How has Noise’s smartwatch – ColorFit Pro 3, captured the market?


Smartwatches are the latest trends in the market. Every second person has a smartwatch. Well, it is not because smartwatches look cool. Moreover, it is because smartwatches have conveniently taken the place of the kind of wristwatches we had before. An important task, like picking up a call or replying to a message, everything can be done through a smartwatch. Your smartwatch can also become your wallet. So, aren’t smartwatches worth your money? Well, they are. Since everything around us is fully automated and works on voice commands, watches too have undergone an evolution. They are specifically designed to make people’s work simpler and more convenient.     

 Smartwatches are mainly excelling in tracking the fitness of a person. They (smartwatches) are capable of detecting a person’s heart rate and alarming them if there is any danger. Many smartwatches can also automatically connect to any emergency services that can be of any further help. 

 There are a large number of smartwatches that are manufactured by big companies and are ruling the market today. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Fastrack, boAt are the leading companies in the market but one brand has outsourced all the ones mentioned above. The most famous brand called Noise launched its iconic ColorFit Pro 3 Smartwatch. It costs Rs. 3,299 in India. The smartwatches by Noise that were recently launched have unique and excellent features. They also have cool and edgy designs that make these watches look unique and smart  

In this article, you will find some excellent features about one of the coolest smartwatches launched by Noise called ColorFit Pro 3. 

ColorFit Pro 3 is Noise’s most celebrated and excellent smartwatch that has a lot of health and wellness features. 

If you want to buy this watch online, you can either find it on Noise’s official website or find it on Amazon and order one for yourself. You can use the Amazon coupon codes that are available on for free to get excellent discounts on your purchase and save a lot of money while buying this edgy smartwatch in the market. 

 In this article, you will find a detailed review of this edgy smartwatch that has been launched by the iconic brand – Noise! 

 Design and built 

Noise ColorFit Pro 3 is a very good-looking and good-looking watch that has a bright screen, and a good as well as responsive user interface. The main body of this ColorFit Pro 3 smartwatch is made out of aluminum with a stainless steel finish. It is a very durable watch and is medically approved and graded for all the fitness trackers present in it. 

ColorFit Pro 3 has a 1.55 inches full-touch display screen and is easier to read even with direct sunlight. 

 Health tracking 

Noise ColorFit pro 3 is excellent in tracking fitness and other related activities. The best feature of the ColorFit Pro 3 is that it can sense the temperature of your skin as well as your electrodermal activity. A variety of fitness trackers are squeezed into the watch and are verified. These fitness trackers can also read your blood oxygen level and your heart rate. 

 Battery and Charging 

The Noise ColorFit Pro 3 can last up to 10 days on one charge which is the best feature as no other smartwatch can last up to more than 7 days if used continuously. Yes, the battery life of the ColorFit pro 3 smartwatch depends on its usage. If you use the GPS, the battery might drain faster as compared to the usual times. You can either check the battery life by swiping right or through the Noise App. 

 The ColorFit Pro 3 has a new charger type where it connects magnetically at the back of the smartwatch. It takes nearly 3 hours, maximum of 4 hours, for the watch to go from zero to a hundred percent charge. 


Noise ColorFit Pro 3 has a lot of health features that make this watch stand apart. There are so many unique features in the ColorFit Pro 3 that can help you by indicating all the health issues that can be focused on and improved later. The best benefit of the ColorFit Pro 3 is that it allows you to sync your smartwatch with the Google Fit App. The best part about this smartwatch is that it comes in different iconic shade band designs and so many funky watch faces! 

 If you are planning to purchase Noise ColorFit pro 3 then you can check it out on Flipkart for online purchase. You can use the right Flipkart coupon code, which will be exclusively available on for free. This will help you save a lot of money and get discounts while buying noise ColorFit Pro 3! 

 So, go ahead and buy the edgiest smartwatch – ColorFit Pro 3 as it is worth your money and would make your work convenient. 

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