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There is little knowledge about the different types of visas applicable in the UAE due to the lack of complete and accurate information. However, if you dig deep down, you will find that there are essentially six different types of visas issued by the UAE government. The procedure of issuing these visas vary slightly based on their purpose. apostille attestation


Different Types of Visa in the UAE and Dubai


Broadly classified, there are 7 types of visas applicable in the UAE and Dubai. These are as listed below


  • Business visa

  • Tourist visa

  • Student visa

  • Entry permit for patients and their companions

  • e-visa for GCC residents

  • Retirement visa for UAE residents

  • Transit visa


The Government of UAE, through its embassy, requires that all educational certificates, diplomas, marriage and birth certificates, power of attorney and other such documents be attested by the different Embassies/Consulate in UAE, subject to further verification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE Government for granting a UAE Visa. Several authorized agencies offer UAE embassy certificate attestation services and Saudi Embassy attestation services, which you can avail of at nominal charges.

Complete Information about Dubai Visa


If you are planning a stopover or a vacation in Dubai, you will require a passport with six months validity. Talking specifically about India, the Dubai emirate allows visa on arrival to Indian citizens. Indian citizens with a valid UK or US visa can obtain a Dubai visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 14 days. A Dubai tourist visa is the most appropriate for Indians traveling to the UAE for recreational purposes such as sightseeing or short family visits. The kind of permit required to travel to Dubai depends on several factors such as nationality, the purpose of visit, and duration. Indian passport holders travelling to UAE for tourist purposes can apply for a Dubai visa online. Once the application is accepted and approved, you will receive a copy via email. attestation services


Dubai Visa Requirements – Documents Required and Eligibility


The documentation required for a Dubai visa depends on the nationality of the applicants. US citizens have different criteria as compared to citizens from other countries across the world. Listed below are the specific requirements as per different nationalities:

US Citizen Visa Requirements


A US citizen with a regular passport does not need a visa to visit the UAE. A US citizen only has to ensure that: apostille services in Mumbai


  • The passport is signed, and its expiry date is more than six months away from the visit date.

  • A confirmed ticket for return travel or travel to another country.


Besides, the following conditions also apply to US citizens applying for a Dubai visa:


  • US citizens are eligible for a visa when they arrive in the UAE.

  • The conditions listed above are applicable only if US citizens wish to stay in the UAE for a month.

  • If US citizens plan to stay for more than a month, they must apply at the airport’s immigration counter to obtain approval for the same.


Non-US Citizen Visa Requirements


These requirements apply to the citizens of Slovakia, Slovenia, Northern Ireland (except British overseas citizens), Finland, France, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brunei, Vatican, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Austria, Bahrain, Australia, Denmark, Greece, Croatia, and countries other than the USA. The residents of these countries can get a visa upon arrival in the UAE, valid for 30 days. If the applicants wish to stay longer, they will have to apply at the airport’s immigration desk for approval. Other conditions for obtaining a UAE visa are as follows:


  • A confirmed return air-ticket or a ticket to another country.

  • The applicant’s passport should not have an expiry date within six months of arrival in the UAE. Saudi Embassy Attestation Services


How Many Days Does it Take to Get a Dubai Visa?


Typically, the processing time for a Dubai Visa is up to 5 working days. However, with certain express visa services, you can get a Dubai visa in just 24 hours.Qatar Embassy Certificate Attestation

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