In Indian culture, marriage is regarded as being so auspicious event that not only binds two people together but also their family binds them into new relationships. As a most auspicious and important relationship, marriage needs consistency as well as it is necessary to establish and preserve it. Regardless of country, culture, or customs, weddings are the most awaited events worldwide. Indians are happy people who view marriage and weddings as the most hopeful times in their lives. However, finding the ideal Indian life partner might be an arduous task for an NRI.

It can be very challenging for NRIs to marry someone who belongs to the Indian community. It is due to the way of living, cultural dissimilarity, background, upbringing, and most importantly, distance. When two people come from distinct, or more precisely, opposing, cultural backgrounds, things become complicated.

Indians in favor to marry within their own communities the dint of their diverse culture and traditional customs that divide people into several castes, gotras, and regions. Therefore, Indian people hold the view that in order to maintain their religious values and to continue their religion generation to generation one should not marry beyond one’s caste or faith.

Despite these things still, NRI Sikhs prefer to marry an Indian life partner, because of various reasons:

Cultural inclination: In this modern era, due to globalization, various Indians are migrating to foreign countries for the purpose of better living standards, employment, and study basis. And, among these Indians, Punjabi people counting are more who are continuously settling in other countries. However, people find it challenging to adopt a new culture. Even though their lifestyle has been changed and they adopt the new society, they are still clinging to their former cultural instincts and beliefs. They just want to stay in touch with their traditions and culture, therefore NRI Sikh people want an Indian life partner.

Family: Punjabi people who were born in Punjab have a great influence from their upbringing and cultural background. Indian families have a very distinct family structure than those of other countries. NRI men recognize that even if a person from another country can understand their family structure, he/she won’t be able to adapt to their way of life. Only Indian-born boys or girls in India can. It might be difficult for Indian families to deal with vocal relatives. They, therefore, want a life partner with Indian cultural roots who can easily fit in with Indian families.

Returning with ease: In order to return to their home country again, NRIs select Indian life partners. There is no doubt that Punjabi NRIs have their hearts in their native nation yet reside overseas. They desire to marry an Indian person in order to boost their chances of returning. The reasoning for this is so that their soul mate will be willing to travel with them if they ever decide to leave this country on equal footing.

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