Some Of The Cables Used In Networking?


Are you searching for the source to know cables that are used for networking? Then you are at the right place to know the cables that are used for the network communication.  There are various network cables that are considered in computer networks.


But, we are explaining to you some of the common cables used in networks are twisted-pair cable, coaxial cable, and fibre-optical cable. To connect several computer devices or networking devices we need to use network cables. Before we go into the discussion with different cables, we want to introduce you to one of the best Cat6 Keystone Jack which is also the best cable to use for the network connection.


Cat 6 Cable

Different Types Of Cables Used in Network Are:

Coaxial Cables:

Coaxial cables are basically known as coax, which is considered with copper including metal shielding to give immunity against greater bandwidth and noise. Coax can be used to transmit signals towards  the larger distances with high speed while compared to other twisted-pair cables

Structure of Coaxial Cables:

Coaxial Cable has one of the central cores considered with copper conductors which used to transmit the signals.  It covered through the material known as an insulator. This insulator is enclosed through a woven braided conductor which is metal and it acts as one of the best shields against high noise. The external conductor has enclosed through again a plastic insulator.

Coaxial cables include many applications,  most commonly it is used by Internet signals and  TV to transmit the signals.

Twisted-pair cable:

This cable is a kind of cabling that is mostly used for modern Ethernet and telephone communications networks. In this cable, there will be some pair of cable wire used to get a circuit in the process to transmit data. A Group of pairs will be twisted to get protected against crosstalk, as well as from noise that is generated through adjacent pairs.

While electrical current transmits by a wire, that will create a circular, small magnetic field throughout the wire. While two wires connected with an electrical circuit then their magnetic fields will be exactly oppositely with each other. Hence, the paired magnetic fields may reject each other.

It also rejects sometimes external magnetic fields. By Twisting cable wires the cancellation effects may enhance. Utilizing the cancellation by twisting groups of wires together, cable designers may effectively offer this self-shielding, especially for the media to transform the signals.


Cat 6 UTP Cable

Fibre-optical cable:

This cable wire is used in a network that includes strands with glass fibres internally with an insulated cover. It is mostly designed for high-performance data networking, long-distance, and telecommunications.

While compared with wired cables, this fibre optic cable wire gives higher bandwidth to transmit data across long distances. These cables support mostly cable television, the world’s internet, as well as telephone systems.

It consists of various strands of glass, that will be slightly thicker compared to human hair. It is usually known as the core, which provides the pathway towards the light while travelling. The core will be surrounded through one of the layers of glass known as cladding which used to reflect this light to avoid signal also it enables the light which transmits through cable.

There are two different kinds of optical fibre cables wire are considered, are single mode as well as multi-mode. Single-mode fibre cable used as extremely to the laser to pass light, and thin glass, while multimode cables mainly used for LEDs.


These are some of the common cable wires which are used in no network connection. You can also use Cat6 UTP Cable to connect the computer device. We hope this information is helpful for you when you want to buy a cable for your network connection. If you think it is helpful, make sure to share it with friends.

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