Why do you need to monitor your kid’s browser history?


Are you worried about the safety of your child? Have you ever thought, “Why do you need to monitor your kid’s browser history“? Every parent needs to understand how their kids utilize technology.

In today’s society, practically every kid has a smartphone with an internet connection. This starts at a very early age. As parents, we usually know where our children are and what they do each day. But none of us is more concerned about our digital lives. Even in the digital world, there are dangers.

It’s essential to monitor your kids’ browser history at frequent intervals, and this will enable you to identify suspect websites quickly. It is impossible to gain any absolute protection if you don’t track your child’s online activity, as you will never know what sites your child browses.

Why should we monitor a kid’s browsing history?

The world we live in is filled with virtual and digital devices in every aspect. The internet has a psychological impact on children since they are exposed to both good and negative information.

As technology advances and online facilities expand, there will be more dangerous, hazardous sites that your children or grown children may encounter. Dangerous lurks on the internet and kids need to follow the advice or safe navigation.

You must interfere with a child’s personal life to ensure they are safe. It’s necessary to educate your kids about the safe use of the internet early. It would be best to safeguard them, mainly when their minds are still young and sensitive.

When we monitor our kids’ browsing history, we can learn what they are interested in and what kind of sites they frequently visit.

In order to safeguard your children, you should also know what parental controls you can set for various platforms.

The following are a few risks children can encounter while surfing the internet:

  • The anonymous nature of the internet makes kids explore new things daily on the internet. And especially teenage boys can access pornography due to their curiosity about sex.

  • Excessive internet usage among children has resulted in isolation, loneliness, and depression.

  • Online gaming may lead to addiction in children, resulting in poor academic performance.

  • Spending most of the time using a smartphone screen may lead to poor eyesight and an unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Kids may access violent content like drugs and alcohol use.

  • Kids can get exposed to dating sites from a small age.

  • Kids and children might be victims of cyberbullying and harassment.

How does browser history tracking help?

Monitoring the browser history of kid’s smartphones will help parents in many ways, such as:

  • You can protect your child from exposure to violent materials and explicit websites by monitoring their web browser history.

  • Monitoring your child’s web history will allow you to determine which sites your children are becoming addicted to, as well as the number of times they search and visit.

  • You may figure out how long your young child has been online by looking at the time and date in the browser’s history.

  • Suppose you discover that your kids are in a dangerous situation by monitoring their browsing history. You can help them get out of those situations and warn them about online threats.

  • Grown-up children often ignore their parents and refuse to give their phones. They become annoyed when parents want to communicate. So you can monitor their browser history and social media tracking as well. It helps you track your child’s online actions and ensure that they are secure.

What websites did your child visit?

Checking the browser history is the most accessible approach to see what websites your young child visits. Every browser saves the details of the last visited website and the date and time. To check a browser’s history, such as Google Chrome, use the following options.

  • You’ll need to log in with your child’s google account on your android phone.

  • Tap on the profile page, and inside there, you will see a search history option.

  • Select the search history option.

This will bring you a page full of web history details. Sites that your child has visited are listed in chronological order. However, this method of accessing browser history is ineffective since you must have access to your children for account verification purposes, and your child can wipe the browser history. As a result, you should think about additional monitoring options.

How can you monitor your kid’s browsing history with MobileSpy?

It’s not easy to keep track of anyone’s website, and MobileSpy is a convenient solution that every parent desires to use for monitoring purposes. You can track your child’s online browser history with the MobileSpy application. Using the most acceptable monitoring program, you can find out what website they visited for what reason in less than a minute.

With the Browser History Tracker app, you can keep track of your child’s browsing history. The best feature about this application is that it operates in stealth mode, so there is no risk of being detected.

To proceed, read the following steps:

  • Step 1: You need to download the MobileSpy application on both the parent’s phone and the kid’s phone at first.
  • Step 2: You should have a MobileSpy account. Register the MobileSpy account within your application. You can also register on your kid’s phone. But you have to apply for the same account on both devices.
  • Step 3: Now connect and monitor the kid’s phone from the parent’s phone using MobileSpy.
  • Step 4: Once you are done, find the Browser history tracker option on the navigation bar. Click on that option. It will direct you to the page where you can see the detailed browsing history of your kids along with URL, Website name, number of times kid’s visited the website, and much more information.


The purpose of monitoring your kid’s browser history is to ensure the safety of your children. There is no absolute protection for your kid unless you monitor their browsing history.

MobileSpy is the finest monitoring application for parents to monitor their kid’s online activities. The best feature of a MobileSpy is that it is adaptable with an Android application and IOS device and it also offers social media tracking, call tracking, text message tracking, and location tracking for kids.

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