How to Organize an Engaging Virtual Beauty Event?


One of the industries that have received an immense setback since the outbreak of the pandemic is the beauty industry. Although the production and sale of beauty products are still above the margin, but the salons, spas, and other related businesses have been facing a loss. Conducting an event is a great idea to get the attention and develop the interest of the public; it might not be safe.

However, this is the era of technology, and the beauty industry also has all the rights to utilize it for its benefit. So, conducting a virtual beauty event is the perfect solution to stay in touch with the target audience and provide them the beauty solutions while staying safe. Self-grooming is a practice that can also help them feel relaxed and confident.

 Keep scrolling down this article to explore how you can organize an engaging virtual beauty event and please your attendees.

Top 7 Practices to Boost Virtual Beauty Event Engagement

Organizing a virtual beauty event is the safest option to promote self-grooming and help people look and feel their best during these troubled times. Most of the people were dependent on the professionals to look their best, but that involves contact, which can become the source of the spread of the pandemic. Virtual beauty events will provide tips and serve as therapy too.

Here are the top practices you can include to boost the engagement of your virtual beauty event.

1.      Ensure Attractive Setup

The first practice without which conducting virtual beauty event is impossible, let alone boosting the engagement, is ensuring an attractive setup. You need to pick a virtual platform, as well as pay attention to decorating your backdrops to increase the excitement. It surely requires professional and expert-level skills, which is why most organizers hire event companies in Abu Dhabi to make their setup attractive and exciting for the virtual attendees.

2.      Get Dermatologists on Board

One of the greatest purposes of the beauty events is to help the attendees know their skin better. This first step in the process is identifying the skin type and picking the products suitable for that particular skin type. All of this is easier said than done, and identifying the skin type is not so simple. Having a dermatologist on board can prove really helpful, as the expert can provide tips or tutorials to know the skin better.

3.      Engage Beauty Experts and Influencers

Apart from including dermatologists in the virtual beauty events, engaging beauty experts and influencers is critical. In this digitally advanced era, beauty experts and influencers have an immense fan following. People want to know their secrets, tips, and strategies, so do not forget to get as many on board as you can to boost the engagement level of your virtual attendees.

4.      Share Self Grooming Tips

Another practice that really hypes up the engagement and excitement of your virtual beauty event is sharing self-grooming tips. It is in human nature that they want to look beautiful and presentable and enjoy receiving compliments for it. However, not everyone is an expert in it or can afford a personal grooming specialist. Sharing simple and applicable tips can make the attendees look forward to your future events too.

5.      Conduct Beauty and Hair Do Competition

Another practice to make your virtual beauty event exciting and engaging for the attendees is to conduct beauty and hairdo competitions. You can let the experts announce the competition, share online tutorials with competitors and let the experts decide the winners. It will help the attendees learn a bit and enjoy their participation to the fullest.

6.      Explore Beauty Trends

One of the best and most engaging practices that you can include in your beauty event is exploring the trends of the beauty industry. These can be related to general grooming, makeup, hairdo, styling, and so on. This is actually the crux of the beauty industry and can keep young girls and women hooked for hours. If you include trends related to men, they will also feel encouraged to join.

7.      Offer Giveaways

Lastly, not having a giveaway session in your virtual beauty event can significantly undermine the engagement and excitement of the attendees. So, you can collaborate with sponsors and prepare the giveaways for the attendees. You can award the winners with more exclusive gifts as compared to the general attendees. You can also hire event companies in Abu Dhabi to make the giveaways more creative and exciting.

Plan your virtual beauty event now!

Beauty and self-grooming are the topics that can instantly make someone interested to join. On the other hand, in the case of events related to this, the target audience has a bit high expectations, as they want perfect arrangements with access to the advice of experts. All of this is possible with the help of professional event organizers. So, contact the professionals now to plan and organize a perfect virtual event that compels the target audience to join.

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