5 tips to help you increase the amount of your exposure on Instagram


The Instagram network launched in 2010 has quickly become one of the most successful social networks of the last decade. What started as a smartphone app for uploading authentic photos from everyday life around the world, soon became a platform for creating content and interest that is second to none. And those who thought it was just a beautiful photo album of friends, should think again. Because not only has Instagram changed the rules of photography and creativity, it has also become an active source of income and careers for millions of people around the world, who have learned to take their profiles to the next level. Bloggers have become Instagrammers, cultural and entertainment professionals have started posting paid products, and even anonymous teens have become network anchors who get tens of thousands of shekels for every brand post. All it takes is exposure and lots of it. And exposure in the Instagram world means – followers and likes. But in most cases, it is not a simple task at all and one that requires a lot of work and creativity. But not only that, some simple ways experienced networkers are well acquainted with and it is time for you to get acquainted too. So how do you encourage traffic to your Instagram profile? Come learn some easy ways anyone can do and start enjoying alive and kicking Instagram profiles that everyone is jealous of and maybe even for not a bad side income at all.

1. Stay in touch with your followers.

One of the things that play an important role in our involvement in social networks, is undoubtedly our interaction with other users. When we are active on the social network, we move the wheels of the algorithm and thus generate traffic on our Instagram profile. If you want to retain your followers and attract traffic to your Instagram account, remember to stay in touch with anyone who expresses interest or responds to your Instagram content. Respond to the comments of others, respond to messages in “Direct Massage” (DM), and be active in your posts. In this way, you become traffic in your profile and trigger the Instagram algorithm to direct traffic to you. The recommendation for a comment on an image is at least three words so that the algorithm will recognize that it is a real user and not a robot and thus direct traffic towards your post, and thus you will get more likes and exposure.

2. Remember that not everything is shiny.

Many exposure studies show that people who are online respond to flaws, much more than pay. Surprising to find out, but precisely on a social network like Instagram, which has sanctified visibility and perfection, what evokes the most empathy and reactions in the profile, are actually the human, funny, flawed posts. The flaws are us, they make us all human. And most of all, they make your followers identify with you. By being exposed to your flaws, they understand that you are suffering from the same problems as them, the same experiences and the same flaws are what make them feel a sense of belonging. And more than that, what makes them want and continue to follow you and identify with content that makes them feel human, and sometimes even feel good about themselves?

3. Use the hashtags in each image.

If you do not yet know what a hashtag is, this is probably also the reason for the lack of traffic on your page, but hey, it’s never too late. The use of the hashtag has existed for several years on several social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus, and recently Facebook also added it. How to create the search tag is done by arching the # ladder symbol followed by a description of the topic or word we would like to highlight. For example: if the topic I am talking about is fashion I will list it at the end of the article #branding #fashion. The hashtag can also be added in the middle of a sentence. The hashtag is basically a word that refers to a group of interest, a common acceptance actually, which is marked with a “ladder” sign followed by a name of an area of ​​interest, place, or feeling. When you upload a torch image and then add the hashtag that describes the image or the community associated with it, you are automatically belonging to the same interest group, the same community. In many cases, this is an interest group that millions of people around the world are in and mark the hashtag on similar posts.

4. Use buying likes on Instagram to increase exposure for your photos and to make them look good.

When we come across a photo we liked on Instagram we usually mark it with Blake because we liked it, but in many cases, we will mark a Like for another reason, one that we do not always pay attention to. This reason is the number of likes the photo has already received. That is, when we come across a picture that has hundreds and thousands of likes, there is a high probability that the number of likes will affect us psychologically and cause us to mark likes for that picture for the reason that there may be something others liked in the picture and we should like. For the same reason, there is a high probability that people will like you for the post you uploaded when this post will already have hundreds and thousands of likes. Getting such amounts of likes is not always an easy task, so you should sometimes try to buy likes on Instagram Through through promotion companies that specialize in this, thus increasing exposure and the chance to increase followers on your Instagram profile. There are indeed people who will raise an eyebrow about using Instagram likes to buy, but knowledgeable people will tell you that this is a popular method of action known among many Instagram anchors and celebs across the net. So maybe it’s not something to talk about, but it’s time for you to get to know this nonsense and start enjoying its many benefits.

5. Do not forget to use filters in Story

The historical feature is one of the coolest and right things Instagram has launched in recent years. It is an innovative, fast and spontaneous platform designed to give the user the ability to create fast and non-binding content and to express themselves in a way other than the images he uploads to his torch. History, which is the user’s daily “story”, allows you to design and create cool and fast content that disappears after 24 hours from the profile as if it never existed. One of the ways to shoot specially and interestingly in a story is through different filters. The filters are designed filters that create different, funny, sexy, and sometimes musical looks, through which you can change the image or the face of the people being photographed and add interest and color to the story in photography. These filters, which started as a nice feature in the story, have over time become the hottest and right thing among Instagram anchors across the net, and some have even created for themselves designed filters that are only identified with them. When you use network anchor filters in particular and filters in general, we encourage exposure to our story and our profile page. And not only that, once you are updated online and use hot filters daily, you are actually conveying to your followers that you understand, are relevant, and are up to date on everything hot and right. And relevance on the web – means followers and increased exposure.

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