It’s one thing to read safety guidelines for kids, but knowing specific safety regulations will help keep your child safe. When it comes to your child’s safety, the best advice you can give them is to give them tips crafted by GIIS, an international preschool in Tokyo. 

Here are some of the most critical personal safety tips that all children should follow, whether toddlers or teenagers. 

These six personal safety tips taught in Japanese schools should be implemented in everyday scenarios to keep kids secure and out of harm’s way.

1-Information about how to contact you from their international preschool in Tokyo

You can considerably assist your children in an emergency by teaching them basic contact information in Japanese schools. 

Children should know their full name, address, and a local landmark, and older children should know how to dial a phone number. Because young toddlers are prone to forgetting, you should repeat this as often as possible.

2-Instil in your children the importance of never going anywhere with a stranger

Even if the person appears pleasant or says something significant to them. If at all feasible, teach your child studying in Japanese school how to escape from various restraining techniques their abductor might use on them, such as tightly grasping their wrists or arms and keeping them near at all times until they can safely escape.

This is one of the safety guidelines for children that they should be aware of and adhere to.

3-When travelling, keep safety in mind

When travelling with children, please keep in mind safety tips like staying near the hotel pool where there are many adults; teaching your children what types of places (museums, malls, etc.) they can visit without an adult present while in international preschool in Tokyo; keeping track of your child in public places, and leaving a travel itinerary with family members.

4-Develop a sense of safety at home

According to safety advice for youngsters, it is also crucial to promote safety awareness at home apart from their Japanese school. 

This includes not allowing your children to have unsupervised playdates with strangers, keeping knives, lighters, rat poison, and other dangerous items out of reach of small children.

Other safety measures include practising water safety (both indoors and outdoors), and knowing where fire extinguishers are located in the house, among other things. It’s also critical to always have first-aid supplies on hand.

5-Teach your youngsters not to go off on their own from Japanese school

Rather than leaving safety education to Japan or others, it would help if you taught your children about “stranger danger” and safety guidelines. These are some of the most important safety guidelines for children that you may impart to them.

6-Teach your youngster how to use the Internet safely

Inform your children about the internet safety rule by having them regularly tell you where they go online, who they meet there, and be honest with them about staying safe while chatting or publishing on the Internet. 

Predators stalk young minds on the Internet, and the online safety rules for kids that we teach will keep your child secure. The internet safety tips for kids are crucial for your youngster to understand. 

In a nutshell

The earlier you start talking about basic safety, the better, and it should be a continuous conversation. Even though your kid may study at the top international preschool in Tokyo, you should strive to be present at all times. With these tips you can allow your children to stand on their own feet.