Red squirrel


Scientific name: Sciurus Bulgaria

You may have seen many squirrels – but have you ever seen a red squirrel? Red squirrels are British but much smaller than their gray cousins! They live in a few special places across the UK thanks to reintroduction plans.

Species information.


Length: 18 to 24 cm

Tail: 17 to 18 cm

Weight: 100 to 350 grams

Average age: 6 years

Security status.

Protected in the UK under the Wildlife and Rural Side Act, 1981.

When to see

January to December.

is about

Local Red Squirrel their American cousins in Britain, Gray squirrels are much lower than. Usually found in forest pyramids, they like to eat on the half-shell hazelnut break. If you are lucky you can find pine cones that have been shattered, it looks like the apple core! The red squirrel in the tree canopy of branches, leaves, and bark strips from ‘scared’ called heinous forms a nest. Men pursue women can be seen through the trees, jump across the branches of the trees and the spiral.

How to Identify.

The red squirrel is a reddish-brown coat and pales below. This feature is the tall bush. It is distinguished by its small size gray, red skin, and specific, large earpieces squirrel.


Scotland, the Lake District, and Northumberland are found. Further south in England and Wales isolated, remnant populations, including Formby, analyst, brawny Islands, and the Isle of White durst.


Moorland and heathland

Did you know?

Red squirrels do not hibernate, but they are available fresh food when you see them in time to take stock of food. Their favorite dwellings of mixed forests of broad leaves and cones have been a source of food throughout the year because there are pine seeds in the winter months.

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