Winnig Mindset for Growing Online


Digital marketing is always changing. It doesn’t matter when you start digital marketing, rather it’s about getting in and getting your feet wet. This “Digital Marketing Mindset” is about reaching audiences, connecting with people, and having meaningful conversations with prospects. In practice, this mindset is essential if you want to make it online and earn customers from outside your local region.

Everybody Searches (and the Internet Never Sleeps)

When you go to bed, someone else wakes up. All products, all services, at all hours of the day. That means people are constantly browsing the web. They’re shopping, watching, reading, and laughing. Across their entire experience, YOUR website could be something they stumble upon. But the common misconception I hear is “no one would search for that”. But you would be wrong.

Here’s a video of Joe Santagato proving:

•    People have specific needs
•    People buy weird stuff

As bizarre as these products are, SOMEONE searched for these them.

Having A Website is Only Part of the Battle

People don’t hang out on websites anymore. Perhaps forums, but that’s it. We’re on apps. Social networks. Messenger. Groups. When it comes time to visit a website, it’s often to buy a product, schedule an appointment, or gather information. When we visit websites, it’s to buy a product, schedule an appointment, or gather information. That’s about it.

Driving traffic, fans, subscribers, and supporters of your work, starting an affiliate campaigns from the scratch is HARD. It’s your personality, your chemistry with people, how fun you are, and how well you know your topic. If you can’t attract an online community of supporters, growing your business will be very difficult. The days of ploughing your business forward are dead.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You’re From

Yesterday I interacted with people from France, Brazil, Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Australia (all in one day). Today’s businesses don’t need huge travel budgets. They don’t need personal face-to-face interaction (webcam is fine). Plus people are becoming more mobile, operating their businesses and working from their phones.

Build for this future. To master the Digital Marketing Mindset is to truly migrate yourself online. Your neighbours are your followers. Your community is your platform. Make this move and you will boldly go beyond your limits. 

Your Tenacity Needs to Match Your Execution

Will. Spirit. Drive. Speed. Shipped is better than perfect. Digital marketing is about publishing and learning. It takes time but when you get it right, you’re off to the races. And integrated digital marketing isn’t for everyone. But if you’re in business and digital is in your future, start your learning curve sooner than later. Good marketing is hard to come by.

I’m on a mission to explore better ways to do digital marketing (and am documenting my journey).

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Andrew C. Truax
Planning, implementing, tracking and optimising digital marketing campaigns across major digital channels. Leading and developing the department: establishing internal processes, training and managing a team of eight people.
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