Why Small Businesses are Covering Their Company Vehicles with Custom Vinyl Decals


In 2020, online shopping increased by 32%, with over $188 billion being spent on online retailers. Thankfully, in 2021, people returned to in-person shopping in large numbers. In 2022 and beyond, online and retail stores will continue to fight over customers. Who will win? Whichever store gets the masses’ attention will succeed in attracting more customers, especially during the holiday shopping season.

That’s why many small business owners are ramping up their branding and marketing efforts. One highly effective strategy that several small businesses are benefiting from is “mobile advertising.” In this advertising technique, brand leaders basically attach custom-printed marketing stickers and decals on the surfaces of their company vehicles.

The company vehicles are covered with good-looking, branded decals that also feature business-related information (e.g., the company’s email ID). When these vehicles are on the move, thousands of potential customers see them on the streets. If the marketing messages on the custom decals impress them, they can contact the brand to learn more.

A premium-quality vinyl decal can be applied to all types of car surfaces. You can attach them to your company car’s windows, bonnets, or bumpers. Why are so many small businesses performing “mobile advertising”? Because it works! Here’s why this promotional technique is so effective –

  • Target Large Audiences: The number of people you can display your custom decal ads to every day is astonishing. Drive through any crowded area, and thousands of people will spot your branded decals. You can even target specific locations in your community with your branded vehicles. For example, let’s say your company sells to young students. All you have to do is drive your company vehicle that’s covered in high-quality decals near schools and colleges.
  • Ease of Use: Buying and using custom-printed car decals has never been easier. You can buy custom-printed decals online. You can oversee the entire customization process online as well. Simply upload whatever brand-related artwork you want to print on your decals. Or use the design tools on the seller’s website to create decals that suit your brand and your company cars. Order the decals and attach them to your company vehicles’ windows, bumpers, etc.
  • Impressions: In terms of “cost-per-impression,” custom-printed car decals are the best marketing tools. That’s because decals made of vinyl are affordable and durable. These stickers stay stuck on car surfaces for long periods. They also feature new-age adhesives, so they don’t leave scratch marks on the car surfaces. But, these stickers don’t experience any significant weather damage because they’re made of vinyl. Vinyl is an ultra-durable material that can withstand years of moisture, sunlight, and wind damage. So, you can expect your vinyl decals to serve you for years. Your advertising decals will register hundreds of thousands of impressions during this period.

Car decals give marketers amazing ROI. As a modern-day small business owner, that’s exactly what you want – marketing tools that provide guaranteed ROI. These are the reasons why small businesses that want to grow fast are using custom-printed decals as marketing tools for Company Vehicles with Custom Vinyl Decals.

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