7 Career Ideas Fit For A Good Public Speaker


Public speaking is an important skill to develop for any individual. In a world where communication is key to function in society and being able to connect is vital to growth, public speaking holds a superior role in empowering people to thrive in any industry.

While public speaking is a notable skill people should work on honing, it is not exactly for everyone. As people succeed as motivational speakers, others are dealing with anxiety or lack of confidence to express themselves to a crowd. This is why public speaking should be seen as an asset for those who excel in it. 

Good public speaking skills are also linked to other strong character traits such as leadership, optimism, and high self-esteem. Characteristics such as these are deemed valuable in a lot of settings. In the professional world where dealing with people might be the main task for different jobs, people who possess good public speaking skills are provided with many opportunities.

So, what are some of the career opportunities fit for a good public speaker? If you see yourself as someone who has developed this skill, read on to learn what types of job might work for you:


Being an educator requires a lot of communication not only with students but with the other members of an institution as well. From classes with students to meetings with the faculty, you will be able to experience dealing with people of different backgrounds and different positions.

A skill that you essentially have to master when it comes to being a teacher is the way you modify your way of communication to different needs – from intellectual capacity to age. A good teacher knows how to deal with different types of students to be able to guide them in their learning. Your job is not to be the center of attention in a classroom but to find ways to bring out the best of the students. And so, organizational skills and a lot of patience are also required to succeed.


A good speaker knows what to say at the right to the right people and this is the same for speechwriters. You might get used to being the person who does a lot of talking and you might be enjoying it. But for some industries, your skills can help others to do the same. From politicians to entrepreneurs, a lot of important people give speeches to different groups of people and communities.

To be a speechwriter, you have to be able to understand the thought process of different groups so that you can create an impactful speech that can prompt them to think or act on something. This also involves adequate research and preparation, making sure that you are representing the person or organization you are working for.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations is one of the most common jobs that revolve around networking and connecting. As a public relations specialist, your main job is to connect to different people or groups and establish relationships with them. This is to help the organization you belong to demonstrate their presence and authority in whatever industry they are in.

Since you will be dealing with a lot of clients, partners, prospects, and even executives, you have to be equipped with excellent interpersonal skills to make a positive impression on them. Ultimately, you have to note that your efforts are representative of your client or company and not necessarily yourself, so you also have to maintain composure and exhibit professionalism in times when they are needed.


A big deal of many lawyers’ duties is going on trials. If on top of your speaking skills you also have good persuasion abilities, being a lawyer might be a fit for you. Lawyers deal with defending different parties by providing information and delivering said information not only to a judge but to a group of juries. Juries are compromised of people from different walks of life and the challenge for you is to provide arguments that will move each of them towards your goal.

If you have strong political sentiments or values to protect, you can also serve society and minorities by using your skills to raise their concerts to be addressed by the authority. This way, you are utilizing your abilities to contribute to a cause and the greater good.

Customer Service Representative

If you see yourself as a people person who is good at connecting and relating to people, you can explore your career as a customer service representative. For people who might be having problems with their socialization skills, dealing with customers is a nightmare. Despite the training and the fairly repetitive lines they use to respond to customers, the unpredictable nature of the job can make them anxious.

An outstanding customer service representative can manage themselves well under pressure and has the ability to not only relay information to customers clearly but to keep them relaxed and satisfied as well. If these things seem like a walk in the park for you, then you might have found your match.


What better way to showcase your public speaking skills than to become a spokesperson? Being a spokesperson will give you an opportunity to practice your skills and develop them at the same time. Be it for companies or government bodies, allowing yourself to engage in public speaking can further boost your confidence and how you can handle yourself in public as well.

A spokesperson work to promote and disseminate information to customers or the general public. And so, being well-versed in language usage as well as social cues will serve you well for the position. An effective spokesperson should be able to build a strong relationship with both the public and different media outlets. Essentially, you hold an integral part in leaving an impression that will reflect your organization.


One of the careers that are anchored on communication and its foundational processes is journalism. Working as a media practitioner will be an opportunity for you to learn about the different facets of society – politics, business, entertainment, and people. Therefore, a lot of learning can be enriched as a journalist. In turn, your goal is to tell stories that are important for the world to know.

In a time where sensationalism is what fuels the media, you have to know what stories matter and are relevant to society. You have to deliver information with credibility, integrity, and confidence so that the public can trust you to provide news in service of the people. Being a journalist is best if you are a critical thinker, proactive, and reliable person.

Key Takeaway

Public speaking might seem intimidating for people who are not confident with their people skills, but for individuals who are skilled in it, they are offered countless opportunities that will benefit any organization in any industry. This is because communication is an integral part of life and holds power in connecting people.

Being a teacher, speechwriter, public relations specialist, lawyer, customer service representative, spokesperson, and journalist are only some of the career options for good public speakers. With the many other skills and positive characteristics connected with public speaking, they can also ensure a bright future and successful lives ahead.

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