Tips You Should Know Before Buying a Concrete Batching Plant


Do you want to buy a concrete batching plant that can meet the construction characteristics and transportation facilities? You can find many companies in the market selling concrete batching plants of different sizes and shapes.

Batching plants come with various features and design principles. But how choosing the best-selling company will require time for research and finding the best and most trustworthy concrete batching plant supplier in China or any other country. You can find some helpful suggestions for this purpose, which helps you a lot in decision making.

      You must have good knowledge about the fundamentals of concrete design for solving troubleshooting problems. You must have a good sense of the component’s interaction in a mixture to check the ready mix concrete quality and adjustments. You can modify the mixture according to your needs if you have some basic knowledge of ingredients and their interactions.

      There is nothing one size fits all about buying a concrete batching plant as requirements and applications may not suit everyone. One thing is suitable for your application and project, but it is not necessary. It will be suitable for another buyer. Plant production may also vary; some plants can produce 1-10 yds. /hour and others can produce more than 100 yds. /hour.  So check the output capacity of the buyer company before purchasing the plant.

      The high hourly production does not imply high storage capacity, so the storage base on the material’s quantity fits into the bin. Some high-production plants have low-level storage of material. On the other hand, slow large plants have a significant amount of material. So a concrete batching plant should match your company’s model and needs.

       You should know the difference between a dry batch concrete plant and a wet batch concrete plant. A dry concrete batch uses for the mixing of concrete with the comparison of other batching plants. It has high efficiency and mixes the concrete with the mixer truck. The dry concrete batch plant uses cement, sand, and gravel to feed the batch plant. After passing from the manual scale, raw material discharges into the truck chute. Wet mixing equipment is also different from dry mixing equipment. To increase the application, many concrete batching plants combine the dry and wet mixing characteristics.

      The dry batch plant’s operating cost and power consumption are low compared to the wet batch plant. So consider it if you have a limited budget for buying a concrete batching plant.

      For the long site construction, the dry concrete batch can be a good choice for you. It ensures the material freshness and can prevent the hardening of the mixture.

      You must know if your selected seller company is responsible for the after-purchase support and any field repair if you require it. You can ask specific questions about tech support and product quality guarantee. A certified trusted, and reputable manufacturing company can provide you with all support before delivery and after shipment.

      Ensure concrete batching plant company has a good reputation and certified and professional expertise for their business. By choosing a local company, you can cut down the transportation charges.

Bottom Line

For fast construction work and a highly sustainable structure, choose a reliable and suitable concrete batching plant manufacturer. Determine your budget, and requirement for concrete, and a high-quality plant before buying a concrete batching plant.

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