What Is Barricade Tapes & Its Features & Benefits


Barricade tapes are the ones that can be shown to mark any hazardous area, construction area, or areas where humans are not allowed to go to. The tapes are mostly in bright colors, two-tone patterns, like yellow-black or red-white stripes or words like “caution” or “danger” can be seen with prominent letters to catch the attention of passersby. It is used to prevent accidents or to enhance safety. It has many names, such as barrier tapes or construction tapes, warning tapes, danger tapes, caution tapes or hazard tapes, road marking tapes, caution barricade tapes & often police tapes when used by police.

Barricade tape is made with resilient, tear-proof & durable plastic materials. The materials that are often used in the making of such tapes are polypropylene, nylon, polyethylene, etc. Barricade tapes have bright background so that they can be noticed easily. It also has pre-printed customized bold warning text. But, you should be careful while making customized barricade tapes as it needs to comply with government regulation. Barricade tapes are used in case of an accident, or crime site, commercial building site, industrial site, roadwork construction, etc.

Below are the common types of barricade tapes.

  • Construction tape: This kind of tape is often used to mark any hazardous area under construction, where it is not allowed to go. It notifies people about the ongoing construction & there are possible hazards. Construction tape is usually yellow-black with incorporated prints like “under construction area”, “work zone”, “keep out”, etc.
  • Hazard tape: hazard tape is used to mark any cautious area, where chemical toxicity or risk of electrocution may arise. In some areas, a specific color combination is used to mark specific threats. Such as, the yellow-black tape is used to mark physical hazard, where magenta-yellow is used to mark radiation hazard.
  • Traffic control tape: this kind of tape is used to control traffic, whether vehicle or foot traffic. Traffic control tapes are used as temporary traffic signals, either to divert the crowd or stop the crowd when the road is closed. These are also brightly colored, mostly in neon orange or a white-orange combination.
  • Police enforcement tape: this kind of tape is used to isolate places where crime scenes have happened. It is to notify people to stay away from the crime area & investigation what is happening. The most common colors of these kinds of tapes are yellow-black, white-yellow, or blue-white.

Features of Barricade Tapes:

There are many features of barricade tapes, to discuss a few.

  • Barricade tapes resist wilting or drooping when you try stretching them over a long distance. So, it prevents you from going into a hazardous area even if you do it accidentally.
  • The tapes are excellent resilient to humidity & dampness.
  • The tapes remain flexible even in cold & extreme hot temperatures.
  • You can also find it in a variety of warning messages that can be customized.

Benefits of Barricade Tapes

Barricade tape is an important safety aid that is used for various reasons. But most of the time, they are used to signify a dangerous area. And their uses follow guidelines & rules & regulations. Major benefits of barricade tapes are:

  • Safety measures:  the most common use of barricade tape is to use as a safety measure that is beneficial to the highest extent. Organizations use these tapes to mark any hazard or to follow any precautionary measure before you enter the surrounded area. These include accident sites, electrical panel, construction sites, and those areas which are prone to accident and exposed to risk to well being of human health.
  • Restriction: barricade tapes are used for restricting traffic flow or diverting traffic flow. They are often called warning tapes. Plus, if an accident occurs or a crime happens, the tapes signify that the area must not be accessed by anyone unauthorized. These tapes are used to identify those restricted areas.
  • Driving flow: many organizations like banks, government institutes, hospitals use cautious tapes for ensuring smooth flow of the whole process. These include people who stand in a queue to get services. Also, barricade tapes guide routes to the certain area & office premises.
  • Health compliance: There are many regulatory supervision & authorities that control & supervise the different functions of any industrial unit. Such authorities use barricade tapes as essential measures for safety & health. Barricade tapes signify a safety measure and are used by most industries. It protects people from entering hazardous areas thus saves lives if we consider health aspects.

Now that you know the features & benefits of barricade tapes, you can go ahead with the right type according to your need.

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