Canon printers absorb excess ink while printing a document. The printer will print pages until the waste ink tank doesn’t get full. But if you’ve started seeing an error code 5b00 in your printer display, then you need to resolve it. This article will let you know how you can fix the 5b00 error and start a trouble-free printing.

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Why does error code 5b00 occur?

The error 5b00 on your Canon printer display represents that the ink absorber is about to the full, and you need to zero it soon. Though the printer boosts just like another day, print, scan, or other features will encounter trouble, or you’ll see 8-10 times lamp flash frequently without resulting in an output.

How to solve canon printer error code 5b00?

The error 5b00 in your canon printer may occur again when the machine ink absorber gets full again. Hence, read all instructions so that next time you solve the error 5b00, you’ll know how to resolve it in a better way;

Make sure your printer ink level in the cartridge is full. If the ink level is low, replace it.

Fix through Resetting software or service tool:-

Resetting software is generally called Canon Service Tool and is available on the canon printer site. This tool maintains the device and overcomes the 5b00 issue on your canon printer. Canon Service Tool is used when you replace any of the machine parts. 

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  1. Download the V3400 version from the canon printer official site.

  2. Double-click on the V3400 canon service installer tool to run on your PC. 

  3. During the installation, you’ve to set up the printer into service mode.

  4. Connect the power cable to the switch outlet.

  5. Now, press and hold the resume button and power button.

  6. Then, release the resume button, but 5 times the power button is still holding.

  7. Release the resume and power buttons.

Reset the waste ink counter:-

  1. Unplug all the connections and cables from your printer. E.g., main power source, USB connection.

  2. Reconnect the power cord to the printer and plug it into the wall outlet.

  3. Press down the power ON button and hold until the printer resets itself.

  4. If you see all the lights stable on your Canon printer model, release the ON button.

  5. When the green light stops flashing, press and release the ON button twice.

  6. The green light blinks again and gets stable.

If you still can’t print with the same error of getting waste ink counter full, then try the manual method of cleaning waste ink foam;

Clean Waste Ink Foam:-

D:\WEBSITE CONTENT\Canon'\blog\pic\Reset the waste ink counter.png

  1. Open the printer lid.

  2. Ensure you see the cartridges and rollers inside.

  3. Don’t touch rollers.

  4. You can see the small square box seems like a foam pad. Clean the foam pad using a soft cloth. Push the foam to leak down the link.

  5. Continue cleaning the foam till all ink is clean.

  6. Now, assemble the canon printer.

  7. Place the cartridges in the correct location and close the lid you opened first.

  8. Now on restart your printer and try printing a document to check whether it’s printing smoothly or not.

If you still see the error 5b00 in your canon printer display, then it’s time to contact the canon printer support team.



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Monitor your Employee’s MVR and Driving Background Checks

  Is it necessary   for   your   staff   to   drive   in   need   to   do   their   duties?   It’s   in   the   company’s   best interests– and the best interests of everyone on the road– to ensure that anybody riding on your account has a clean driving record. Every employer is required to conduct an in-depth advanced background check.

Still,   if   you   work   in   an   industry   controlled   by   the   Department   of   Transportation,   you   must conduct annual driving screenings or Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) on all drivers.

Even if you don’t need transportation for your errands, a driving background check could save you time, frustrations, and money by keeping risky drivers off your payroll.

But how do you get it? Who will supply the most up-to-date information on driving tests? And how does one go about doing it? All of these thoughts must be running through your head. So let’s read ahead to see if we can answer your questions:

Discover about Driver and MVR reports

MVRs, also called driving background check, look up a person’s driving history and record. It is reported by the state Department of Motor Vehicles or another government agency that issues driver   licenses.   MVRs   are   frequently   used   to   analyze   driving   histories   for   employment,   but they’re   also   utilized   for   several   different   purposes.   The   information   provided   in   the   report   in driving   records   includes   driver’s   license   validity   and   category,   infractions,   suspension, limitations,   and   other   information   relating   to   driving   records   and   accreditation.   It   might   vary from one state to the next based on local reporting norms.

Why is it Vital to Know a Candidate’s Driving History?

Regulations in the industry

A   driving   screening   can   help   you   evaluate   the   risk   of   future   and   present   employees   by identifying   applicants   with   dangerous   driving   histories.   Certain   records,   such   as   driving   with substance abuse, are only accessible on driving data and may not appear on criminal searches. Meet the norms and requirements  set out by your organization’s  and industry’s standards with advanced checks of driving screening.

Trust in a brand

MVR displays help you stay in compliance, safeguard your brand’s reputation, and provide peace of mind to your customers. Whether recruiting more people or running your own business with drivers,   it’s   critical   to   do  driver   license   background   checks   to   learn   more   about   a   candidate’s driving history and determine if they’re a good fit for your company.

What is the Purpose of a Driving Background Check?

A driving history check for an applicant driving a business car or vehicle during business hours may   seem   apparent.   Still,   a   driving   record   could   provide   valuable   insight   into   a   candidate’s character. You may discover information regarding a candidate’s drug and alcohol use. Driving practices that are risky and general carelessness Driving records often reflect the validity of the license, any violations, suspensions, accidents, and other information to the employer.

Will the Motor Vehicle Report Distinguish Between a Driver’s License, Temporary 

Permit, and Identification Card?

Absolutely. The Motor Vehicle Report will specify whether a license is valid, suspended, or

expired and identify a temporary permit or an identification card only.

What to Keep in Mind When Performing Driver and MVR screens?

 An authentic platform like Peoplestrail or advanced background services promotes fair and compliant practices with state-of-the-art tools and technology. They are also your partner in education. When it comes to driver and MVR checks, here are the primary laws and best practices to consider.

Driving Screening Tests Have Several Advantages

For   roles   where   workers,   volunteers,   or   contractors   may   utilize   motor   vehicles   for   company purposes, checking your candidate’s driver’s licenses and safety data is critical. An MVR check can reveal whether or not an applicant is a responsible driver.

These driving background checks assist you in the following ways:

  •  First, employ suitable people who have a clean driving record.
  •  Second, implement safety protocols and keep risks to a minimum.
  •  Third, ensure the safety of the company’s assets, employees, and customers.
  •  Fourth, maintain the reputation and confidence of your organization in the community.
  • Finally, defend your company from liability lawsuits.


During the hiring process, an MVR report is used to verify a job applicant’s driving record and criminal background, including traffic offenses, suspensions, revocations, license type awarded, and restrictions on use. All workers or job candidates who will be driving motors or machines to execute tasks should undergo these types of advanced background checks.

Criminal  records  for driving  under intoxication  are  not recorded  on criminal  records  in some jurisdictions and can only be discovered from a motor vehicle record or a DMV check.

When   employees   drive   for   business   purposes,   companies   are   usually   accountable.   However, even a solitary employee-caused accident can raise your insurance costs or result in expensive litigation and reputational damage. Therefore, employers should study all relevant driver safety information   before   offering   a   job   to   make   informed   judgments   when   recruiting   commercial drivers.   The   suggestions   mentioned   above   and   responses   will   assist   you   in   locating   the   ideal driver for your needs!