, it will naturally work within the frequency parameters the WPC has set up. Thus, it won’t need any type of approval from DOT to exist.

2.       If the frequency has already been approved: If the product is already working at a frequency that has already earned the WPC approval, you won’t need to apply for another approval. Remember that we state that permission exists for the frequency, not for the equipment.


The correct ETA certificate consultants will inform you whether or not your equipment needs approval. To know about such a WPC ETA consultant, reach out to Registrationwala. We will provide you with the details you need to discern whether you need to spend money on ETA or not.

ETA certificate is not valid for every wireless product. You should be aware of exceptions to getting an ETA license in India. This blog explains them to you.

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