How Can You Advertise Your Restaurant with Attractive Printed Placemats


Advertising with restaurant placemats has always been quite a popular way of advertising. If you are the owner of a local restaurant and promoting to attract the local diners, this can be a perfect tool. Investing money in newspaper and television advertisements will be more expensive for you. That is why going for placemats is a great option for a restaurant.

Generally, the placemats get an approximate visibility of 20 minutes from the diners. And the placemats are generally used for three to four months for promotions. This means it ensures that at least 5000 potential customers of the target area are seeing the placemats. Hence, you get the maximum benefits of the placemats by then. Take a look at the following points to know how effectively you can use the placemats for promoting your restaurants.

Identify the Information

What information do you want to showcase with the placemats? You definitely would like to display your logo on the printed placemats. You can also use social media links to display on the mats so that your diners can connect with you there, upload pictures of the food, and tag you. Now, full color printed placemats are the best option in that way. These mats will stand out and make your information easily noticeable.

Connect With a Print Advertising Company

The next step for you is connecting with a trusted company for getting the custom printed placemats for promoting your business. There are hundreds of companies that specialize in restaurant printing along with offering all-round high-quality printing services at affordable prices. So, connect with one of them and discuss the idea.

Get the Right Ad Placement

The ad placement is crucial to get the maximum visibility for the target audience. Hence, the ad should not be in the middle of the mat that will be covered by the plate. Depending on the size of the ad, the prices are determined. It can vary from 2-by-2.5 inches to 13-by-2.5 inches. Depending on your requirements, you can get the ads printed. The agency you are hiring for custom printed placemats will provide you with samples of the different placements of ads.

Hire a Designer

Do you have a logo or do you need to design it for the placemats? Do you have a specific design for the app in mind? You can hire professional designers to get things right for you. Generally, the printing companies will ask for the artwork from you in the format right for uploading. So, choose the best artwork. Or at times the printing company can improvise your designs too if they have a department for it. While you are connecting with the printing agency, ask them for this option.

Sign the Contract and Get the proof for Ad

Once the pricing is clear, you can sign the contract with the advertising and printing company. Sign it after knowing the tenure of the contract. And now get the proof checked before you finalize the design and the ad. You will get the proof in three months. Check it properly so that you don’t leave any chance for casual mistakes.

Make Changes and Get the Final Ad Done

If it is necessary, make the necessary changes and send it for final printing. In two weeks, the final placemats should arrive at the restaurants and you will be good to go with the promotion with your restaurant placemats.

So, now as you know how you can use restaurant placemats for advertisements, what are you waiting for? Find a BBB accredited company for printing and place the order right away. Ensure you hire the one that offers a fast turnaround and 100% guaranteed satisfaction. 

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