7 Most Stylish Men in the 21st Century


Ever since the coronavirus pandemic has hit the world, it has changed how we interact with each other and how we dress.

The biggest celebrities were seen in everyday outfits rocking the casual street style so effortlessly. If you are looking for style inspiration, Hollywood is full of glamorous men to steal stunning looks from. 

Who are these stylish men, you ask? Let’s see who has made it to the list based on their taste.

 1: Harry Styles

I have one word for this young man and it’s delightful. Lately, he has been a victim of tabloids because of his rather bold and distinctive fashion choices but fans have embraced him with their arms wide open.

Harry always looks like he is having so much fun with his clothes. It’s amazing how he looks good in everything even if it’s wearing Khaki pants. Styles has proven that the most masculine way of approaching your wardrobe is to embrace your feminine side.

 2: Tom Hardy

Every character that this man plays on the screen leaves a deep imprint on fans. Tom hardy is a fashion icon indeed. He always puts lots of effort into his red carpet appearances and never seizes to leave an impact.

If you want to learn how to wear a suit, follow hardy’s best locks. He sticks to shirts, jeans, and boots by day and 3-piece suits by night. Most of his wardrobe is super casual but there’s one piece that he loves to wear regardless of the time of day and it’s a white shirt.

 3: George Clooney

When it comes to fashion, Clooney doesn’t like taking huge risks. He knows how to make choices that fit him well. He’s the sexiest man on earth so you better take notes from his look and charismatic personality.

He sticks to dark-colored suits – gray and blue mostly. Monochromatic looks are his favorite. When he’s off duty, he’s mostly seen wearing denim, a cotton shirt, and sometimes a leather jacket.

Almost forget, Clooney tops his looks by wearing an outstanding pair of shades. Persol is his favorite brand.

 3: Daniel Craig

From double denim to striking gray suits, nobody can dress as sharp as James Bond himself. He is one of those stylish men who have mastered both stylish and informal red carpet looks without causing a stir.

You will notice his suits are always sleek and super fitted. Craig sticks to a conservative color palette of grey, navy, and black. The man has a great eye for detail hence, you will never see him without a stylish watch or pocket square.

One of his favorite snappy outerwear is a bike-inspired chocolatey leather jacket. If you are to get one like his, make sure it sits on your hips and the sleeves don’t hang down your wrist’s base.

 4: Ryan Gosling

Okay, the list wouldn’t be complete without Mr. Ryan Gosling. From his fitted suits, curveball knits, and elevated workwear, everything this man wears is gold.

He is the king of casual wear. Nobody has managed to rock white tees and faded jeans like him! Gosling favors no-tie looks on formal events like the red carpet. You will also find him rolling his sleeves. He isn’t shy about chains and bold eyewear. Back in 2011, when he colored tuxedos, that was one of the boldest moves of all but everything fit him to perfection.

 5: Ryan Reynolds

The Deadpool star dresses up as wonderfully as his wife. This guy is the epitome of classic 3 piece suits, plain-fitted Tees, dress shirts, cardigans, and chinos. Ryan has proven time and again that making a statement is not the goal. The real goal is being a statement in itself.

He is quite loyal to his sharped finished haircut and a light beard. He prefers to stay classic but keeps on experimenting with his looks.

 6: Bradly Cooper

Cooper is known for his anarchic and freethinking fashion spirit. He never fails to impress whether it’s a cap, a converse, or a scarf. I must say his dressing sense has evolved over the years.

The People Magazine titled him “the sexiest man alive” in 2011 because of his style. You will also find him taking risks when it comes to his look. Also, he’s quite experimental in the grooming department. From long hair to short and 5 o-clock shadow to fully brown shaggy beard, Cooper has given his fans a lot of looks to copy.

He rocks 3-piece suits so effortlessly. He favors matching waistcoats instead of contrasting ones and prefers shades of grey, navy, black, and charcoal.

 7: Prince Harry

Or should we call him Henry Charles Albert David who has now accepted a job in the Silicon Valley is not just a kind soul but a real gentleman when it comes to dressing up. This man is aware of the power of the language of dressing.

Now, he is often seen matching his outfits with his wife, Meghan Markle. He is no slouch when it comes to fashion.

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