Three Solutions to Stay on Top of Your Supply Chain


Get an efficient Last minute delivery software that helps you in multiple tasks allocation, intelligent monitoring, delivery scheduling, and several other advanced features now available in both web and mobile apps. Last mile delivery software helps clients to schedule their delivery of a product to their customer’s door step, monitor their products in real time, make payments via multiple payment gateways, and give ratings or feedback about the delivery experience. It also integrates with client websites to display the customer’s order history, shipments and phone numbers, product information and reviews, in real time. The software can be customized to include several other advanced features.

Last minute delivery management systems and the mobile apps used for route optimization processes are indispensable partners in delivering a superior customer satisfaction experience. The efficiency of these tools allows companies to improve their customer satisfaction rating by delivering services faster than they previously did. Customer satisfaction is enhanced because of route optimization applications that help clients avoid bottlenecks in distribution and packaging. Delivery optimization helps companies save money by improving the on-time percentage of shipments while cutting expenses related to excess inventory and late deliveries. Route optimization requires real-time monitoring of routes, product availability and current state of inventory to determine the optimum routes for future deliveries.

Route optimization requires precise real-time data such as shipping dates and product availability for every shipment. In this regard, most real time GPS devices are helpful in helping fleet managers determine delivery date and times. Most delivery management software programs provide a detailed overview of the entire route. Along with delivery schedule and product availability, the software provides route maps and traffic data. Advanced fleet management systems, real time GPS, and detailed reports help management technicians generate reports that are accurate and up-to-date.

Fleet management requires effective driver tracking and transmission of accurate information. Real time GPS devices and other forms of advanced driver tracking applications are useful in ensuring that drivers are efficient and accurate. Route optimization programs that incorporate last mile delivery management systems also provide accurate estimates of fuel consumption and vehicle costs. This improved financial model helps optimize a company’s capital budget.

Route optimization relies on the last-mile delivery software, which delivers alerts when the status of a particular shipment changes. An integrated delivery application includes multiple layers of security features to prevent hacking, tampering, or false alerts. A successful fleet delivery requires a robust and reliable driver tracking system that delivers real time updates and alerts. Most companies offer a first-click notification system that delivers alerts when packages are in transit or waiting on the pickup dock. A customizable live tracking map lets drivers follow their routes from A to B without spending extra time on the road.

Fleet management systems can improve customer service because it enables companies to streamline processes and improve the speed at which deliveries are completed. It also reduces customer hold times by speeding up order processing and eliminating last-minute delivery mistakes. Most systems offer the ability to track and trace shipments, which allows companies to track and trace orders as they are delivered to customers. Order tracing helps improve customer satisfaction because you can determine the status of an order after it was received instead of just when it leaves your store. The last-mile delivery software also offers advanced dispatching functions that enable companies to dispatch products to the right locations with minimal downtime.

Final Mile delivery management software can help improve customer service by giving you real time data on the status of orders before they leave your store. You can also get swift delivery management software that offers three different solutions for fulfillment, delivery and customer support. If your organization needs additional solutions for logistics, consider getting swift delivery management software.

One last way that the most successful companies manage their supply chain is by using their network of distributors. When a distributor’s truck or delivery car is out of service, it can create problems for other distributors. Distributors miss out on business and have to invest extra resources to get the vehicles back in service, which can disrupt the flow of operations. Distributor management software, such as NPDx, provides alerts and notifications on the status of distributor trucks and delivery cars. This alerts a distributor when a delivery car or truck is out of service so that they can get it replaced quickly and resume normal operations.

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