White-label Instacart Clone App Can Bring Success To Your Business


Instacart, the name does not need any introduction. It is the most preferred choice when it comes to Grocery Shopping.

The Instacart Grocery Delivery App rose to its popularity and was an instant hit the moment it launched in the year 2012. Since then there is no looking back. With more than 350 retailers in the networks, it has become the preferred choice when it comes to cloning apps.

Market Statistics

  • As per eMarketer’s report, Instacart Grocery Delivery App Clone is the fastest growing on-demand app in the United States.
  • The year 2019 recorded, a sudden upsurge in the development of Instacart like grocery apps.
  • The forecast has been made that Grocery delivery apps like Instacart will cross 30 million by the end of 2021.

Thus, several business owners came forward to build Instacart Clone App and launch it in their respective countries to taste financial success.

Today the demand for developing Instacart Clone App is on the rise. With the Pandemic hitting it has upsurged therefore, the on-demand grocery app development companies are offering customized white-label Instacart Clone App to their clients.

What Should A Perfect Instacart Clone App Be Like?

Owing to the popularity of the Instacart App, many entrepreneurs are launching on-demand grocer delivery app like Instacart.

However, most of them have failed as none of them had the features that were pleasing to the customers. Furthermore, the app design was shabby with poor navigation and faulty payment integrations.

Follow the significant factors that make your Instacart Clone App perfect:

  • The grocery delivery app should not be asking for lengthy details for signup and login. It should be quick and easy.
  • Make sure that your app has a relevant name – easy to remember so that people can relate. Thus, it makes it easy to find in the Play Store/ IOS app store.
  • Lightweight apps are my favorite, they don’t take a lot of space and quick to download.
  • Make sure that the app flow is intuitive. Your customer expects the clone app to be like Instacart, thus make sure that your grocery delivery app has a similar navigation
  • Neat, clutter-free designs are soar to the eyes. People are using your app to order grocers thus, make it simple yet attractive so that your customers are glued to your app.

What Are The Novel Features That Instacart Clone App Covers?

The success of your Instacart Clone App primarily depends on the features you have integrated. Thus, along with the usual feature, add new ones that benefit both – Customers and Store owners.

  • Store items bulk import through CSV

This was a huge hassle for the store owners to manually edit the grocery items. Too time-consuming and tiring. Thus, this feature will automatically import the store items and pricing through CSV.

  • Delivery charges as per distance

It is a customizable feature that allows the Admin to set the right price for the grocery deliveries to a single as well as multiple locations. The feature allows the Admin to charge their customers for the grocery deliveries based upon the distance that they live from the store.

  • Store wise commission

Some grocery stores are high in demand and some stores hardly people know. Thus, the admin can set the percentage commission based on the store demand. E.g. He can charge a $10 commission on every delivery from those stores that are huge in demand and charge a $7 commission from the less known grocery stores.

Advantages Of Choosing Instacart Clone App Built By A White-label On-demand Company

  • Appointing an on-demand App Development Company will assure you that your Instacart Grocery Delivery App is exactly like how you wanted.
  • They have a skilled team of professionals with years of experience in their kitty. Not to forget great infrastructure thus, they can better deliver a scalable product than any other freelancer app developer.
  • The Instacart Clone App is a readymade white-label solution bearing your company logo and brand name on the app. Furthermore, the team will assist you throughout till your app is launch in the Play Store and iOS app store under your credentials. Thus giving you ownership of the app.
  • The on-demand grocery delivery app has been tested and undergone rigorous trials. This means it is ready to launch in the market in just a week.

In Conclusion

The demand for groceries is ever rising. An on-demand Grocery Delivery App is one of the fastest means of providing quick money to store owners. To develop an app like Instacart ensure that it has user-centric features, with a rich interface offering a pleasing grocery shopping experience to your customers.

Collaborate with an app development company that has years of experience and has a skilled development team to guide you through. Take the live demo and discuss the feature you think you wish to integrate into your Instacart Clone App.

Make sure to take the final test run of the Instacart grocery delivery app clone before investing in it so that you are sure of what kind of On-demand Grocery Delivery App you will be launching in the market.

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