These facts about AYUSH license were hidden for a long time, not anymore


AYUSH license is not an enigmatic license anymore. People know about it, talk about it, and during the present times, even want it. From Chyawanprakash to Patanjali kadha, it’s this permit given by the AYUSH ministry that’s the minds of most business owners. 

How can I start an Ayurvedic business?

Do I have spend a lot of money to start it?

Who can help me get the AYUSH certificate

Do I even need it?

These are the questions those looking for this AYUSH license are asking. What is AYUSH license? It’s a permit in India to manufacture and sell ayurvedic medicines. AYUSH ministry is responsible of how the license is issued to the manufacturer, and how the business is maintained by the manufacturer. 

However, because people weren’t seeking this license for so long, there are many misconceptions around it. Thus, what people knew about the license was mostly hidden from them. Not anymore. This blog is dedicated to unveiling the hidden facts about the AYUSH license that are not hidden anymore. 

AYUSH license is not for everyone

Let’s start this article by saying that not everyone who does business in ayurvedic medicines needs to obtain the AYUSH license. If you’re someone who merely retails in AYUSH products, you’re not required to obtain the license. There has been quite a bit of misinformation regarding this matter as many mistakenly (including us) have talked about a particular “AYUSH retail License”. However, that doesn’t exist. 

Simply put, you don’t need an AYUSH license unless you’re manufacturing and selling AYUSH medicines. 

AYUSH License can’t be sold from one person to another

You can’t just buy an AYUSH license. The applicant has to be issued an AYUSH license and under any circumstances, that license cannot be sold by that application to another person. In desperation of COVID 19, many have resorted to “selling” AYUSH certificates. These “certificates” are nothing more than pre-filled letterheads with fake authorizations. Using such a license is not only against the law, but it’s also harmful to your reputation as a business owner. 

Thus, if you see someone trying to sell you the license, look the other way. 

AYUSH certificate company doesn’t sell Ayurvedic medicine

AYUSH certificate company is a mispronunciation. It’s actually an AYUSH-certified company. An AYUSH certified company is a company that has been legitimized by the AYUSH ministry through the AYUSH certificate to sell AYUSH products. 

On the other hand, if you have to give meaning an AYUSH certificate company, think of them as business consultants. They are the consultants that help you obtain your AYUSH certificate by filing the application and doing the rest about your application on your best. 

You require a significant amount of capital to start an AYUSH business

If your goal is to start a manufacturing facility for ayurvedic medicine, be prepared to spend a lot of money. From the requirement of at least 1200 square feet area per medicine, you also need machinery and other important aspects that you need for your business to run. So yes, you need a significant amount of capital to run an AYURVEDIC medicine business. 

However, due to the government’s inclination to promote ayurvedic medicine, you can get funds from the government.

You cannot get an AYUSH license online 


How to get an AYUSH license? Not the online way. While we are living in a digital age, the AYUSH ministry hasn’t caught up to the online technology yet. For now, the process of obtaining the license is purely offline. You will have to download the application, fill it in using a pen and submit it at the AYUSH ministry branch of the region you want to set up your manufacturing facility in. 

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