Nutrition for special kids- Why is it the most important element?


Special kids and nutrition is one topic of concern as their nutrition is not like the normal individual. Their nutrition is a matter of concern as their needs of food are different from other children. There are special services provided to such children in all terms in schools and study centers. There are special centers for them to learn and manage their physical conditions.

Nutrition in special kids is necessary as these children usually have problems like food intolerances, poor appetite, allergies, growth problems, feeding problems, seizures disorders, and metabolic issues etc which make it difficult to give them proper nutrition. Studies have reported that these children need proper menu planning in terms of taste, texture, recipes and special feeding devices to provide them good nutrition. In children nutrition plays an important role by affecting their ability to learn, manage their things, and manage their emotions and also the ability to process information. Children with autism and ADHD are picky about foods choices and may refuse to eat if something new is introduced and can make them feel agitated. As per the best nutritionist in Mumbai, some studies have tried incorporating gluten free and casein free diet as ways to cure these autoimmune disorders in children.

The nutrition for special kids is essential due to their food choices and a nutritionist can definitely help with the right food choices by incorporating foods and some supplements which are necessary for proper nutrition. Supplements need to chosen carefully to avoid any side effects. Nutritional choices of these children are limited and this can cause deficiencies which may worsen their condition even more.

Their dislikes towards food is generally expressed by behavioral changes. You need to be patient with the children because changing of the diet can cause unrest and difficult times at some points. Some children may also require tube feeding and or pureed forms and soft chewable foods which are usually long crossed by the children of their age. The nutritional content of these foods may not be good enough for the age of the child. For this the caloric content of these foods can be increased which may help the nutritionist and the family member to feed the child with the adequate nutritional requirements to prevent any issues.

For children with eating disorders and problems in swallowing foods it is much more difficult to provide them with adequate nutrition due to restrictions they may have with their diet. In this case the children menus are planned in such a way that the foods given have all the essential nutrients which are required to prevent deficiencies. That’s when the different devices of feeding are used to feed the children with these problems such as reflux and stomach disturbances.  

The diet given to special kids at centers where they are learning, needs to be strict and carefully monitored. According to the best nutritionist in India, the food should be taken care of and foods that are allowed should be given. Every condition may have requirement of a special nutrient that needs to focused for improvement of their condition and incorporated in their diet.

The medical personnel can be a nutritionist or a dietitian or a doctor who specialized in his/her case. Timely checkups and improvements should be recorded so that we know as to how the kid is progressing in their condition. These conditions may not a permanent solution but we can make an approach and an effort towards stabilizing their conditions to the best through nutrition and proper guidance with special care and attention towards their health.

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