How to launch an on-demand eScooter app? Benefits, Features and Future


Nowadays, cab services have found a new dimension of growth by incorporating innovative concepts and the latest technologies into the business. App development plays a vital role in action in this field. The app is made accessible by all, and now most of the population opts for online taxi booking services. This has created more taxis to get on the road, and that causes too much traffic in the streets. Traffic but atmospheric pollution have also seemed to rise due to the emission of gases from taxis. Ideas such as carpooling have been implemented to bring traffic and corruption under control. One such method is the E-Scooter app solution. The app is similar to the taxi-hailing app.

E-scooter is a method of providing a transport service by bike and scooters. This becomes the leading transport medium compared to the usual taxis in crowded cities. Availing a taxi bike for commuting has made traveling in heavily congested areas easy. This has also seemed to reduce pollution by half. Besides that, the taxi has many more advantages, which are listed below.

Advantages of on-demand eScooter and Bike Taxi Apps

Bike taxi apps offer a lot of benefits than the traditional taxi app. Some of the advantages are listed below.

Easy commuting

Bike taxi apps are the most conventional way to commute. Traveling in the traffic during peak hours in the morning is very tedious as there will be a vast number of cars and buses and taxis strolling on the road. Since its size is physically tiny compared to a car, it can travel through traffic quickly and reach the destination on time without hindrance.

Can reach any location

Not all roads have space large enough to fit a car. Some streets will be very narrow to do a car inside. Sometimes, the driver might hesitate to accept the ride as he cannot reach the confined streets or roads. In such scenarios, these bike taxis seem very convenient as they will get into any lane, be it small or crowded.

Environment friendly

The toxic gases released from the bike are less to what is removed from a car. Also, fuel consumption is significantly less than a car. In this way, air pollution is reduced, and natural resource usage is also considerably less, thereby protecting our environmental system. In a way, noise pollution is also reduced if there is no road blockage due to more vehicles on the road. The apps take steps to implement electric scooters to eliminate pollution.


Imagine reaching a destination at a must cheaper expense than traveling via a taxi cab. Bike taxis have made it possible. It is way more affordable than the regular cab because the fuel consumption is deficient, and the vehicle’s market value is also shallow compared to the car. Hence bike taxi apps offer cost-effective rides to the destination.


Since scooters can commute much more quickly than cars or buses, they are very time-saving. They don’t have to wait in the traffic among the other vehicles. Even if the road in which they are traveling is bustling and the traffic is heavy suddenly. The scooter can take a different path, like get into smaller streets and arrive at the location in a short period. The drivers can help you reach your destination on time or within the specified time by getting into shortcut routes which will not be recommended while using a taxi car.


The e-scooter app offers several features to support a smooth service to the customers. Following are the various features enumerated below:

Better search engine

The search engine is integrated with the app’s GPS function app, which allows the users to look for nearby scooters available for sharing.

QR code

QR code is used to lock or unlock the bike. It is the easiest and fastest form to lock or unlock.

Flexible payment system

There are more than one ways to make a transaction in this app. Transactions are done online through e-banking options or credit or debit cards. There are many numbers of payment gateways available.

GPS tracker

A tracker is available, which gives us the exact location of our drive, and it helps us track the vehicle movement. The time at which our ride arrives is also estimated.


Frequent updates are made available in the app in which new features are added now and then, and then existing features are upgraded.

Future of e-scooter apps

In 2015, many drivers came into the online taxi booking service for employment. In the service launch, there was a good response among the populations, and drivers found good pay through it. But things have changed as years passed, the demand for it grew tremendously, and there is not enough workforce to accommodate the needs. There rose a lot of difficulties, like not getting paid enough, no incentives, and no job satisfaction.

After so many years after cab-hailing apps, bike pooling, bike taxi has got its recognition, and it is a tremendously growing industry. The government and other organizations support this bike taxi industry as it eliminates the congestion faced in rural cities. Goldman Sachs has estimated that the industry is expected to grow to a profit of 285 billion dollars by 2030.

In order to launch an eScooter app with all the necessary features and the right business model, entrepreneurs can choose a Uber-like eScooter app solution. It comes with pre-built features and an inbuilt business model to help entrepreneurs in launching and running a smooth eScooter app business.

Final thoughts

With growing traffic on the roads every day, the demand for e-scooter has been increasing drastically, and people prefer more compact and cost-effective transportation forms. With a suitable investment in the right development business, an effective e-scooter app can be created that can give more revenue.

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