6 Amazing places to visit in Pondicherry


Puducherry, well known as pondicherry was a french colonial and now a union terrirtory and now bounded by Tamilnadu state. You can visit many places in Pondicherry but here in this articlew we are going to tell you about 6 amazing places to vsiit in Pondicherry that you cannot afford to miss. The place offer a very beautiful scenic views and many more that you gonna surely love the place.

List of 6 Amazing places to visit in Pondicherry :

La Maison Rose :

La Maison Rose is the perfect example of old french colonial architecture, and now its been converted into three different shops. While you can purchase unique souvenirs, jewellery and clothes but the interior is still same as the  bygone era.


Arikamedu is the trade center build by Romanians. If you are a history lover then you would love to visit this place. It is about half an hour drive from Pondicherry and little is known that Arikamedu was the martime trade center for Romans.

Rock Beach

The Rock Beach is the famous beach in Pondicherry the place is spread almost 1.5 KM and it offers a beautiful scenic view to the surroundings. This beach is also known as Gandhi Beach.

Paradise Beach

Its another famous beach because of the golden sands and clear blue water and it is one of the cleanest beach in Pondicherry. You can take a boat ride in this beach or you can take a sunbathe in the beach. You can play volleyball in the beach. The most adventurous thing you can do is motorboat in this sea which is amazing.

Aurobindo Ashram

Aurobindo Ashram was built by Shri Aurobindo in the year 1926 he was Indian freedom fighter and its one of the most important tourist spot.

Old Lighthouse

If you are a history lover then you would definitely love to visit this place. The Lighthouse was built by French rulers in 19th century and it was shut down by 1979. The lighthouse was the only place to guide the ships in the sea in that time. This place is a famous tourist spot you can visit.

Wrapping Up :

Well, this is a short description of 6 amazing places to visit in Pondicherry. Well, these places can be also visited in a short weekend. If you are exhausted in your daily life schedule and looking for a short weekend trip then these 6 places can be a boring life buster for your life.

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