Why You Should Build A Padel Court


As of late, building a padel court is by all accounts the most well-known answer for inns and sporting offices, yet additionally for vehicle makers. However, how is a padel court constructed? As a matter of first importance, by depending on specific organizations like Italgreen. Choose the best Padel Courts supplier in UAE.

Padel Courts

Developed in the mid-70s in Mexico, padel (or paddle) has now grabbed hold everywhere, including Italy. The authority shows of this game occurred in May 1991, when a padel court was worked at the Bologna Exhibition focus during the Game Show occasion, a court on which the delegates of Spain, Italy,, and Argentina contended. 

In Italy, it was then formally perceived by CONI and included, in 2008, in FIT (Italian Tennis Alliance). 


How about we delve into the subtleties of this game by finding: 

  • Padel key figures 

  • Instructions to assemble a padel court 

  • Why you should fabricate a padel court rather than a five-a-side or tennis court 


Padel key figures 

As we have as of now referenced, an expanding number of private and public focuses are building padel courts; also clothing brands like Adidas, Joma,, or Asics, which are progressively putting resources into this game. 

Not all that much if we take a look at the critical figures in Italy for 2019: 

  • more than 1000 padel courts are consistently open in Italy 

  • 7,000 are enlisted competitors (in 2014 there were just 300) 

  • around 50,000 have played overall 

  • In 2024, padel could even be remembered for the Paris Olympics! 


Building a padel court: here’s the ticket 

The primary thing to do while taking into account whether and where to assemble a padel court is to ensure you have sufficient room. Overall the court is 10 m wide and 20 m long, with the back dividers being fundamental to effectively play the game. 

Yet, don’t lose all sense of direction in excessively muddled computations. On the off chance that you want counsel, Italgreen designers will deal with conveying you a turnkey padel court. We work step by step, following every single principal activity to fabricate a padel court: 

  • as a matter of first importance, an examination to assess the space and ensure that there are no blemishes in the ground 

  • establishment of an edge chunk or check following the geographical review 

  • engineered turf establishment 

  • structure establishment with glass (12mm) 

The decision of extra items – lighting, likely inclusion 


Pick the engineered turf for your padel court 

The decision of turf is an especially fragile point since solidness, delicate quality, and speed of play rely upon it. 

By and large, we suggest a manufactured turf, for example, 12 Padel Genius and 14 Padel, extraordinarily intended for padel courts, especially simple to keep up with and accessible in three tones (blue, red, and green). 

An engineered turf padel court, truth be told, has critical advantages, for example, 

  • it requires little upkeep and subsequently additionally altogether saves costs 

  • the chance of utilizing it throughout the entire year 

  • ideal bounce back and ball directions 

  • wonderful foothold and sliding 

  • wonderful by and large playing solace 

12 Padel Star is a 10mm high manufactured turf mantle. As of late improved, it is made out of two-tone finished polyethylene filaments for a characteristic impact. 12 Padel Master highlights include: 

  • ice and UV beam opposition 

  • high flexible memory 

  • solidness 


14 Padel, 12 mm high, is comprised of wound fibrillated strands that make it impervious to ice and UV beams. It is a kind of manufactured padel turf: 

two-tone, for a practical impact 

with an extraordinary flexible memory, which permits the strands to get back to an upward situation after being trampled on. 


Fiberglass structures 

The development of a padel court additionally includes the decision of reasonable designs. Indeed, padel courts are generally furnished with iron constructions which, be that as it may, rust effectively and go through consumption from a salt fog. 

Italgreen, then again, offers a creative arrangement: it is the main organization on the planet to have licensed fiberglass structures for padel courts. The last option, dissimilar to those made of iron, not exclusively don’t rust, yet don’t go through underlying disappointment and require no upkeep. 

Moreover, the new Italgreen fiberglass structures are too: 

  • lightweight 

  • simple to introduce 

  • with high mechanical obstruction 

  • impervious to fire, UV beams, and salt fog erosion 


Why you should fabricate a padel court rather than a five-a-side or tennis court 

There are somewhere around two valid justifications why you could decide to fabricate a padel court rather than a five-a-side football pitch, and both are exceptionally concrete: one concerns the essential spaces, the other the financial side. 

Here they are: 

the padel court is 33% of a five-a-side football pitch – you can essentially introduce three paddle courts rather than a five-a-side football pitch 

padel consistently requires four players – on the off chance that you ascertain to apply comparative charges (for instance, € 15 every), you will acquire about 180 Euro (15 Euro x 12 players circulated in the three courts you work rather than a football pitch, which would just procure you € 50) 

The equivalent goes for tennis: the padel court, truth be told, is about a large portion of the size of a tennis court and requires four players rather than two: there is no question along these lines that, even for this situation, you will acquire over two times!

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