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Accounting & Bookkeeping is a versatile fields. The work your outsourced bookkeeping firm does today is a long way from the services your granddad’s accountant offered. 


As technological innovation advances and customers change their requests to stay aware of better approaches for working together, your services need to change also. Consistently, we see new innovations and trends that shape the conveyance of bookkeeping services and impact the client experience. 


If you need to stay pertinent as a bookkeeping firm, you need to keep up to date with the most recent developments in the profession. The current year’s worldwide pandemic and the extreme shift to distant work are great representations of managing the unforeseen. 


There are three major changes affecting the life of accountants: 


  • advancing keen and digital innovation, 

  • proceeded with the globalization of reporting principles, and 

  • new types of guidelines


Challenges for accounting firms

Usage of tech-savvy tools

To begin with, accountants and bookkeepers will utilize progressively refined and savvy innovations to improve their customary methods of working, and these advances may even supplant the conventional methodology. 


Tech Savvy tools frameworks (counting cloud-based accounting) will uphold the trend toward outsourcing services (even offshore outsourcing bookkeeping). More noteworthy utilization of social media through brilliant technology will improve cooperation, revelation, commitment with partners, and more extensive networks. 


Social media (counting Facebook, Twitter, and Google search) will uncover more information than any corporate confirmation report and partners will utilize tools to decipher “enormous information”.

Continued Globalisation 

Proceeded globalization will open doors and difficulties for individuals in the bookkeeping field. While globalization empowers the easy cash flow starting with one capital market and then onto the next, improved offshore bookkeeping outsourcing exercises and the exchange of specialized and expert abilities will at the same time keep on presenting dangers to local issues (with various social, financial, and tax frameworks). 


Bookkeeping firms in Ireland, the whole EU, the US, and Australia are outsourcing services to India and the Philippines with the end goal of cost minimization, which will make a change in work inside the bookkeeping business in the West.


As globalization has effectively been adversely affected by Brexit and Trump’s official triumph, bookkeeping experts are probably going to see themselves having a job in this change. 

Increased regulations

Third, expanded regulations, and related disclosure rules will greatly affect the accounting world for quite a long time to come. For instance, more guidelines are unavoidable due to monstrous tax aversion, tax evasion, and transfer pricing as uncovered through the Panama papers. Numerous tax bookkeepers & accountants will be influenced by intergovernmental tax activity to restrict base disintegration and shifting of the profit.

Environmental and Social Changes

As a result of more noteworthy public pressing factors, social and natural contemplations are getting significance close to monetary worries in contemporary firms. Investors, laborers, governments, non-profit companies, media, and the local area have a developing interest in social and natural issues. 


Firms are confronting difficulties in discovering sustainable answers to manage the intricacy of coordinating financial, environmental, and social performance.

More updated skills

With the rise of new tools dominating the accounting profession and smoothing out specific tasks, bookkeepers won’t just need to accept better approaches for working but take on extended jobs, as information analysts and different subject matter experts. 


Human abilities like judgment, understanding, suspicion, mental fortitude, and trustworthiness will turn out to be a higher priority than at any time and the accountants should ceaselessly develop these abilities to stay up with customers and innovative interruptions, and proceed to secure and make a profit for the personal and organizational well being. 


Upskill oneself is simply going to develop. To try not to get out of date, Outsourced accountants should master and grow new abilities that will permit them to remain serious and significant in the field. Experts ought to upskill with abilities that are not handily automated like advisory, management, support, and data analysis. 

To Sum Up: 

Everybody knows automation is limiting numerous clerk-level jobs. Accounting firms need to recognize how youthful experts acquire insight and information, so they can become significant consultants. 


In spite of the fact that technology will increase their insight, the bits of knowledge that come from long periods of experience and working with numerous ventures should be developed. 

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Sean Anglin
Sean Anglin is a certified bookkeper with an experience of more than 10 years. He completed his graduation from Princeton university specializing in accounting and finance. His main area of focus in accccounting is Payroll Management, Budegt Planning, and Cash Flow Analysis. 
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