What is the Best Way to Optimize the Email Campaign?


Email users every year are growing at a very surprising rate. Some studies have shown that around 4.32 billion users will have an email account at the end of 2022. It means email is going to be one of the most favored easy for communication formally. Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the great ways of connecting with possible buyers.

According to a study done by Radicati – there are more than 290 billion emails that are sent every day. But the question is that amidst the big pool of emails, how will you make sure that your business generates sales among all these emails and get more clicks.

In order to convert leads into paying customers through email marketing, you first have to find people by email address then persuade them enough to sign up for your email newsletter and once they do such, your job is to nurture them and captivate their attention. In this way, they will always choose your products or services as their solution.

Let’s talk about some ways that you should always be adding to your email marketing strategy.

#1. The subject line should be enticing 

Everybody checks the subject line before clicking on the email and starts reading it. The subject line must be compelling enough to hold the reader’s interest and persuade them to open the email and read it whole. The subject line should be written in a way that it must be highlighting their pain points and telling them to click to find the solution.

Personalize email subject lines as per the company name of your leads shows that you care about their issues and are more than happy to solve them. Add something catchy that enables them to open the mail. Like – Adding “Only For Today” or “Extra 20% off for you” are one of the excellent things to add in the subject line.

#2. Send the mail at the perfect time 

When we talk about more click-through-rates through email campaigns, perfect timing is essential to remember. Obviously, nobody will read your emails at midnight. You will have to check the time zone of the country where your prospect lives and send the emails according to their time zone. You can check some tools that will help you to determine the right timing for them.

Here one thing that affects all this is the type of business you own. Like – if you are an eCommerce business the right time to send a mail is at 10:00 AM on Wednesday and if your business deals in B2B world then the right time will be on Tuesday between 8:00 to 10:00 AM.

#3. Mobile-friendly emails 

Just think, you have drafted a beautiful email that will surely give you a success rate but you forgot to optimize it according to the users who will open it on their mobile phones. Your subscribers will not be able to bond with you properly and that will easily affect your email campaigns. Here mentioned are some ways to design an email in a  mobile-friendly way:

  1. Write one-column emails
  2. Enable text-centered
  3. Put call-to-action at the right place
  4. Write in a big font size
  5. Put smaller images

#4. Content is the key 

After you have persuaded the prospects enough to click on your email, then the next thing that matters is your content.

The continent has to be compact, clear, and appropriate. Disclose what you have to bring to the table and why your target audience ought to be intrigued. Separate long content with short passages, list items, and engaging designs. 75% of content marketers experience higher ROI when visuals show up in their content.

#5. Segment your target audience

Not everybody on your contact database searches for products or services to buy them immediately. Some are in their consideration stage, some are still thinking and some have changed their minds. Your job is to segment the audience on the basis of their buying journey, demographics, email engagement, and past purchases.

As per an annual Email Optimizer Report made by Lyris – markets that leverage email segmentation gets 24% more sales. Your prospects will like to get the content on their likes and dislikes as it helps them to feel important. It will also improve engagement.


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