Top 5 best ways to find out Winning Dropshipping Products


When you select a product for your dropshipping store, you think you’ve done everything right, but when you run ads and test that product, no sales! Although you could drive good traffic, Result ads and marketing campaign eating your budget, all efforts ended in vain have you ever think about it why this happens.

5 best ways to Find out Winning Dropshipping Products

According to my research, there are two main reasons. First, new dropshippers expect immediate results with little to no effort. Second, because of the poor product research & the products, they have selected to dropship already oversold and saturated by another drop shipper,s yet mostly people trying to sell those products.

When it comes to dropshipping, product research plays an important role. “The stronger your research, the less money you will lose the testing product, and with less research, you will lose huge money testing products.”

Now you should have a question in your mind about how to find that WOW product or what techs to use to find those products.

Let us discuss a few methods and techs to find a winning Products

When it comes to product research, you have to think smarter; there are many tools available online, free and paid, that can help you search for profitable products.

1. Keyword Research

Keywords play an important role in research; a free tool Google Trends to check what people are actively searching worldwide. There is also a tech to use this trends tool; you have to compare keywords relevantly in google trends as well for example

Your first keyword is “headphones” compare it with “earphone” and similarly with “earbuds” as well

Do not forget to select 90 days instead of by default one year

2. Aliexpress dropship center

Go to Aliexpress dropship center (you need an account for this), select product analysis, paste the Aliexpress store’s link, and check the graph and analyze that product.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the biggest platforms to search for the winning product, especially FB, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube spy ads with different chrome extension like ad finder for FB ads to have ads in your news feed analyzes the product ads by checking theirs like share and comments. Remember search bar is your best friend.

4. Spying Other Dropshipping Stores

Go to and type Shopify IP address 23.227. 38.65, you will see a button “other sites on IP” on the result page. Just click that, and you will have the list of websites built on the Shopify platform. Now the question arises of how to find a dropshipping store for this. You have must have these two chrome extensions installed Ali hunter & Search by image on Aliexpress.

5.  Paid Best Websites

Here are few paid websites that are used for product research 

  • Ecomhunt
  • BigSpy for Ads spying
  • Niche Scrapper
  • Commerce Inspector

Remember, a sharp drop shipper always keeps an eye on the new and wow product launches. Do not be a Lazy Dropshipper. In 2021 you need to work harder and be active to beat the competition.

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