Problems of Having an Overweight Body and Their Solution

Overweight Body

When your BMI is more than 30 then you have an obese or overweight body. An obese body has more than 20% more weight than their ideal body weight and the extra fat store in the waist, thighs.  Having an obese body not only decreases our self-respect but also faced so many health issues. Most of the people in this world judge us by our body shape. If you are overweight, may your dress not fit on you and that’s why you suffered and want to lose weight. But it is not the only problem; the main problem is you have faced so many health diseases such as breathing problems, heart issues, type 2 diabetes, cancer, pregnancy problems, etc.

In this article, we will discuss the problems you may face for your Overweight Body and the solution to the problems.

Health problems and their solutions:

Breathing problem:

When you have an extra fat body your lungs do not fully expand so after some activities you don’t breathe well. Obesity is also the reason for inflammation which also affects your lungs. You may suffer from asthma of your extra body weight.

Fatty liver:

A fatty liver can be the reason for cirrhosis which can totally shut down your liver. There are no symptoms until it is fully damaged. A middle-aged fatty liver causes liver damage.


Extra body fat puts strain on your cartilage and joints which protect your bones so you have pain and stiffness in your body. To get relief from this, lose weight and exercise is the best medicine for weight loss.

High cholesterol:

When you eat oily or cholesterol foods or any kind of unhealthy foods you gain weight as well as have high cholesterol which can be the reason for heart diseases. Instead of taking those foods, eat apples, okra, grapes, strawberries, and whole grains which help you to lose weight.


When bile doesn’t move properly through the gallbladder, it becomes pebbles. An obese person, who has high cholesterol, has the chance of gallstones.

Type 2 diabetes:

Belly fat is directly linked to insulin resistance. So when your body makes insulin but for your fat, your cells will not use it properly so glucose is mixed in your blood. This higher blood sugar will be the reason for your diabetes and other diseases of the heart, mind, and eyes. More than 80% of people suffer from diabetes for their obesity. There is no way to relieve this but you can lose weight to adjust your insulin levels.

Sleep apnea:

A fatty neck can block your airways so you cannot breathe correctly at night. You may stop breathing a few times, that’s why you did not get the proper sleep. This makes you tired and the reason for heart, mood, and memory diseases.

High blood pressure:

When you have a large body, your heart pumps harder for bringing blood to your cells. These extra pushes can damage your artery walls. This is the reason for your high blood pressure, so do some exercises for a minimum30 of minutes a day.

Kidney disease:

Kidneys filter your blood and control your blood pressure. When fat is fully holding around the kidneys, they pressurize blood vessels, so by the time of bringing blood, they are blocked. Mainly kidney disease is built up from diabetes or cancer but sometimes it may be the result of obesity.


To relieve these health problems you should lose weight. Some people take so many weight loss pills but it has some side effects.  You can take high fiber foods, plenty of protein, low-calorie foods; drink water and avoid junk foods, alcohol, and smoking for losing weight. Remember, a balanced and healthy diet plan and exercises are the best medicine for weight loss.


You may suffer one or more of these diseases from your Overweight Body. To relieve these contact doctors or lose weight.

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