Microwave Oven or OTG Which One to Choose


This is one of the critical battles between OTG and microwave ovens. Everyone wants to know which one to choose when it comes to baking and related stuff. Since no two humans are the same, so do these two appliances. They do a bit of a similar job, but there are differences. Ultimately it all depends on your requirements, so here in this blog, we will describe some features and capabilities of both through which you can judge and understand what you need. Before going forward, we want to give you a small introduction about microwave and OTG.

What is Microwave Oven, and What is OTG?

A microwave oven is an appliance that is used to heat and cook food mainly with its electromagnetic radiation. It can also bake and grill the food, and it comes with a rotating base. On the other hand, an OTG is mainly used for baking grilling food. It uses heating coils to bake and grill the food, but it cannot be cooked and reheats the food, which is the primary difference between microwave and OTG.

So here are some factors which decide Which one to choose a microwave oven or OTG

Your Usage

If your primary purpose is to grill, bake, and toast, then OTG is suitable for you; on the other hand, a microwave oven can do all these activities with other additional functionalities like reheating, cook. And FYI microwave oven will not be able to give you the same baking level which OTG does.


In OTG, you can put multiple trays at a time and can cook various things at the same time; on the other hand, the rotating part of the microwave is a bit small than OTG and can cook only one food at a time. So if you want a large space then go for OTG.


The temperature of microwave and OTG are almost the same but the difference comes in the reheating process where OTG takes 15 to 20 minutes and microwave takes only 5 minutes max.

Usage of Utensils

In OTG aluminum, glass, and silicon material utensils are perfect to use on the other hand in microwave ovens plastic, silicon, and glass material utensils are perfect to use, and please avoid using metal utensils in a microwave oven as it can cause real damage because of the electromagnetic waves.


Cost is a very important factor in purchasing any product so here the price of an OTG is a bit lesser than the microwave oven price but the microwave oven justifies its cost by its multitasking functionality and also consumes less energy than the OTG.

Wrapping UP


So at last We want to conclude by saying that if you want to proceed in real baking and grilling game and if you are a true lover of baking and grilling then go for an OTG otherwise there is no better option than a microwave oven as it comes with other very much needed options of every household like reheating and it can do grilling and baking but on the very basic level so choose according to your requirements and situations use points that we have given above.

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